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The repair procedure of the press frame
Švarc, Lukáš ; Daněk, Ladislav (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
The diploma thesis is dealing with the repair procedure of the cracked ram of the press – machine parts made from gray cast iron by casting. The ram is a part of the repaired forming press LET 160. The presented work contains an overview and analysis of the technologies of repair of cast iron by welding. On the basis of the theoretical part is designed the procedure of repairing. The aim of the experimental tests is selecting the most suitable additional materiál and verifying the proposed welding process. The welding method was selected by a low preheating manual metal arc. All the pWPS were prepared for the welding of all test specimens. Experimental samples were subjected to visual, macroscopic, microscopic analysis and hardness measurement. Based on the results of the experiments was suggested a welding repair procedure with a pWPS.
Password strength measurement
Běhounek, Lukáš ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Švarc, Lukáš (referee)
The thesis describes the theme of password measurement and more thoroughly deals with the Zxcvbn algorithm which I localize into Czech and extend its functionality in order to allow easier localization to other languages. In the theoretical part, I deal with the topic of password measurement on the basis of different studies: why shall we measure password strength, the way it should be done, and characterization of some commonly used password meters. In the practical part I analyze real Czech passwords leaked from LinkedIn in 2012. I examine the need to use Czech dictionaries and Czech keyboard layout, I justify the need to translate the feedback, and deal with the problem of declension and use of words variants. I also describe the technical functionality of the algorithm, how it is deployed, and the nature of the changes made by me. The practical result of the bachelor thesis is based on theoretical part of the thesis: Zxcvbn algorithm modified for use in Czech conditions, especially in the environment of the University of Economics, extended by the possibility of easier localization inzo other languages.
Design of manufacturing technology for elastomer bushings conditioning
Švarc, Lukáš ; Dubovský, Marek (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This thesis is dealing with designing technology of manufacturing for component made of elastomer. The theoretical part is about dividing polymer materials and the issues of elastomer processing by injection molding. In the practical part is dealt with production conditions, design specifications of the tool and comparison with initial proposal. Next part is about technological and design calculations and the thesis ends with design of technological process.
VoIP in a wireless network of VŠE
Švarc, Lukáš ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Matuška, Miroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on exploring the possibility of VoIP service in a wireless network of University of Economics, Prague. This thesis describes the basic principles of VoIP and related wireless technologies necessary for its quality and stable operation. Subsequently, different configurations of wireless network and end clients are tested and compared, including its impact on ordinary users, in a laboratory environment with idle and fully utilized frequency band. Finally, a roaming operation with the use of several advanced 802.11 standards is tested in the real environment of the Old building in Žižkov. In conclusion, the ideal settings for all telecommunication devices are recommended in order to maximize the quality of VoIP operation and to minimize the negative impact on ordinary users.

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