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Early Short Stories by Taiwanese writer Huang Chunming
Baňka, Martin ; Andrš, Dušan (advisor) ; Lomová, Olga (referee)
Huang Chunming is an important author of modern Taiwanese literature, who was active in the second half of the twentieth century. The author's work has underwent a dramatic change in the course of the years - the thematic focus of his early works differs greatly from his later ones. In spite of the important position that this author's work holds among other Taiwanese classics, is the study of his work in western sinology very insufficient. This thesis presents a thematic and motivic analysis of six selected Huang Chunming's literary works created between the years 1967 and 1971. The primary focus lies on the ways of depicting the Taiwanese countryside and the literary characters, the so called "small people", which are inhabiting this fictional space and time. This work also considers the similarities between Huang Chunming's work and Taiwanese modernist literature as well as the work of some important modern Chinese authors (Lu Xun, Shen Congwen). Key words: Taiwanese literature, Chinese literature, Huang Chunming, literary character, short story
Picture of homosexuality in the novel Huangren shouji by Zhu Tianwen
Dlhopolček, Šimon ; Andrš, Dušan (advisor) ; Lomová, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the novel Notes of a Desolate Man (Huang ren shouji 荒人手記, 2011) by Taiwanese author Zhu Tianwen 朱天文 (born 1956). The thesis will briefly introduce the literary-historical background of the era, including the short biography of the author, her work and literary influences. The core of the bachelor thesis is a detailed motivational-thematic analysis of the novel Notes of a Desolate Man with a focus on homotextuality, ie. literary depiction of homosexual experience. The thesis analyses the motives and strategies that the author used to portray homosexuality and evaluates the extent to which these "notes" of the man-gay narrator are the personal testimony of Zhu Tianwen as a woman in contemporary society and as an author. Keywords: Chu T'ien-wen, Zhu Tianwen, Huangren shouji, Notes of a Desolate Man, Taiwanese literature, Tongzhi wenxue, homosexuality, homotextuality
"Neoclassicism" in modern Chinese poetry?
Tkáčová, Marína ; Lomová, Olga (advisor) ; Andrš, Dušan (referee)
Thesis abstract The aim of this thesis is to provide an analysis of the poems written by Shi Guanghua, Song brothers, Da Xian, Che Qianzi a Wang Jiaxin active in 1980s and 1990s, who in various ways experiment with using elements of domestic tradition in their own poetry, which is fundamentally modern on a formal level. Based on this analysis we attempt to identify the ways in which modern poetry approaches this tradition and qualify in which sense this is to be considered a return to tradition. Our starting point, a marginal category outside the mainstream of literary criticism formulated by Chen Zhongyi and further developed by Olga Lomová in her unpublished paper, is termed neoclassicism (xingudiazhuyi). The introductory part of the thesis consists of a brief summary of characteristic traits of traditional poetry in the first chapter, an introduction to the literary historical context with respect towards tradition in the second chapter, and the third chapter, where we present the concept of neoclassicism and the individual authors in greater detail. The core of the thesis is the second, analytical part, containing the poems' analysis in the fourth chapter, divided into sub-chapters on themes, imagery and formal features; the themes are further divided into five sub-themes. All the examples of poems...
Poetry of the Japanese Medieval Zen Monks
Ulman, Vít ; Tirala, Martin (advisor) ; Švarcová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Andrš, Dušan (referee)
in English The main topic of this thesis is the co-called Five Mountains literature (Gozan bungaku), a collection of literary works by Japanese medieval Zen monks written in literary Chinese. This dissertation thesis focuses predominantly on the development of themes and stylistic characteristics of poetry by Gido Shushin and Zekkai Chushin. The focus lays on the stylistic and thematic differences between the works of the aforementioned poets, on the ongoing secularization of the poetic production of the Zen monks and on the influence they exerted over the later generations. Their literary contacts with the poets writing in Japanese will also be discussed.
Xiao Hong and her Tales of Hulan River
Streďanská, Mária ; Andrš, Dušan (advisor) ; Lomová, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on Tales of Hulan River (Hulan he zhuan 呼兰河传), a masterpiece written by Chinese modern author Xiao Hong 萧红 (1911-1942). The prose was published posthumously in 1942. It has distinctive autobiographical elements and describes hard village life in Northeastern China. The prose consists of seven stories that can be read separately or as a whole. The thesis aims to introduce the writer and her work, and more importantly analyze Tales of Hulan River. The main focus of the analysis is look for unifying principles of the seven stories and name them, while considering the prose as a possible cycle. For unifying principles we use Forrest Ingram's approach of dynamic patterns such as setting of the stories, characters, recurring motifs of home, death and the overall mood of the narrative.
