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The Role of The TV News Anchorman/woman. The Comparative Analysis Between Public and Commercial Television
Baráková, Tereza ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Groman, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the role of a television news anchorman/woman. It focuses on the origin of the anchorman, the main and characteristic professional prerequisites, and the differences between the anchormen of public and commercial television. The primary role of the moderator is to inform about current events. But in the same time be objective, neutral, and trustworthy, and leave a way expressing one's own emotions. However, these values may differ as to the television broadcasting system. As part of his role in television, they can be a suitable element in media self-presentation. The thesis focuses on work with commercial and public television, analyses the emotional and professional aspects of his work and his contribution to the creation of news programs. The research is also carried out among the public, which enables the main characteristics and functions of moderators.
The Media Image of State Security in the Rudé právo and Svobodné slovo dailies (November 1989 - June 1990)
Vávra, Martin ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Růžička, Daniel (referee)
The bachelor's thesis titled "The Media Image of State Security in the Rudé právo and Svobodné slovo dailies (November 1989-June 1990)" discusses the media's image of the State Security Organisation (StB) over a period of several months following the events of the 17th of November 1989, when the communist regime in Czechoslovakia fell. The dailies analysed for this study were Rudé právo and Svobodné slovo. The periodicals were selected according to their political orientations. Rudé právo, described as "a paper published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia", was a daily that officially represented the governing regime. Svobodné slovo, which began publishing the first uncensored information in November 1989 and called the "primary daily" of the Velvet Revolution, was selected as its opposite counterpart. This work has four chapters. The first chapter examines the State Security Organisation and its history, organisational structure, methods and manner of work in 1989. The second chapter presents the selected dailies Rudé právo and Svobodné slovo. The third chapter discusses the methodology of the entire work, and the final chapter contains research on the selected dailies in the form of a quantitative content analysis.
Medial depictions of band Three sister form its foundation to the present
Čefelín, Jakub ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Hroch, Miloš (referee)
The bachelor thesis Medial depictions of band Tři sestry from its foundation to the present shows, how was the band portrayed throughout its history in mainstream media either mass and music or internet, printed and audiovisual. Specifically, the media has been selected so that each of them falls into a particular category, and can therefore be compared in different media types. These were MF DNES (mass media), (Internet mass media), Rock & Pop and Melodie (Musical media), (Internet Musical media) and Česká televize (public service, audiovisual media). These media have been analyzed at certain time periods so that complex data could then be compared. In the theoretical part of this work is the history of the band and biographies of some members of the band generally described as well as the way of analysis. In the practical part of the thesis the research hypotheses are first determined, the research itself is carried out in the form of a quantitative content analysis and the results of this analysis are interpreted in different context scopes, where the results in each medium are described separately and then the media coverage in musical and mass media and also at different periods compared. Finally, a brief summary of the results and a confirmation or refutation of...
The image of the fefugee crisis in the main news selection of FTV Prima
Kamrad, Jan ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Hanzal, Jaromír (referee)
When the refugee crisis striked Europe in 2015, czech society found itself on intellectual intersection which influenced media discours of refugee issue. Therefore some of the media were critisized for bias manner of refugee topic coverage. Considering FTV Prima, the suspision of non- compliance of objectivity grew rapidly after the audioreport release of meeting, where leadership of this television confined its employees to report about refuugee crisis as a threat and danger. This work reflects the issue of influencing the broadcast of commercial television by the proprietor. In the first part of this bachelor thesis the terminology concerning refugee phenomenon is defined and the relationship of czech society to imigrants is analyzed. Morover, topics of media theory are explained including media content output, agenda setting, objectivity, bias and influence of mass media to society. These theoretical concepts are then interpreted affecting FTV Prima case. The aim of this work is to describe chosen aspects of reporting about refugee crisis in the main broadcast of FTV Prima. The quantitative analysis has been selected as a methodology of this thesis where author examines tonality, number and order of reports related to refuge crisis within 48 days in August and September 2015. This analysis is...
The comparative study of the media content of daily newspaper MF DNES in the period preceding the ownhership of Andrej Babiš and after the transfer of shares to trust funds
Višňovský, Pavel ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Zunová, Anna (referee)
1 Annotation The bachelor's thesis focuses on the study of media image of the Czech political parties in MF DNES. There are two periods monitored and the daily newspaper shouldn't be influenced allegedly in any of them by the politician and businessman Ing. Andrej Babiš. The first period is defined from the beginning of the political party ANO 2011 until the closing deal with previous owners of the Czech media group MAFRA, the second period begins by the transfer of the Andrej Babiš's shares to the trust funds, and the study ends by his cession from the post of Finance Minister. There is applied comparative analysis and the results of the study are processed in the enclosed charts. The charts are accompanied by a concise script that briefly describes the content of the political articles appearing on the title pages. In the analysis of the daily press is taken account of the current political situation. The study is complemented by the historical and present context of the broadsheet Mladá fronta DNES, as well as the businessman and the politician Andrej Babiš.
