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Preparation of preptin, a peptide secreted from pancreatic islet beta cells, and its effect on insulin secretion
Zrubecká, Denisa ; Žáková, Lenka (advisor) ; Dračínská, Helena (referee)
in English Pancreas is an endocrine tissue which affects many physiological processes in organism. It has been known for a long lime that the pancreatic beta cells secret insulin. However, there are more hormones and substances secreted from the beta cells, mainly peptides such as insulin-like growth factors IGF, shorter peptides like amylin and many more. Some of them have not been even identified. Among these pancreatic products Ch. Buchanan's group from Auckland University, New Zeland identified 34 amino acids long peptide called preptin in 2001. Its amino acid sequence is identical with part of the preform of insulin-like growth factor 2 chain. It has been discovered that preptin has effect on osteoblast proliferation and insulin secretion. Nowadays preptin is being studied like a potential osteoporosis cure thanks to its increasing effect on osteoblasts proliferation. This thesis describes preparation and characterization of human and rat preptin and their two fragments (which contain amino acids 1-16 and 17-34) using solid-phase synthesis. The aim of the thesis is to test effects of rat preptin and its two fragments on insulin secretion in pancreatic beta cell line INS-1E. Part of the thesis is focused on binding assays of human preptin and its two fragments to IGF-1 receptor and also to...
Use of Art Therapy in Social Work
The main topic of this bachelor´s work is use of art therapy in social work. In the first under chapter of theoretic part I define the art therapy, it´s history, it´s forms which I split up in the individual part and the group part and I also define the education of the art therapist. Further I mention target groups such as children, adults and seniors. I also describe the different stances in art therapy. There are some methods like imagination, animation, concentration, shakeout, transformation and reconstruction. At the end of the first under chapter I have described technics of art therapy. Second under chapter contains the concept of social work, the role of the social worker and his education and social services. The practical part of this work contains qualitative research with use of technic of half standardized interview and with questioning method. The half standardized interviews were with five social workers and two art therapists who work in Brno in social services. The main goal of this bachelor´s work was to map possibilities of using the art therapy in social services. Particular goals were to find out, if the art therapy helps the users in social services, in what exactly does art therapy help and in which situations it´s most convenient to use the art therapy. Research questions are concentrated on application of art therapy in social services, on methods and technics of art therapy, theirs use in the context of social work and in this work is also shown the importance of working cooperation between social worker and art therapist. In my opinion I have full filed the results and I have found that the art therapy helps the clients with solving demanding situations, under stress and also just in a bad mood. Best benefits are development of communication, self-expression and connecting contacts. In my opinion the results of my survey could be used by social workers and also the art therapist. The results can be used by facilities which will get basic information about other types of facilities and they can improve their own deficiency. I also guess that this work can be interesting for the students who study social work or for the art therapists who want to concentrate themselves for social area.
Determination of binding constants of human insulin complexes with serotonin, dopamine, arginine, and phenol by pressure assisted partial filling affinity capillary electrophoresis
Šolínová, Veronika ; Žáková, Lenka ; Jiráček, Jiří ; Kašička, Václav
A new method, pressure assisted partial filling affinity capillary electrophoresis (PF-ACE), has been developed to study noncovalent interactions of the hexamer of human insulin (HI) with cationic ligands, such as phenolic neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, and amino acid arginine, or with anionic ligand phenol, in alkaline aqueous solutions. The apparent binding constants, Kb, of the HI-ligand complexes were determined from the dependence of the effective migration time changes of the above ligands on the variable zone lengths of HI dissolved in the background electrolyte and hydrodynamically introduced into the bare fused silica capillary close to the UV detector. The HI interactions with the above ligands were found to be moderately strong, with Kb values in the range 385-1314 L/mol.
The role of amino acids from the C-terminus of the insulin B chain in the selectivity towards insulin receptor isoforms.
Polák, Marek ; Žáková, Lenka (advisor) ; Obšilová, Veronika (referee)
The main function of insulin as a hormone is to control glucose homeostasis in the blood. This control takes place at different levels in different parts of the body. The complexity of the regulation of blood glucose levels is manifested through the insulin receptor (IR) and its two isoforms, IR-A and IR-B. IR-B is responsible for metabolic effects and the distribution in adipocytes, muscles and hepatic cells, whereas IR-A has, above all, mitogenic effects with lymphocytes, spleen, brain and cancer cells. Today's treatment of diabetes patients is focused on the use of insulin analogues, insulin replacemensts with a different IR-A and IR-B binding affinity. Today's patients use two different types of analogues, called fast-acting and basal, with a focus on the combination of these two types throughout the day. In 2011, prof. Belfiore from the Universtiry of Catanzzaro published a scientific article about the close relation between diabetes and some cancer types. This article triggered extensive debates about the impact of insulin or insulin analogues on the mitogenic isoform IR-A of the insulin receptor, and IR-A isoform on the insulin-like growth factor type 1. In the same year, two scientific groups from a Danish company Novo Nordisk, published the first hints at receptor isoform-selective insulin...
