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Statistical Problems in Markov Chains
Adamová, Markéta ; Prášková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Branda, Martin (referee)
In this thesis we study basic statistical methods in Markov chains. In the case of discrete time, this thesis is focused on estimation of transition probability matrix and some basic tests (test for a specified transition probability matrix, test for homogeneity, test for independence, test for the order of Markov chain). In the case of continuous time we will concentrate on Poisson process and birth and death process. Estimation of parameters of these processes and tests for processes with specified parameters are mentioned. Developed estimates and test statistics are applied to real data in the final chapter.
Employment of disabled people
Adamová, Markéta ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee) ; Mužík, Jaroslav (advisor)
In this thesis I address the issue of employment of disabled people. I used a direct approach to this theme, including information from many sources. The resulting thesis then could offer many perspectives on this theme, which is still relevant today. In my opinion, the benefit of this thesis will be to bring together many views on this broad issue. This thesis encompasses the opinions of disabled people, but also the opinions of those who help disadvantaged people to integrate into the working world, as well as the opinions of employers and nonprofit organizations. One surprising discovery was that many disabled people do not want to find full-fledged employment and prefer to be unemployed. I also wanted to address another problem, which is the lack of evaluation of programs which motivate or help the disabled find work. Lack of participation by the disabled people in the working world can bring problems not only for disabled people, but for society as a whole. Nowadays, as society gets older, a shortage of qualified workers in many of branches of industry is created. Disabled people may help to increase the amount of qualified workers, and we should take into account their economic pontential. Society does not take into account this aspect, and disabled people themselves typically do not consider...
ADAMOVÁ, Markéta
This thesis contains theoretical definitions of a knowledge-based company, human capital development and education. The second part analyzes the data obtained from the monitored period 2008-2012 and includes standardized and non-standardized interviews, overt participant observation and a questionnaire survey.
Education in Training Center company Zeelandia spol. s. r. o. Malšice in connection with development of the human potential
ADAMOVÁ, Markéta
The objective hereof is to evaluate the importance and contribution of the Training Centre in Malšice in connection with development of the human potential in the knowledge society. The first section contains the theory regarding development and education of the human potential and the second section hereof analyses data about the society related to the period between 2008 and 2010.

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