Věra Šťovíčková-Heroldová, The African Journalist
Boháčová, Alžběta ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Věra Šťovíčková-Heroldová, africká zpravodajka" deals with a life of a reporter Šťovíčková emphasising a decade she spent in Africa. The introductory part outlines a sociohistorical context of the period in which the reporter lived, specifically the time span of 1930 to 2015. The fundamental method of elaborating this text was the research of the oral history, and thus personal interviews made with acquaintances of Šťovíčková. Other valuable sources of findings were reports Šťovíčková made during her stay in Africa and interviews with her. Materials containing these records can be obtained from the archive of Czech (formerly Czechoslovak) Radio broadcasting service. The thematic parts follow on each other and chronologically describe the reporter's life. The main text uncovers the family environment, the early activity in the Czechoslovak Radio and the first travel across the border to Poland. An essential part of this text discusses the 1960s in Africa and the period when states were gaining independence. The significant milestone of her life was 1968. She actively participated in the broadcasting of ČsRo, to which is devoted also a part of this text followed by an explanation for reasons why she left Radio. The next chapter deals with the period when Šťovíčková was banned...
Media depictions of band Dog Soldiers between 1979-2013
Bambas, Ondřej ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
Thesis "Media coverage of band Dog Soldiers (Psí vojáci) between years 1979 and 2013" shows the change of cultural environment as well as the differences between the normalization press and the magazines after 1989. Diversity of media system describes work primarily through oral history research based on testimonies of direct history participants and people associated with the group Dog Soldiers and alternative music scene. Band was situated between underground and alternative culture, so its position cannot be easily set. As it cannot find any similar interpret of the same genre. The unique position made Dog Soldiers an alternative music scene's symbol of post-Communist period. The descriptive and comparative perspective also serves to fulfill the set goals, which makes it possible to compare the functionality of official and samizdat or exile periodicals at the time of normalization and nationwide newspapers and music magazines in later more active period of the group. The work also shows the differences between the processing of individual musical environments of Czech culture by specialized literature.
Development of political broadcasted on ČT in the period from 1989 to the present
Voříšek, Jakub ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Trampota, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to map and describe changes that have taken place in the field of political debates on the Czech Television (in the period from 1989 to the present). The work describes changes regarding the form and the content of programs and its debates. There also appears a critical assessment of that development (and of some prevailing trend) of the political issue programs (on Czech TV) development in the thesis. The first research question relates to the assumpiton that a given period occured significant changes in the form and content of the broadcasted. Description of those changes is the main aim. The second question 1 relates to the assumption that the applied media-scientific theories are applicable to the issue of television political debate. The author proceeds in five steps. First, the introduction sets the theme in context, mentions a historical overview of political discussion programs broadcasted on Czech Television (from 1989 to the present) and consequently characterizes them. The first chapter will bring the presentation of the works from the field of political science and media- science, which will serve as a theoretical guide in analyzing the contents. The second chapter brings the key analysis of the programs using the theory and designed methodology. The third chapter...
Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of Antiferromagnetic Semiconductors and Metals
Železný, Jakub ; Jungwirth, Tomáš (advisor) ; Carva, Karel (referee) ; Gomonay, Helen (referee)
Antiferromagnets are common in nature and just like ferromagnets posses a long-range magnetic order. They have found little practical application so far, be- cause the magnetic order in antiferromagnets is hard to detect and to manipulate by external magnetic fields. This has become less of a problem due to the development of spintronics, which has motivated a new interest in antiferromagnets. In this thesis we first theoretically study the electronic and magnetic structure of certain class of antiferromagnetic compounds, which are related to common semiconductors. In the second part we focus on electrical manipulation of antiferromagnets. We show that the so-called spin-orbit torque, which has been studied extensively in ferromagnets, can efficiently manipulate the antiferromagnetic order. We calculate the spin-orbit torque in several antiferromagnets and study the symmetry of the spin-orbit torque in detail. Powered by TCPDF (
Transformation of the thematic structure of the main news prograqmme of czech television
Hatalová, Barbora ; Železný, Jakub (advisor) ; Trampota, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the transformation of the thematic structure of Události, the main news segment of the Czech Television. Apart from the changes in the thematic structure, it deals with formal transformations at the basic level. For the purpose of this work, a research sample, which included one week of broadcasting in 1994, 2005 and 2011, was selected. A total of 27 news segments, which contained 341 reportages, were analyzed in the three research periods. A subsequent comparison of data provided answers to the following questions: How did the ratio of foreign and domestic topics changed? How did the ratio of hard and soft news change within a single news segment? What was the thematic structure like in the three research periods? Was there a change in the thematic structure? How did the duration of the news segment Události change? How did the number of reportages change within a single news segment? How did the duration of actual reportages change? Powered by TCPDF (

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