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Preparation and Realization of Technical Survey of the Building
Richterová, Dominika ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis in its first part focuses mainly on the theoretical description of the methods applicable in the diagnosis of building constructions; and not only the current methods, but also those previously used. In addition to descriptions and introduction of these methods, the descriptions of ways of implementation and evaluation possibilities according to the given standards are included, which is the specific content of the second part of the thesis. The last part is practical which is mainly approached by determining of characteristics of materials used in the construction or the reinforcement of the construction.
Testing of bricks intended for the repair of monuments
Lezová, Lívia ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on methods of testing bricks, which will use to classify historic bricks into groups on usable, usable in extreme conditions, usable in limited extent and unusable for restoration of monuments or for construct new constructions. In the theoretical part, there is describe of historical development of solid fired bricks in Central Europe and an overview of methods for testing bricks, including a description of an accomplishments and their evaluation. In the practical part, there are methods applied to three visually different sets of bricks taken from 19th century construction.
Preparation and Realization of Technical Survey of the Building
Kratochvíl, Tomáš ; Komárková, Tereza (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with implementation of preparation and realization of construction and technical survey of the reinforced concrete bridge structure and final evaluation of the condition of the structure. This reinforced concrete bridge structure is located on the road 39619 and overcomes the local stream behind Pasohlávky.
The influence of the change of moisture content of timber on its physical-mechanical properties
Dziadková, Aneta ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Heřmánková, Věra (advisor)
This bachelor thesis determines mechanical and physical properties of timber in different state of water absorption. Three sets of samples will be used to define their density, dimensional and volume swelling ratio, compressive strength and bending tensile strength. As an evaluation, properties obtained from testing will be graphically illustrated depending on moisture content.
Preparation and Realization of Technical Survey of the Building
Brothánek, Jan ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis covers structural-technic research of family house situated in Brno. In the first part of thesis I discuss theoretical explanation of structures situated in the object and its assessment in vterms of structural engineering research. Goal of this research is to estimate strength of masonry. These properties are calculated in practical part of this thesis. Last part of thesis summarizes previous calculations of strength of masonry.
Komárková, Tereza ; Steinbauer,, Miloslav (referee) ; Maňas,, Pavel (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The doctoral thesis deals with a non-destructive testing method (NDT) designed to evaluate the uniformity of distribution and determination of the concentration of steel fibres in steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC). At present, no non-destructive method is available in the field of diagnostics of building structures to assess the concentration and the homogeneity of SFRC. The Institute of Building Testing (SZK FAST BUT Brno) has several diagnostic devices, but their utility for the evaluation of selected parameters of SFRC has not proven during the research activity. This knowledge led to the design of a new measuring instrument in cooperation with the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (UTEE FEKT BUT in Brno) and the methodology for evaluation of these parameters. The proposed NDT method has been experimentally tested and verified for its utility for the evaluation of SFRC in building practice.
Shape optimization and subsequent verification of the strength of wood-straw panels
Škrachová, Ivana ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Heřmánková, Věra (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on shape optimization and then on determining of strength of straw bane panels. The thesis aims to maximize the load-bearing capacity of the panels and using static calculation and laboratory testing to prove usability of panels in construction of buildings. From the acquired maximal load values for each panel the technical data sheets were created. Values in the technical data sheets were evaluated on FEM model of a simple house. The model proved applicability and reliability of straw bane panels in construction of buildings.
Survey and Diagnostics of Reinforced Concrete Structure
Haloun, Jan ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The first part of this diploma thesis is about late and current methods used in Engineering surveys. The theoretical part is focused on description of individual testing methods and their evaluation based on relevant standarts. Detailed description of diagnostic methods is dependent on methods used in a practical part. The practical part is focused on defining of material characteristics of used materials and way of reinforcing of reinforced concrete elements. Based on those defined pieces of information the static recalculation of girder and pile was made.
Survey and Diagnostics of Reinforced Concrete Structure
Bernard, Lukáš ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with construction and technological survey of the reinforced concrete structure. The first part of the diploma thesis deals with the properties of the reinforced concrete and with the building survey methods applied in the second part of the thesis. The second part of the diploma thesis focuses on diagnostics of existing structure. More specifically, the hardness of the concrete is tested using a Schmidt hammer and then it is further specified by testing the cores. The reinforcement in the reinforced concrete is also tested using electromagnetic indicator, ground-penetrating radar, and chopped probes. Lastly, a static assessment of the selected girder and column is conducted.
Methodology of historical bricks and masonry tests
Bartoň, Vojtěch ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on methodology for sorting of solid fired bricks for reconstruction of historical buildings. The theorethical part of this thesis includes description of production technology of solid fired bricks and diagnostic methods. In practical part there are these methods aplied on the solid fired bricks, which are intended for reconstruction of the bridge in Sedlec. There are monitored changes in structure of solid fired bricks caused by repeated freezing and defrosting. This changes are monitored by resonant frequency method and ultasonic pulse method.

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