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Care of women during termination of pregnancy for congenital developmental defect.
Bukáčková, Daniela ; Školoudová, Markéta (advisor) ; Žižka, Zdeněk (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with prenatal diagnosis, congenital developmental defects and their screening examination and subsequent nursing care of a female patient who has been diagnosed with developmental defects of the fetus. This thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is focused on knowledge about prenatal diagnosis and its importance and subsequent screening examinations, which are part of it. There are the components of ultrasound examinations, biochemical examinations and invasive and non-invasive examinations described in the thesis. This thesis reports on congenital developmental defects at both - chromosomal and morphological - levels. There are causes of the occurrence of these defects, their division and their manifestations described in the thesis. There are also possibilities of termination of pregnancy mentioned in the end of the theoretical part. The second part of the thesis, the practical part, is focused on a case study. There was a female patient of Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic, General Teaching Hospital in Prague, selected to the thesis. The content of the practical part is the development of nursing care which was provided to the female patient. The aim of the thesis was, firstly, to monitor the nursing care which is provided to...
Modern instruments in the tourism potential utilization in the administrative regions of Czechia
Žižka, Zdeněk ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Vogelová, Markéta (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the management of tourism development and destination marketing with a focus on the latest trends in the tourism market and their adoption by the destination management organizations (DMOs) in the regions of Czechia. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part general preconditions for successful development of incoming tourism are described and the possible use of specific electronic tools for destination marketing at the international level is outlined. The empirical part is dedicated to the critical evaluation of geographic definition of tourist regions in Czechia and geographic nomenclature in English. Tourist web portals in the Czech regions were analyzed in comparison with portals of selected regions abroad. Attention is also paid to the use of social media in destination marketing. Finally, it outlines suggestions for improving the current situation of digital destination marketing in Czech regions. Key words: Czechia, tourism, destination marketing, information technology, geographic names
Diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine pathologies associated with pregnancy.
Švabíková, Lucie ; Žižka, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Novotný, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kacerovský, Marian (referee)
Introduction: Actually 0.7-1 percent of all deliveries can be followed by secondary uterine bleeding. There is a residual trophoblastic tissue diagnosed in most of these cases and it is often managed by repeat intrauterine interventions. These operations are connected with high risk of formation of intrauterine adhesions and their early diagnosis and management can be important for next fertility. Material and methods: There were generally 188 patients included into the study. All patients underwent ultrasound examination in 6 weeks after delivery and ambulant hysteroscopy after next 2 months without anesthesia. Described intrauterine pathologies (residual tissue and adhesions) were managed in one step. Results: In cases with suspect ultrasound finding, the retained trophoblastic tissue was diagnosed by hysteroscopy in 66 percent vs. in 96 percent with sensitivity 85 percent and specificity 85 percent. Patients with intrauterine adhesions had normal ultrasound finding in 74 percent and it did not recognized patients with severe adhesions in 94 percent. Clinical signs had generally 72 percent of patients with diagnosed left residual tissue. Number of severe residual tissue is increasing with delay of instrumental evacuation from delivery (10 vs. 30 percent). When is necessary to repeat the operation...
Modern Backpacking and Information Technologies
Žižka, Zdeněk ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Kučera, Petr (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on backpacking as a form of tourism, development of its understanding and influence of modern information and communication technologies. The aim of the thesis is to introduce backpacking and possibilities of information technology use to the Czech professional public. The first theoretical part deals with general characteristics of the phenomenon of backpacking and the development of its understanding in the literature. Attention is also paid to the modern form of backpacking called flashpacking. The second part deals with various activities and problems that backpackers are faced on their journey and their practical connection with information technologies, especially through mobile devices, is presented. The thesis also includes author's own research on travel behavior and the use of information technologies in independent travel. Although the research is primarily orientational, the conclusions of a comparison of two socio-demographically similar groups of young independent travelers from Czechia and the United States were found interesting and sometimes surprising. Key words: backpacking; tourism; flashpacking; information technologies; mobile applications
Autofluorescence dřevokazné houby Fomes fomentarius
Žižka, Zdeněk ; Gabriel, Jiří
We observed the core of wood-rotting fungus Fomes fomentarius fruiting bodies in fluorescent microscopes. When excited with blue light, they featured thin-walled generative hyphae with septa and clamps, some of which emitted a strong yellow, yellow-green to yellow-red autofluorescence. In addition, we found yellow-red fluorescing thick-walled skeletal hyphae and strongly fluorescent thick-walled pith sets. On using green excitation, intensive red fluorescence was observed not in all these fruiting body components but also in the rest of the wood material
Mikrofotografie rychle se pohybujících buněk
Žižka, Zdeněk ; Hostounský, Z.
Bacteria, algae and protozoans were observed and photographed under a standard laboratory microscope with a new LED diode illumination system. Our main work was focused on photographing flagellates and infusorians, which are much faster-moving than bacteria. The internal structures observed in flagellates including plastids, pyrenoids, vacuoles and granules, the infusorian structures were recorded, e.g. cytostomes, food and contractile vacuoles, granules, etc. A power output of LED diode is quite sufficient and makes it possible to photograph even highly motile microorganisms
Mikrofotografie z RCH-mikroskopu digitálně zpracované pro počítačovou prezentaci
Hostounský, Z. ; Žižka, Zdeněk ; Benada, Oldřich
Živé bakterie, sinice, houby, prvoci, řasy, drobní živoč ichové a rostliny, popř. jejich vývojová stadia, jsou špatně pozorovatelní ve světelném mikroskopu z důvodu slabého vlastního zabarvení nebo blízkosti indexu lomu světla jejich těla indexu lomu prostředí (voda, fyziologický roztok, kultivační medium atd.).

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