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Reterritorialization of the Western Ukraine Borderlands. The Case Study of Lviv Oblast.
Seidlová, Alexandra ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Anděl, Jiří (referee)
The Diploma is focused on the EU's external borders impact on the border area of Lviv. Both local and regional level of social and economic development of the border area and its relations with Poland and EU are examined in the context of political development from the beginning of independent Ukraine until presents. Mixed-Methods approach has been applied as it allows case studies to be set in a wider context. Structural and regional disparities of the development are observed by methods of quantitative analysis and Descriptive Statistics. Qualitative Research is applied to analyse a cognitive role of the border. From the political point of view, the development of Eastern European border area is controlled by European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and related EU regional political initiative. In the Western Ukrainian regions these are mainly represented by micro-projects focused on local problems and their solutions and intensification of the local cross-border cooperation development. Statistical analysis states that remarkable economic development has not reached the required level yet. However, the increasing social and infrastructural potential ushers in its rise in the future. Key words: Ukraine, border area of Lviv, border impact, cross-border cooperation, European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)
Water resources of Kyrgyzstan as a geopolitical tool
Dresler, Jan ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Anděl, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with the importance of water resources and their influence on political development with the example of Kyrgyzstan. The main objective was to find out the role of water resources in domestic politics, how water influences the relationship between Kyrgyzstan and its neighbors, and whether water resources are of interest to the world's superpowers. Geopolitical analysis was carried out on three levels. At national level, water scarcity, uneven distribution and obsolete water systems are a cause of civil discontent. Corruption in the state sphere negates the possibility of modernization of existing water facilities. Water management is dependent on non-governmental associations and foreign financial assistance. At regional level, there is constant tension between Kyrgyzstan, where all the important rivers of the region rise, and the states lying downstream of these rivers. The cause of this tension is different demands of individual states on water use. International treaties address the situation, but are mostly non-functional in the long term. At the supra-regional level, the interests of especially Russia and China collide. Both superpowers seek to prevent US influence in the region. At the same time, they gain a dominant position in Kyrgyzstan in the economic and security spheres....
The Picture of the Post-Apocalyptic World in Contemporary Anglo-American Fiction
The bachelor thesis deals with the theme of apocalypse, its causes and consequences for civilization in sci-fi and horror novels written by Richard Matheson, John Wyndham, Simon Clark, David Brin, Stephen King and Cormac McCarthy. The introduction describes the term "apocalypse" and briefly characterises the genre of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. The literary analysis focuses on individual works which develop the theme of the end or the beginning of the world and deal with post-apocalyptic aspects (adaptability, epidemic, a creation of a totalitarian regime, violence and death). Discussing the novels dealing with the post-apocalyptic theme, this thesis also mentions the theme of a potential threat of apocalypse (the feeling of threat) in the works written by Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Stephen King.
The changing Sweden's regional pattern and its context
Klíma, David ; Tomeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Anděl, Jiří (referee)
Regional disparities and spatial inequality are typical topics studied by geography. Sweden is one of the most homogeneous and egalitarian countries in the world. Simultaneously, it is characteristic for its very low regional disparities and thus it is an important and interesting subject for studying. The main goal of this thesis is to examine changes in a regional pattern from the beginning of the 1990s and to analyse an impact of structural changes (deindustrialization and tertiarization) and globalization (through activities of transnational corporations) on regional disparities. In the thesis socioeconomic and demographic indicators and quantitative statistics are used to analyse a development of regional disparities in Sweden and to examine a broader context of this development. The main finding of the thesis is a disproportional growth of metropolitan regions (mainly Stockholm). Share of metropolitan regions on population and socioeconomic activities is increasing and it is characterized by dynamic development which is intensified by high specialisation, major valued-adding activities, knowledge-based economy and localisation of transnational corporations. Regional variability is slowly increasing and disproportional growth of metropolitan regions contributes to this development. Thus the...