Female writer Wang Anyi and her novel Jinxiugu zhi lian
Sedláčková, Markéta ; Andrš, Dušan (advisor) ; Lomová, Olga (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the novella Love in Brocade Valley (Jinxiugu zhi lian 锦绣谷 之恋, 1987) by Chinese writer Wang Anyi 王安忆 (born 1954). The thesis discusses the literary movements after the Cultural Revolution, including a short account of women's literature of that period. The thesis also introduces the author with an overview of her major works, focusing primarily on three novellas commonly referred to as "Three Loves" (san lian 三恋). The main objective of the thesis is to provide a thorough analysis of the novella and examine the role of the narrator, depiction of characters and the portrayal of space and time in the narrative. Considering all these aspects of the narrative, the thesis also aims to consider the narrative devices that the novella employs to convey the subjective image of the protagonist's experience.
Reflection of modern Chinese history in belletristic work by contemporary Chinese writer Yu Hua
Šmejkalová, Kateřina ; Andrš, Dušan (advisor) ; Lomová, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on three novel pieces Huózhe (To Live, 1992), Xǔ Sānguān màixuějì (Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, 1992) and Xiōngdì (Brothers, 2005) written by contemporary chinese author Yú Huá (born 1960). The common feature of these novels is the reflection of the events in modern chinese history through narrative of their protagonists. All the three novels earned wide recognition both from a broad range of readers domestically and abroad and received number of awards. The books will be introduced in literary historical context and thoroughly analyzed. Focus of the analysis is on meaning-forming parts in each novel, which define literate nature in interpretation of real world. The outcome of the thesis is the analysis results based comparison, which declares the shift in writer's novels from critical- realistic storytelling to grotesque-realistic one.
Beijing opera during the Cultural Revolution and Mao Zedong's art theory
Šafářová, Kateřina ; Lomová, Olga (advisor) ; Andrš, Dušan (referee)
The subject of the thesis is the modern-day Beijing opera included in the canon of the "Eight Model Plays". The operas are discussed in their historical and ideological context. Their contents and forms are analysed to investigate in what sense they meet the requirements put forward by Mao Zedong in his theory of literature and art, as originally formulated at the Yan'an 延安 conference in 1942. The thesis focuses, in particular, on Mao's idea of using traditional forms to communicate new and revolutionary content (known as "putting new wine in old bottles").
Form and contents in Chinese "new poem"
Kapounová, Karina ; Lomová, Olga (advisor) ; Andrš, Dušan (referee)
This thesis focuses on the poets Chen Mengjia 陳夢家 (1911-1966) and Rao Mengkan 饒孟侃 (1902-1967) who were in the late twenties and the early thirties writing "new poems" influenced by a poet and a theoretician Wen Yiduo within the literary society the Crescent moon (Xinyue pai 新月 派). Through the analysis of their theoretical articles and especially their own poems, published in the magazine Crescent Monthly (Xinyue yuekan 新月月刊), I try to answer the following questions. Firstly, how they created new fixed verse poems that were able to link a form of a poem to its content. Secondly, how they followed up Wen Yiduo's example in this process and how they developed his ideas. And finally, how they were able to put their own theoretical opinion about the form and content of poetry contained in their articles into the praxis.
A Cheng and his prose pieces "Three kings" (San wang)
Černý, Jáchym ; Andrš, Dušan (advisor) ; Lomová, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on three prose pieces Qí wáng (King of Chess, 1984), Shù wáng (King of Trees, 1985) and Háizi wáng (King of Children) written by A Chéng (阿城, born 1949), commonly referred as Three Kings (Sān wáng). These prose pieces, which were originally published in periodicals and received a wide recognition both from readers and critics, will be introduced in historical and literary context and analyzed in terms of meaning and genre. The thesis applies Forrest Ingram's methodological approach of analyzing "short story cycles" and asks to what extent are these three stories interconnected as a whole. Main focus of Ingram's method is analyzing the static and dynamic patterns in short story cycles. This thesis therefore considers various aspects ranging from characters, language, contemporary context as well as elements of traditional culture the works refer to. The aim of this thesis is find the dynamic patterns and thus to look at A Cheng's prose pieces as a possible short story cycle.

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