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Periods of Time (1930-1938, 2000-2008) and Their Comparison
Žbirková, Nikola ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The subject of this master thesis is the comparison of the way of writing about celebrities in two time periods, namely 1930-1938 and 2000-2008. Thesis are based on two first-republic social magazines, Eva and List paní a dívek, and two magazines from the turn of the century - Cosmopolitan and Rytmus života. The first part of the thesis introduces primarily a theme of the social magazines and celebrities, it also touches the tabloid and the mass media. It also deals with the characteristics of selected social magazines. At the same time, the theoretical part explains the basic knowledge from the history of the two examined periods, which allows a better understanding of context of the periods. The second part of the master thesis is focused on own empirical research, which consists of exploratory and descriptive phase of research. It is therefore the most important part of the thesis, which brings new knowledges. The exploratory phase includes a research sample and presents article entries. The descriptive phase includes an analysis of relationships between celebrities and themes, emotions and sentiment in relevant articles. Part of this section contains research questions and answers.
Intertextuality in Advertising
Žbirková, Nikola ; Mareš, Petr (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the intertextuality in advertising. The theoretical part first of all defines the basic concepts, such as advertising, intertextuality and its types or transtextuality, and in addition includes selected approaches to intertextuality in advertising and their subsequent comparison. The practical part contains a design of an information system for working with a corpus and the introduction of the corpus itself, accompanied by comments and evaluation. The final section consists of an analysis of the corpus, which leads to the formulation of conclusions about how the source texts are modified and adapted. This thesis aims to: 1) find out how frequent is the advertisement based on the principle of intertextuality, 2) ascertain what means of intertextuality are the most utilized in advertising texts, 3) determine what type of source text is the most frequently referred, 4) design an appropriate information system to store, search easily and comment on the collected material.

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