Estimates of parameters based on rounded data
Dortová, Zuzana ; Anděl, Jiří (advisor) ; Hušková, Marie (referee)
This work disusses estimates based on rounded data. The work describes the estimates of parameters in time series AR and MA and in linear regression, the work presents different kinds of estimates based on rounded data. The work focuses on time series model AR(1) and linear regression, where simulations are added to theories and methods are compared on rounded and unrounded data. In adition, the comparison of linear regression is shown at graphs. Powered by TCPDF (
Testing exponentiality
Dvoranová, Romana ; Anděl, Jiří (advisor) ; Hušková, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on detailed review of a selection of tests for exponentiality and their comparison. This text presents classical methods for goodness-of-fit testing for exponentiality, as well as the most recent tests for exponentiality published in the last decades. Based on the characterisation of exponential distribution that is being used, the review includes $\chi^2$ goodness-of-fit tests, tests based on empirical distribution function using Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Cramér-von Misés test statistics, as well as tests based on integral transforms, entropy, mean residual life function, Gini index and others. In particular, this bachelor thesis focuses on tests for exponentiality based on entropy characterisation, e.g. using Shannon, Rényi or cumulative residual entropy. Finally, this thesis includes simulation study comparing power of several more recent tests for exponentiality that have been theoretically described. Powered by TCPDF (
Regions through time and space: Problem of regionalization
Semian, Michal ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Anděl, Jiří (referee) ; Daněk, Petr (referee)
The thesis is rooted in the new regional geography paradigm that gained strength in geographical thought since the 1980s. This approach is characterized by emphasizing the socially constructed nature of regions; thus, regions are scrutinized as a historically contingent process. A region is formed, reproduced and eventually disappears in time. The thesis works with the assumption that a plurality of regions, that exists in changing time- space contexts of different mechanisms and meanings, can be experienced de facto in any particular area. In simpler terms, it can be understood as a plurality of regional images produced on the one side by regional actors to fulfil their particular goals and on the other regional images produced by inhabitants in and outside the region in order to understand the outside world and position themselves within it. Motivation for the production of images can vary, from a simple manifestation of one position in the regional system, through the attempt to attract attention towards the region to exploitation of the regional potential in order to fulfil particular power-oriented aims. The general idea of a region can be sought throughout the synthesis of the many regional images that can be understood as somewhat layers of a region. The thesis contributes to the discussion...
Effects of the Arab Spring on the Change of Security, Migration and Economic Policy of Selected Countries of the Mediterranean
Výborná, Veronika ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Anděl, Jiří (referee)
The submit diploma thesis is based on the liberal-idealistic international relations research. It attempts to analyze the relationship of selected countries of the North (Europe) and the South (North African) Mediterranean in the context of the Arab Spring. Specifically, it focuses on three different policy where using selected indicators will be examined the relationships. These are policy of security and defense, migration and economic cooperation. The work is based on the idea that mutual peace cooperation, institution building and prosperity leads to the development and stability of the whole region. This approach has been applied in the Mediterranean region since the decolonization of Africa and mutual cooperation, mainly in the economic trade, can be resisted since antiquity. Arab spring which caused destabilization and in some cases of overthrew government had relations disrupt in the Mediterranean region. The mean goal is tracking of potential changes in the relationship between the countries of France, Italy, Spain (as the European Mediterranean countries) and Tunisia, Egypt and Libya (such as the North African Mediterranean countries where there was the political changes in 2011). Currently, not only North African Mediterranean countries, but the entire Middle East is seen as a potential...
Estimates of parameters based on rounded data
Dortová, Zuzana ; Anděl, Jiří (advisor) ; Zvára, Karel (referee)
This work discusses estimates based on rounded data. The work describes the estimates of parameters in time series AR and MA and in linear regression, the work presents different kinds of estimates based on rounded data. The work focuses on time series model AR(1) and linear regression, where simulations are added to theories and methods are compared on rounded and unrounded data. In addition, the comparison of linear regression is shown on the exemple of graph data. Powered by TCPDF (

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