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Intestinal microbiota and mood disorders
Ambrožová, Lucie ; Herink, Josef (advisor) ; Jílek, Petr (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Biological and Medical Sciences Candidate: Lucie Ambrožová Supervisor: Doc. MUDr. Josef Herink, DrSc. Title of diploma thesis: Intestinal microbiota and mood disorders The intestinal microbiom is composed mainly of two dominated strains - Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. The other strains are just not numerous like the previous ones. The specimens have the invariable core of microbiom which doesn't change in time. Nevertheless they have also the transient gut bacteria, which change during their life. Intestinal microbiom is influenced by many factors. Between them we can categorize for example the way of the childbirth, the breast - feeding, the alimentation, the state of health, and the medicaments. Every specimen has own specific microbiom. It was found that human population is possible to divide into three intestinal groups or enterotypes. To each enterotype dominates different bacterial strain. It was proved that intestinal microbiom communicates with the brain and it works also vice versa. This communication system is called "brain - intestine" and takes several ways in several body systems (such as nervous, endocrine, metabolic, and immune). To normal development of the brain is needed the right colonisation of non...
Vliv pastvy velkých herbivorů na společenstva brouků stepních trávníků
This thesis is focused on the importance of large herbivore pasture for arthropod communities in temperate steppe. The study site was located in former military training area Milovice, regional biodiversity hotspot, where wild horses and aurochs were introduced as an active measure aimed at biodiversity conservation. Main goals of proposed study were to assess the role of vegetation structure and presence of grazing on beetle species composition in two trap heights, to examine suitability of flight intercept traps for monitoring arthropods of open habitats, to set the continuous arthropod monitoring program on the site and to propose a suitable model groups to assess habitat changes.
Importance of alpine snowbeds for beetles and birds in arid mountains
Several alpine snowbeds in Altai tundra were studied. Community structure and activity of ground-dwelling arthropods along the moisture gradient in snowbed habitat were examined. Also bird's foraging behavior in different habitats around the snowbed was tested in relation to altered arthropod abundance.
The comparison of winter wheat yield ability
The topic of this Diploma Thesis is "The yield ability comparison among varieties of winter wheat". The Thesis dealt with the yield ability of chosen winter wheat varieties grown in the Czech Republic. Twelve varieties were chosen for the measurement purposes. The experiment was done with kind cooperation with the South Bohemia University in České Budějovice, faculty of Agriculture during growing season 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 on its own land. The experiment was focused especially on the yield components creation number of ears, number of grains per ear, and weight of a thousand grains. Among those, the incidence of weed, diseases, pests were observed during the vegetation period. The number of plants and offshoots were rated. At the end, the theoretical and actual yield, ear length, and volume weight were compared.
The comparison of winter and spring wheat yield ability
The theme of this Bachelor's thesis is to compare the productivity of the variety of winter and spring wheat. This report deals with the earning capacity of selected winter and spring wheat varieties. There were a total of eight selected varieties, 4 of winter- and 4 of spring. The experiment was conducted on the grounds of the South Bohemian University in Ceske Budejovice. The first part of the experiment was focused on the control during the growth, the second part documents the analysis of examined samples (ear length, number of grains per ear, weight of thousand grains and the volume density).

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