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Regional yield forecasting for improved decision making in the plant production
Trnka, Miroslav ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Kudláčková, Lucie ; Balek, Jan ; Meitner, Jan ; Možný, Martin ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Bartošová, Lenka ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Bláhová, Monika ; Lukas, Vojtěch ; Žalud, Zdeněk
The methodology describes how to predict yields of key crops, and at the same time addresses reliability of the predictions and how these can be used. The ability to predict yield levels more than 2 months prior the harvest on the level of regions (NUTS3¨) and districts (LAU1) brings also new opportunities to mitigate impacts of adverse conditions. The methodology shows that the yield forecasts and yield anomalies in particular are consistent and usable in practices. In this methodology, the results of 2018 yield forecasts are presented as an example. The yield forecasting system for the Czech Republic is fully functional and is and will be available through
Using growth models to evaluate field crops management practices and influence on soil processes
Hlavinka, Petr ; Trnka, Miroslav ; Balek, Jan ; Dubrovský, Martin ; Pohanková, Eva ; Wimmerová, Markéta ; Žalud, Zdeněk
The publication describes the application of growth model for evaluation of different farming methods in the cultivation of selected field crops and their influence on selected soil processes and conditions. This publication focuses on complex simulations in the soil-plant-atmosphere-farmer interaction system using the HERMES model. The ability to simulate processes in crop rotation scheme continuously and uninterruptedly (e.g. over a period of more than 100 years) gives the opportunity to assess the long-term trends in soil processes, both due to different approaches to farming and combined with selected location and soil conditions. It is possible also for selected scenarios of climate change in future. This material presents both the outputs for weather conditions without any considered climate change and conditions reflecting the shift in climatic conditions during the 21st century based on 6 selected climatic scenarios. The expected impacts on the growth and yields of the target field crops are also quantified for the selected combination of conditions.
Evaluating drought risk for permanent grasslands under present and future climate conditions
Trnka, Miroslav ; Schaumberger, A. ; Formayer, H. ; Eitzinger, Josef ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Dubrovský, Martin ; Možný, M. ; Thaler, S. ; Žalud, Zdeněk
Over the past years, the changing climate has affected parts of Czech Republic and Austria by drought spells of the intensity and extend that was unprecedented in previous decades. These events had a significant impact on agricultural areas, especially on the grasslands. The idea behind the GIS monitoring relies on hypothesis that the effect of weather and climate conditions on the grassland production can be estimated by models that describe certain natural processes in a simplified manner and in spatialized form.
System for monitoring and forecast of impacts of agricultural drought
Trnka, Miroslav ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Chuchma, F. ; Možný, M. ; Bartošová, Lenka ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Balek, Jan ; Zahradníček, Pavel ; Skalák, Petr ; Farda, Aleš ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Meitner, Jan ; Bláhová, M. ; Fiala, R. ; Žalud, Zdeněk
The methodology describes how to predict soil moisture and drought intensity, and at the same time addresses reliability of the predictions and how these can be used. The ability to predict soil moisture values over a period of up to 9 days is presented through using ensemble of models for numerical weather forecasts. This method brings also new opportunities to mitigate impacts during drought events by farmers using such forecasting tools. With regard to the relatively high predictability of soil moisture and drought intensity, the methodology introduces the basic procedures and provides necessary information for the users. In this methodology, the results of 2017 drought event are presented as an example. The drought forecasting system for the Czech Republic is fully functional and is and will be available through
Effect of artificially induced drought on growth and productivity of selected crops within field experiment in Bohemian-Moravian highlands
Wimmerová, Markéta ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Trnka, Miroslav ; Žalud, Zdeněk ; Pohanková, Eva
The field experiments based on manipulating the crop environment are critical for determining the crop’s response to the climatic conditions expected in the future. An experimental site in Domanínek is located by 49°31'42 N, 16°14'13 E at an altitude of 560 m (potato production area). The field experiment using rain-out shelters for soil water availability reduction was conducted in 2015/2016. The main aim of this study was to assess the impacts of different water availability (rain-out shelters vs. control) on the performance of selected field crops (spring barley, winter wheat, winter rape and silage maize). Reduction of precipitation in treatment with rain-out shelters was confirmed by measuring soil water content. The amount of precipitation during growing period was reduced by 251 mm, 277 mm, 217 mm and 240 mm for the spring barley, winter wheat, winter rape and silage maize, respectively. As a consequence, leaf area index and yields declined, however the crop responses were not consistent.
Application of multispectral remote sensing indices for sensing indices for estimating crop yields at field level
Jurečka, František ; Lukas, Vojtěch ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Fischer, Milan ; Žalud, Zdeněk ; Trnka, Miroslav
Remote sensing can be used for yield estimation prior to harvest and can replace or complement classical\nways of estimating crop yields. This study was undertaken in Polkovice, located in the Czech Republic’s\nHaná region. For 2015 and 2016, two data sets of satellite imagery were used: the Moderate Resolution\nImaging Spectroradiometer and the Landsat 8. Vegetation indices from satellites were compared with crop\nyields at the level of land blocks. Winter wheat and spring barley yield data, representing crops planted\nover the analysed period, were used for the comparison. The results of the index–yield comparison showed\nthat vegetation indices from remote sensing data provide reliable information for yield estimation prior to\nharvest. Indices are also able to evaluate the spatial variability of a crop within the field. The results showed\nthat remote sensing data need to have detailed spatial resolution in order to provide reasonable information\nabout yield at such a detailed level.
