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Vliv akumulace manganu na vybrané rostliny
Švec, Pavel
In this work we investigated the effect of high doses on the agriculture important crop plants (Brassica napus, Hordeum vulgare, Zea mays), herb Matricaria chamomilla and freshwater microalgae Scenedesmus quadricauda. In particularly, we studied the growth rate, activity of antioxidant enzymes, and the amount of some secondary metabolites. We have found that high doses of manganese negatively influenced the growth, which resulted in a reduction of biomass which we observed in all studied groups, except algae. Manganese (Mn) is accumulated in roots and part of such absorbed Mn is transported to the shoot system. In the plants, the distribution of Mn is more balanced compared to copper and cadmium. We observed changes in the content of aliphatic organic acids, and the total amount of thiols. Higher activity was determined in several antioxidant enzymes according to the kind of plant. Abundance of manganese has been considered more toxic for the Brassica rapa than for the ontogenetic older Matricaria chamomilla, where we indicated a higher tolerance to the high concentration of Mn. We also found that the nitrogen oxide showed the positive effect on the toxicity of Mn and improved the plant viability. This improvement was reflected by decrease in uptake of Mn ions, decrease of ROS production and lipid peroxidation and also better growth parameters in the tested plants. The bioavailability of the Mn was influenced by pH however the uptake of Mn was not affected. We also found out that competition between Mn2+ and Ca2+ occur in the both land plants and also freshwater microalgae Scenedesmus quadricauda.
Datastore for relaxed objects
Švec, Petr ; Skopal, Tomáš (referee) ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor)
Individual relaxed object attributes are stored in the database one by one. Each attribute is mapped in a unique table. All values of given attribute are saved in the same table for all object instances, where the attribute is defined. While the relaxed object store is an outstanding instrument for storing heterogenic data and/or data without previously known structure, it does not support effective searching using more attributes simultaneously as the current databases do not support indexes over more tables. The objective of the thesis is to design and implement a relaxed object store with a temporal extension. The primary objective is an effective searching. For this purpose a new structure for data indexing over multiple tables is proposed. A newly defined index structure can be used for searching for any object by attribute values. The relaxed store catalog makes it possible to search for attribute data values of given objects as well as searching for objects according to their attribute values. Implementation of the relaxed object store is designed for Oracle Database server.
Preprocessor of a graph language
Švec, Petr ; Kučera, Luděk (advisor) ; Skopal, Tomáš (referee)
Úkolem bylo navrhnout grafový jazyk, ve kterém by bylo snadné napsaní libovolného grafového algoritmu. Kromě intuitivního psaní kódu byl kladen důraz i na jeho délku. Výsledkem je tedy množinové chápaní grafu (vysvětleno dále). K jazyku byl vytvořen program PSGraph jako preprocesor navrženého grafového jazyka, který ve spolupráci s určitým pluginem zkonvertuje vstupní algoritmus do jiného libovolného objektového jazyka, jako c, c++, c#, Java, Object Pascal, Delphi " .. K programu je v bakalářské verzi i plugin pro konverzi do c++, jehož vystup je psán jako counted-pointerl. Powered by TCPDF (
Foreign direct investment impact on selected macroeconomic indicators of the economy of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2013
Švec, Petr ; Czesaný, Slavoj (advisor) ; Zamrazilová, Eva (referee)
Subject of this diploma thesis is to provide an overview of economic theories on why companies tend to invest at foreign markets directly and thus to determine the foreign direct investment (FDI) itself. Covered areas include a foreign direct investment typology, motivation to invest, localisation factors, attractiveness and measurement of a host country business environment. Various types of FDI, methodology and forms of FDI statistical coverage analysis is included in the thesis. Three frameworks influencing all the segments of the FDI are covered in depth. These include the foreign policy factors, domestic policy factors and a process of economic transformation in the Czech Republic. Corresponding analytics map a development between a FDI and selected macroeconomic indicators of the Czech Republic. The analysis shows that foreign investment has a certain influence over selected macroeconomic indicators, however it is not always possible to quantify it as well as to predict its trend. On the other side it is often difficult to prove an influence of macroeconomic development on intensity of the FDI inflow to the Czech Republic. Keywords: foreign investment, determinants of the foreign direct investment inflow, foreign direct investment macroeconomic indicators
Determination of surfactants in waste waters
Švec, Pavel ; Čáslavský, Josef (referee) ; Vávrová, Milada (advisor)
Surfactants belong to surface-active compounds that have ability to restrain the surface tension; this ability is exploited to eliminate impurities. This study is focused on determination of surfactants in waste water to which these compounds can be transported from various cleaning and washing articles. In theoretical part are listed basic classifications of surfactants, their properties and requests of Czech legislative for their content in waste water. Furthermore here are described chosen analytical procedures for determination of anion-active, cation-active and non-ionic surfactants in waste water. The conclusion of the work is evaluation of measured results of surfactants concentration in inflow and outflow of waste water from waste-treatment plant in University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno and waste water from neutralizating station in FCH BUT. To determination of anionic surfactants were used two methods, arbitration method with usage of methylene blue and mobile analytics method which is based on chemical reaction between target compound and chemical agent. This reaction leads to formation of coloured compound able to spectrofotometric determination.
Optimization of chloramination based on raw water quality and operational conditions of a water treatment plant
Švec, Pavel ; Látal,, Milan (referee) ; Dolejš, Petr (advisor)
The most difficult part of water treatment is to ensure that water will be delivered to consumer in unchanged form and hygienic unexceptionable. To hygienic safety is using doses of chlor, whiches are deadly for organisms and inhibite their proliferation in pipeline. Modern way how to clear water from organism is called chloramination. By the help of ammonium salts chlor is released in sequence. So large single-shot doses of chlor aren´t necessary. Due the big dose was THM and another dangerous compounds formed.
Hydrolysis of Some C,N-Chelated Organotin(IV) Species Used in Catalysis
Švec, P. ; Olejník, R. ; Sajfrtová, Marie ; Padělková, Z. ; Růžička, A.
This work deals with the reactivity of the selected C, N-chelated organotin (IV) species towards cyclohexene oxide, ethylene carbonate, and CO2. Structure of organotin(IV) hydrolytic products isolated from respective reaction mixtures was described.
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Analysis and Recommendations to amend the Methodology for Public Procurement Issued by the HREOP
Švec, Petr ; Švecová, Lenka (advisor) ; Vrbová, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to formulate recommendations to amend the guideline issued by the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment. Their subject matter is based on the analysis of decision situations which must be handled by contracting entities in order to successfully find the right contractor. The paper explains the methods of multi criteria decision making which are suitable for use in public procurement. First part describes requirements which are a prerequisite to creating the rational set of evaluation criteria. Theoretical part continues with description of the Public Procurement Act and its recent changes made by amendments. The practical part contains the survey conducted among contracting entities which were supported by operational programme. It is aimed on their approach to organizing competitions and information management. The last part describes the authors proposed changes.

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