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Data Backup and Data Storages
Bárta, Jan ; Tobek, Zdenko (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on data backup in XY company. The XY company offers specialized translations for their customers. The result of this bachelor thesis is a proposal for more effective solutions with data backup in XY company based on analysis of current state.
Design and electromagnetic calculation of small power wound field synchronous machine
Laštovička, Josef ; Vítek, Ondřej (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the issue of synchronous machines with a wound rotor and their design. The first part of the work summarizes the theory of synchronous machines with a wound rotor. A more detailed focus is given to salient pole machines. The second part summarizes specific steps in designing a machine with a wound rotor. The third part is to create a program for calculating a salient pole synchronous machine. The program is based on knowledge gained in the first and second parts using the Python programming language. The fourth part focuses on electromagnetic design, its optimalization, simulations and interpretation of their results. The last part contains technical production documentation and machine model.
Electromagnetic calculation of an electrical machine for Aerospace applications
Halašta, Vítězslav ; Knebl, Ladislav (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the electromagnetic calculation of an electrical machine for aerospace applications. Description of the state of art trends that are currently being used in the aircraft industry and requirements for such machines were formulated. Further, electromagnetic model of the machine designed for aerospace applications is created and the electromagnetic calculation using the finite element method is performed. A design process and a comparison of machines designed for this application is also included. The modeled machine was simulated at no load, rated load and faulty condition. Reasons behind the choice of permanent magnet synchronous motor alongside particular steps in design required for machine application in aerospace are presented in the conclusion. There is also discussed, whether the modeled machine is correctly designed for aerospace application.
Topology optimization of the line-start synchronous machines
Lolová, Iveta ; Vítek, Ondřej (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
Diplomová práce se zabývá topologickou optimalizací elektrických strojů a reluktančními synchronními stroji spouštěnými za sítě. Práce obsahuje literární rešerši na téma topologické optimalizace elektrických strojů a na téma synchronní reluktanční stroj spouštěný ze sítě. Jsou zde popsány možné způsoby charakterizace optimalizovaného prostoru. Především je rozebrán vliv rozmístění Gaussových funkcí na finální Gaussovu síť. V této práci je vytvořen vyhodnocovací algoritmus pro jednotlivé jedince, který zajišťuje komunikaci mezi Ansys Maxwell a optimalizačním softwarem SyMSpace. Navíc tento algoritmus vede ke zkrácení výpočetní doby počáteční selekcí nevyhovujících jedinců. Dále je provedena topologická optimalizace LSSynRM s využitím normalizované Gaussovy sítě a zhodnocení výsledků.
Investigation on operating characteristics of multi-phase machine
Kuna, Kristián ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
S postupom času sa elektrotechnicky průmysl posouval dopředu. Přišel rozvoj v automobilovém průmyslu, leteckém průmyslu, navigácí a dalších odvětvích. S rozvojem automobilového a leteckého průmyslu se zvětšila potřeba pro motory s vyskou spolehlivostí. Tenhle fakt zapříčinil rozvoj motorů s vćero fázami. Tyto stroje mají za úkol zvýšiť spolehlivost ale zároveň zachovat/zvýšit výkon stroje.
Design of 3 MW high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor
Bořil, Michal ; Bárta, Jan (referee) ; Vítek, Ondřej (advisor)
The thesis theme is the design of 3 MW high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor. The work is divided into several parts, and contains the information given on the topic. The first part lists trends and new technologies of high-speed electric machines, and the issues and construction of high-speed synchronous machines are also listed here. In the second part, the machine is analytically designed from the specified values, which is then modelled in the RMxprt program. In the penultimate part, the engine is simulated by programs that are included in the ANSYS Electronics Desktop package, they are RMxprt and Maxwell. The modified engine model in RMxprt is simulated using defined formulas and then converted to Maxwell 2D, where the engine is simulated using the finite element method. In the last part, the results from the analytical calculation are compared with other high-speed machines. In addition, the results of simulations from RMxprt and Maxwell were compared in the last part.
Contitnuity of Law at Crucial Moments of the Czechoslovak State
Bárta, Jan
Among the significant turning points in the history of Czechoslovakia as a State that have to be considered, such as its coming into existence in 1918, and its dissolution in 1993, also the beginning and the ending of the Nazi occupation, and additional turning point that needs attention is the fundamental constitutional transformation into a federation, as of 1969. At each and every of the aforementioned instances, it was inevitable to lay down, in a conrresponding manner, whether and to what extent the formerly applicable law remained in force. The article examines the phenomenon of that in these indicated situations, which as such represent completely different circumstances, they still gave rise to the technically speaking analogous question of continuity of law. This justifies a mutual comparison of legislative approaches to sitiations which in themselves, both historically and essentially, are not comparable. As regards the termination of Czechoslovakia, we are in fact in presence of the post-Czechoslovakian acts, and it is therefore appropriate to terat the measures taken by Czechia and by Slovakia separately.
Design of a Magnetic Bearing for an Electrical Machine
Rúra, Dávid ; Vítek, Ondřej (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
The current development in the field of electric machinery is focusing on high-speed electric machines. This opens also other fields related to high-speed machines. One of them are magnetic bearing systems. Tradition approach of using ball bearing brings a few problems in design dealing with friction at high speeds. Together with magnetic bearings, development is their control. Faster chips opened a new way of thinking of control and helped to evolve robust control loops. The biggest advantage of magnetic bearing is non-friction run and almost no maintenance. Compare to traditional ball bearing, a magnetic bearing system needs more space and in some applications could happen that the shaft will be twice as long. This problem can be solved designing complex system with motor and integrated magnetic bearing what leads to downsizing. In this master thesis, the design of magnetic bearing for 12kw, 45000rpm is discussed. It focuses on practical design and correlations between parameter selection. The analytical approach is used to sketch the design and optimization is done afterwards. Problem with an analytical design is that it doesn't cover all parasitic phenomenae and thus numerical modelling snd optimization are demanded. Also, the critical speed analyze is included in this thesis. The results of the work will be used for manufacturing prototype as an extension to the existing high-speed machine.
Rotor design of a Line-Start Synchronous Reluctance Machine for Industrial Applications
Žíla, Jakub ; Knebl, Ladislav (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design of rotor of synchronous reluctance machines. There is a theoretical description of rotor geometry of synchronous reluctance machine that respects natural flow of magnetic flux inside complete rotor. The parametric model of rotor is made with usage of ANSYS Maxwell and Matlab software. Furthermore, the parameters of the machines are confirmed using the same program. Finally, changes of motor parameters are observed in connection with different rotor geometries.
Skin effect in high-speed electrical machines.
Klíma, Petr ; Bárta, Jan (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the suppression of the skin and proximity effects in high-speed machines. The first part summarizes the general knowledge of high-speed machines. The second part is devoted to the principle and possible suppression of consequences caused by skin and proximity effects. The third part shows the simulation results of models of a synchronous machine with permanent magnets. The results of these simulations reveal the consequences of skin and proximity effects. In addition, design measures are proposed to limit these and other undesirable phenomena to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

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