Study of interactions between low-molecular mass compounds and the DNA-binding domain of forkhead transcription factor FOXO3
Kohoutová, Klára ; Obšil, Tomáš (advisor) ; Žáková, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis is part of a project focused on studying low-molecular mass compounds able to inhibit the interaction between DNA-binding domain of human forkhead transcription factor FOXO3 and the target DNA. FOXO3 is one of four members of FOXO class transcription factors which belong to forkhead family of transcription factors. Forkhead transcription factors are evolutionary conserved proteins playing important roles in numerous cellular processes. These include cell-cycle regulation, oxidative stress response, control of cellular metabolism and apoptosis. FOXO3 plays an important role in cancer cells where it acts not only as a tumor suppressor but also can enhance their resistance to chemotherapy. Considering its biological functions, the study of small-molecule inhibitors of FOXO3 transcription factor is of particular importance. This bachelor thesis was focused on compound S9 oxalate as a potential inhibitor of FOXO3-DNA interaction. Main goals of this thesis were: (I) preparation of both unlabeled and 15 N labeled DNA- binding domain of FOXO3 transcription factor, (II) characterization of interactions between FOXO3 DBD and compound S9 oxalate using NMR and electrophoretic mobility shift analysis (EMSA), and (III) prediction of binding conformation and interactions between FOXO3 DBD and...
The effect of vandetanib, lenvatinib and ellipticine on the expression of rat cytochromes P450 1A and 3A
Jelínková, Sandra ; Dračínská, Helena (advisor) ; Žáková, Lenka (referee)
In recent years, the inhibiition of tyrosine kinases,which may incorrectly regulate some singaling pathway has been used to treat cancer as so-called biological therapy. An example of such inhibitors are vandetanib and lenvatinib. These two substances are used to treat thyroid gland tumors because they affect vascular growth factor receptor or endothelial growth factor receptor that can regulate tumor growth and metastasis. Ellipticine, which has anti-tumor effects on lots of tumor disease, has been investigated in this study together with vandetanib and lenvatinib. In this diploma thesis, the effect of mentioned tyrosine kinase inhibitors, ellipticine and their combinations on gene and protein expression of CYP1A1, 1A2, 3A1 and 3A2 in rat liver in vivo was determined. Protein expression was studied using Western blot method with imunodetection. Gene expression was assessed by quantitative PCR. Moreover, the effect of tested substances and their combinations on CYP1A activity (measured as 7-ethoxyresorufin O-deethylation), CYP1A2 activity (measured as 7-methoxyresorufin O-demethylation), CYP1A1 activity (measured as Sudan I oxidation), CYP3A specific activity (measured as testosteron 6β-hydroxylation) and ellipticine, vandetanib, lenvatinib metabolism was determined. It has been confirmed that...
Study of secretory granules from insulin-producing tissues and cell lines.
Halušková, Petra ; Žáková, Lenka (advisor) ; Koblas, Tomáš (referee)
Pancreas is known to be an organ producing a variety of exocrine and endocrine substances, where also insulin belongs. This hormone is produced in the body almost solely by specialized β-cells of the Langerhans islets and is stored here in secretory granules. As the β-cells contain large number of these vesicles, an organism can quickly respond to the glucose stimulation. Completely processed insulin is formed in the secretory granules probably as a hexamer, where six insulin molecules are coordinated along two zinc bivalent cations. Appropriate β-cell response to higher glucose level and following insulin secretion is one of the key processes that regulate metabolism in the body. In order to study insulin production, its effects or secretion, permanent pancreatic cell lines are often used as biological models, out of primary cells from islets of Langerhans. This diploma thesis is focused on two permanent cell lines INS-1E and BRIN-BD11. We searched for the ability of the cells to produce insulin, if the hormone is fully processed, as well as zinc content, which could have a great influence on insulin's processing. Using different methods we compared these two cell lines with cells from the Langerhans islets. We succeeded in isolation of secretory granules from all three cell types and we plan to...
Systhesis and Characterisation of the Insulin-like Peptide 5 from Drosophila melanogaster
Halušková, Petra ; Žáková, Lenka (advisor) ; Poljaková, Jitka (referee)
Many evolutionary conserved proteins and mechanisms have been observed in nature, one of them is insulin and its signal pathway. Importantly, many parts of this pathway in humans are similar to those found in lower organisms, such as fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). Insulin is one of the most studied complex molecules; it acts primarily as a hormone but it can also act as a growth factor due to its evolutionary congeniality and similarity to the IGF. It has long been unclear how insulin binds to its receptor and how insulin or insulin-like proteins influence regulation of metabolism, cell proliferation, cell growth and also the size of organs and the whole body. Examining insulin-like peptide superfamily and its signal pathway in invertebrates may thus be used to better understand many metabolic processes in vertebrates thanks to high evolutionary conservation. In this thesis, we tried to prepare an analogue of insulin like peptide 5 (DILP5) of Drosophila melanogaster by a total chemical synthesis. This analogue is composed of A-chain of human insulin and B-chain of DILP5. In B-chain all methionins were replaced by amino acid norleucine using a chain combination method through S-sulfonate forms of each chain. The results show that this protein can be successfully prepared, however, the amount...
Mention Metanoia in Pastoral and Social Work
Kerepecká, Jana ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Žáková, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the term metanoia, which can be replaced by the more familiar term conversion. It is a decision for a radical change of life, which involves the whole person and leads to transformation and new orientation of values and standards. It is about turning away from the current way of life and turning to God. This is a personal response to God's invitation to his fellowship. The aim of this thesis is to describe the process of conversion and put it into the context of selected areas of social and pastoral practice. The first part deals with the essence of conversion and the question what conversion brings. In the second part, some of the stories of biblical figures from the Old and New Testament are analysed. The process of metanoia and its aspects are well captured in this stories. Finally, the third and the fourth parts are devoted to the meaning of metanoia for pastoral and social practice. It is shown that just here metanoia has its place.

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