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Production of component the Cage ECR 10 12
Jílek, Josef ; Heinl, Tomáš (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the production concept of component Cage ECR 10 12, which is used as assembly element together with a nut during the bus production. Sheet metal part is made from 11 321 steel 1,5 mm thick in production 10 000 parts per year. Technology of production in progressive tool was selected based on literature study. Progressive tool combines technology of shearing and bending. Tool was designed after the technological calculations. Forming machine was selected after the stamping force calculation. Eccentric press LEN 63 C with 630 kN forming force was selected for production.
Production of carpentry joints
Kliš, Vojtěch ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of the technology for the production of the galvanized sheet. It is a carpentry joint that serves for joining wooden structures. The work is focused on metal forming, namely cutting technology. Based on the production series of 30,000 pieces/year, the shape and dimensions of the part, the method of shearing was chosen for production. Furthermore, the necessary technological calculations were performed. The tool consists of standardized components that have been selected based on the standards. For production was chosen eccentric press S 160 E from the company Šmeral Brno a.s. The price of one component is CZK 9.
Production of crusher on the plastic waste
Květoun, Jan ; Kandus, Bohumil (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
This thesis is focused on designing and manufacturing a shredder for plastic waste 2H for small companies, households and blocks of flats. Thesis contains brief description of plastics, their properties and usage in praxis. It deals with excessive production of plastic, noncircular economy of waste and unsatisfactory processing of plastic waste. There are examples of collecting, sorting and recycling technologies and their application in praxis. It consists of current overview of shredders available on Czech and Slovak market and their comparison. Practical part of this thesis focuses on design itself, its components, parameters and economic issues of manufacturing. Annex contains 3D model of shredder assembly, bought components overview, assembly drawings and photo documentation of created shredder.
Production of anemostat
Bíba, David ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
The thesis handle design of part of anemostat in size of series 15000 pcs/year. Due to conus shape and dimensions of part was chosen out of quantity of manufacturing processes a technology of deep drawing without a thinnig of 1mm thick DC04 steel. The resulting solution is progressive tool which concatenate four operations of deep drawing process. The drawing tool make use of standardised components. The design contain progressive tool including drawing documentation. Hydraulic press CTH 400 with nominal force 4000 kN is used for mentioned procedure.
Production of shower tray
Černý, Vít ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
The thesis deals with design of technology production of the shower tray made of austenitic steel 17 240. Based on the research of deep drawing and calculations, it was proposed to draw in the tool with upper blankholder and the lower ejector. The drawing tools uses standard components that ensure its functionality and clamping in the CYA 500 hydraulic press with nominal tensile force of 5000 kN. Drawing punch and die are made of 19 437.3 grade steel, heat treated according to the attached drawing documentation.
Roll bending technology
Hejna, Jaroslav ; Štroner, Marek (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The paper deals with the research of sheet metal bending technology. This technology is suitable for producing both cylindrical and conical parts. First summarized technological and physical nature of the technology. Also important is the method of making cones using bending machines. Different types of machines are disassembled. From the smallest hand to the largest three-roll maschine. In the future, the two-cylinder machines are the most promising. They are especially suited to their variability and also because the component can be manufactured faster than any other machine.
Production of trap capture
Barták, Jan ; Heinl, Tomáš (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis presents a proposal for the production of trap capture, which is made from construction steel S 235 JRC with a production series size of 6 000 pieces a year in a combined instrument. Based on a literary study and the calculations associated with them, a combined instrument has been designed to combine shearing and bending. The design of the instrument was adapted to produce of a sheet metal roll component. The instrument is placed in a steel stand clamped in an eccentric press LEN 63C by ŠMERAL Trnava. The LEN 63C has a nominal forming force of 630 kN. For corrosion resistance the component is zinc-coated. Part of the thesis is also an economic evaluation of the proposed production technology.
Production of a Printing Machine Waste Track
Dolák, Martin ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Řiháček, Jan (advisor)
Řešenou součástí je část kanálu pro odpadové odstřižky tiskařského stroje. Relativně jednoduchá součást vhodná k výrobě tvářením za studena. Diplomová práce navrhuje zhotovení komponenty lisováním. Po shrnutí základních teorií dále navrhuje varianty výroby. Pro vybranou sestavuje technologický postup a navrhuje kroky tváření. Návazně odvozuje návrh konstrukce postupového nástroje. V neposlední řadě se věnuje ekonomickému vyhodnocení výroby, ročnímu výrobnímu množství a vypočítává bod zvratu pro dané řešení.
Plastics Processing Technology
Kubíček, František ; Kandus, Bohumil (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
This work is a literary research focused on plastics processing technologies with emphasis on injection moulding technology. From this field it is focused on materials suitable for injection moulding, moulding machines and parts of it, injection moulding process, defects emerging because of wrong optimalization of injection moulding process and special techniques of injec-tion moulding.
The Coating of Surface of Metal Components
Táborský, Pavel ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Peterková, Eva (advisor)
The thesis deals with the process of coating components, which is used as a surface protection of metal against corrosion. In this literary study, there are listed causes of corrosion, ways of protection, principles of several methods of mechanical and chemical surface preparation, description of powder coating material, methods of heating and the overall technological process. Part of the thesis is methodology of creating educational materials for operators of powder coating line.

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