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Influence of the social workers organisations on the legislative process
Bílá, Veronika ; Vojtíšek, Petr (advisor) ; Zajacová, Melanie (referee)
Vliv organizací sociálních pracovníků na vývoj legislativy Bílá This research investigates the influence of social work organizations on the legislative process. The goal is to describe the legislative process and find out if the organizations aim to influence it. And if that is the case, what approach they are using. The aim was to map their effort on two different laws; The laws I chose are the Social Service act and the Professional law. Conducting this research, one finding was that social work organizations attempted the influence of the legislative process in both cases. But, the amount of activity was based on the will of law makers induction of social work organizations into the law making process. The type of activity chosen to influence the process varied based on the stage of the process.
Influence of Stress and Nutrition on the Development of Obesity among College Students.
BÍLÁ, Veronika
In my master thesis, I examined whether the psychological stress and from it resulting changes in eating habits at college students may affect the development of obesity. I described the risk factors affecting obesity and defined recommendations on how to prevent this disease. In the practical part research results are beeing evaluated by changes in dietary or other lifestyle factors that affect the development of obesity. The sample was separated in two groups of respondents: students of study program medical assistante - nurse in a full-time and combined way of studying. The research result shown considerable differences in the lifestyles of the respondents of both groups observed during the examination period and beyond of it.
Business cards and their use in international business
Bílá, Veronika ; Gullová, Soňa (advisor) ; Klosová, Anna (referee)
The business card as a tool for exchanging basic contact information plays an important role in international business. The first section of this bachelor thesis deals with the history of both paper and electronic business cards. The first section also describes the formal requirements of business cards, the use of academic and company titles, as well as the use of abbreviations. The seconds section classifies personal, company and diplomatic cards. The chapter then deals with the actual exchange of business cards in different countries. It gives examples of the exchange in Asian countries, in Europe, in the USA, in Canada and Latin America. The fourth part of the thesis introduces some of the new trends in exchanging contacts electronically such as e-mail business card, e-mail signature, CD business card, Poken, card reader, or sharing the contact information with the help of mobile phones. This chapter is followed by the results of the survey designed to discover the quantity, frequency, and general knowledge of paper business cards as well as the new technology.
Adaptation of marketing strategy of internationally operating company
Bílá, Veronika ; Halík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pech, Milan (referee)
Diplomová práce v teoretické části popisuje působení zahraničně operujících firem na mezinárodních trzích a možnosti adaptace jejich marketingového mixu. Praktická část je věnována působení konkrétní nadnárodní společnosti a adaptaci jejího marketingového mixu podle potřeb trhů, na kterých je přítomna, se zaměřením na trhy střední a východní Evropy. Závěr práce hodnotí přístup společnosti a navrhuje změny.

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