The French Pox in the 16th Century Medical Consilia
Divišová, Bohdana ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Žalud, Zdeněk (referee) ; Čornejová, Ivana (referee)
Summary: Consilia played an important role in medieval but also early modern professional health literature. Literary "consilium" contained a written statement of one particular case, the patient's condition and disease as well as advice on a medical procedure where a doctor in accordance with the contemporary discourse analyzed symptoms, determined the diagnosis, prognosis and recommended its pharmacological treatment including possible technical interventions (venesection etc.). In the 16th century, the Consilia Literature was a common part of many eminent physicians' practice whereas nowadays it is unjustly neglected source of history of medicine, pharmacology, dietetics and so on. The first part of the dissertation is devoted to the definition of genre, the initial stages of its development and description of the specifics of the Middle Ages. However the results of fifteen eminent physicians of Italy (B. Vettori, G. B. Da Monte, V. Trincavelli, A. M. Venusti, G. Capodivaccio, C. Guarinoni), France (J. Fernel, G. de Baillou) and of the German-speaking areas of Central Europe (J. Crato, R. Solenander, L. Scholz, D. Cornarius, J. Wittich, T. Mermann, J. Matthaeus), became the main theme of work of early modern consultative collections. On examination of nearly seven thousand consilia from twenty two...
Climatological and phenological conditions of Tušimice observatory
Hájková, Lenka ; Sládek, Ivan (advisor) ; Láska, Kamil (referee) ; Žalud, Zdeněk (referee)
The thesis is aimed at climatological, agroclimatological and phenological conditions at Tušimice observatory during 45 years of observations (1968-2012) on basis of meteorological and phenological data by using statistical methods, method of cumulative series and geographical information system. Basic climatic elements (air temperature, precipitation total, snow cover, cloudiness, wind, humidity, sunshine duration, fog and thunderstorm), agroclimatic characteristics according to the WMO recommendation, selected phenological phases (mainly beginning of flowering 10 %) of herb and wooden species were processed in the study. The literature overview was made on climatic and phenological conditions at Tušimice station, in the Czech Republic and other countries. Apart from statistical analysis, the elements were also evaluated in the interaction with the changing air circulation in Central Europe. In addition, results were compared to Quitt's classification based on long-term averages of meteorological data (1961-1990 versus 1981-2010). The drought occurrence was evaluated in 45 years of observations period. The thesis is divided into three main parts - Climatic conditions of Tušimice observatory (part 5.1), Agroclimatic conditions of Tušimice observatory (part 5.2) and Phenological conditions of...
Czech-Meissen Frontier in the Time of the Reign of Jan of Luxembourg
Machková, Irena ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Žalud, Zdeněk (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the process of creating power-political support by the governor and focuses on the border area of the north-west and partly also north Bohemia. It is trying to present methods of the Czech monarch with which he could overcome a strong interior opposition including leading members of the Czech aristocracy such as John of Vartemberk and create a system of power support with which he could accomplish plans of his internal and foreign policies. It is therefore trying to determine to what extent the Czech king, John of Bohemia, employed Western European feudal principles, dynastic policy and also influence of municipality as a means of creating support in strategically important regions and how successful he was in his activity. A view of the expansive activities of the Czech governors in the Czech-Meissen area in 11-13th century and in connection with it also a brief outline of the expansive concern of the Premyslid dynasty competitors on the other side of the border, margraves of Meissen and since 1248 also landgraves of Thuringia of House of Wettin is also a part of this bachelor's thesis. Key Words: Jan of Luxembourg, Czech-Meissen frontier, nord-west and nord Bohemia, royal town Ústí nad Labem, house of Wettin, nobility, process of formation of the power of the...
Battle of Mühldorf and its reflection in (not only) knightly literature
Baloun, Antonín ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Žalud, Zdeněk (referee)
The main theme of this thesis is the battle of Mühldorf. In 1322, the forces of two newly elected Holy Roman emperors, Louis of Wittelsbach and Frederick of Habsburg, came to Upper Bavaria. They met to battle for legal succession of the Holy Roman Empire throne. One of the important actors within this conflict was the Czech king, John of Bohemia. Contemporaneous chronicles are compared and contrasted in the goal of reconstructing the course of history. This thesis is furthter enhanced by discussing the problem from the point of view studies of current German historians. By reading this thesis, one may obtain a mental portrait of the time and by doing so, will get acquainted with the kings of that ruled the lands, learn the reasonings behind the conflict and understand the consequence of this battle, an effect that resonated more than just on the Czech kingdom.

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