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Cube Fighter
Guba, Peter ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Švancara, Jiří (referee)
Real-time strategy games and action games are two very different types of computer games. In my project, I attempted to see whether they could be combined to make a coherent whole, with mixed results. The backbone of my game is its real-time strategy mode, inspired by Warcraft III and The Battle for Middle-earth 1 and 2. In this mode, the player can create buildings and units and use them to fight the enemy. The game also has another mode of playing which imitates action games. In it, the player only controls a single unit. The second mode ended up being just a fun add-on instead of an essential part of the gameplay as I had originally intended. The reason behind that wasn't that it would be impossible to make it so, but rather that it would require my game to be far more complex.
Smart plant pot
Berný, Jiří ; Bureš, Tomáš (advisor) ; Švancara, Jiří (referee)
Many of the clever devices are making peoples lifes easier. A Smart plant pot will anable gardeners to control the life environment of plants. Using the STM32F4 microcomputer and the web aplication, the user has all of his plants under control from any place even from his own mobile phone. The user places the microcomputer to his plant pot, connects it into his WiFi network and checks the last measured data, graphs with long-term environment charts and manages his list of pots. Web applications backend is built on OWIN and WebAPI. Frontend was made with modern framework Angular 5 and has a form of a Single Page Application.
Comparison of proposed measures in Brantice–Kostelec section of river Opava
Korálová, Nikola ; Švancara, Jiří (referee) ; Zachoval, Zbyněk (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with comparison of flow influenced by proposed measures with current status in Brantice-Kostelec section of the river Opava. The results of two-dimensional numerical model of steady uniform flow were used to assess the flow. The models were created using SMS – FESWMS for both of conditions. Thesis contains description of current status, design status, the theory of numerical modelling, comparison of the flow and evaluation of results.
Multi-agent Path Planning in Unidirectional Environments
Švancara, Jiří ; Surynek, Pavel (advisor) ; Barták, Roman (referee)
In this paper we focus on the optimal multi-agent path planning, which is an NP-complete problem. To solve this task, we will use centralized A* search algorithm for which we propose a new heuristic. To construct our proposed heuristic, we examine the solution of multi-agent path planning via its reduction to multi-commodity flow, which is also an NP-complete problem. Our heuristic is based on relaxation of multi-commodity flow to single-commodity flow that can be solved in polynomial time. We show that this new heuristics is admissible and consistent. We also show types of problems for which our heuristic is more successful than other heuristics. Powered by TCPDF (
Finding Minimum Satisfying Assignments of Boolean Formulas
Švancara, Jiří ; Balyo, Tomáš (advisor) ; Trunda, Otakar (referee)
In this thesis we examine algorithms and techniques used for solving Boolean satisfiability (SAT). Then we inspect the possibility to use them in solving the weighted short SAT problem, which is a generalization of the satisfiability problem. Given that each variable has a weight, this generalization is the problem of finding a satisfying truth assignment while using the smallest sum of weights. To solve this problem, we introduce three truth assignments of variables - True, False and Unassign. We show that not all algorithms and techniques used in modern SAT solvers can be used in our program. Those that can be converted, will be implemented using our three truth assignments. This will yield several versions of our new solver, which will be compared. Powered by TCPDF (
Crustal Structure of the Bohemian Massif Based on Seismic Refraction Data
Hrubcová, Pavla ; Vavryčuk, Václav (advisor) ; Plomerová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Švancara, Jan (referee)
The deep structure of the Bohemian Massif, the largest stable outcrop of the Variscan rocks in central Europe, was studied using the data of the international seismic refraction and wide- angle reflection experiments CELEBRATION 2000, ALP 2002 and SUDETES 2003. The data were interpreted by seismic tomographic inversion and by 2-D trial-and-error forward modelling of the P and S waves. Above, additional constraints on the crustal structure were imposed by reflectivity or gravity modelling, and by receiver function interpretation. Knowledge of the crustal velocity structure in the Bohemian Massif was complemented by its azimuthal variation. Though consolidated, the Bohemian Massif can be subdivided into several tectonic units separated by faults, shear zones, or thrusts reflecting varying influence of the crust forming processes. The resultant velocity models determined different types of the crust-mantle transition reflecting variable crustal thickness and delimiting contacts of these tectonic units at depth.
Design of outlet and intake objects of Nové Heřminovy dam
Neuvirt, Petr ; Švancara, Jiří (referee) ; Zachoval, Zbyněk (advisor)
In this thesis was presented Nové Heřminovy dam with basic parameters. Requirements on bottom outlets and intake objects are presented as well. Analysis of used valves on all dams in Czech Republic was done as an underlay for suggestions of bottom outlets in this thesis. The main task was to suggest three variations of bottom outlets. Differences are in number of outlets, dimensions, placing and valves. Then variation of intake objects. Each of variation was verbally described and filled with calculations.
Combined heat and power pack with two gas V-sixteen engines
Švancara, Jan ; Novotný, Pavel (referee) ; Píštěk, Václav (advisor)
Thesis deals with the calculation of the crankshaft of the cogeneration unit. It deals with the calculation of equity and forced vibration of the crankshaft. Attention is also paid to the influence of elastic couplings on the shape of its own vibration shaft.
Pedestrians Protection and Car Passengers Safety
Švancara, Jan ; Svída, David (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the protection of pedestrian and passenger safety in vehicles. It describes the different elements of protection and deals with tests to verify the level of protection. It gives examples of the future direction of development of technologies to improve the protection of pedestrians and passengers in vehicles.
Dukovany nuclear power station. Seismotectonic model. Geological and paleoseismic survey. Sectio A – Assesment of the Diendorf-Boskovice fault zone
Špaček, P. ; Roštínský, Pavel ; Prachař, I. ; Švancara, J. ; Valenta, J. ; Tábořík, P.
Synthesis of geological (structural, tectonic, sedimentological), geophysical (gravimetric, geomagnetic) and geomorphological (topographic arrangement, surface inclination, topolineaments, fluvial system, segmentation of the area along the fault) knowledge on the major fault of the Diendorf-Boskovice tectonic zone. Existing data were completed with a new direct field research (ground geophysics – ERT, borehole survey, study of outcrops and geomorphological conditions along the major fault). The study was elaborated requested by ČEZ corporation (main Czech energetic producer) in connection with the assessment of seismic hazard to the near Dukovany nuclear power station related both to a renewal of working license of existing facilities (two production units) and to a planned extension of energetic system by a third production installation. It was especially focused on the nearest fault section Tetčice – Hostěradice in the Czech Republic. In the closing section, a rate of potential Upper Quaternary tectonic activity related to evidenced geotectonically active period of Lower Miocene were evaluated. The report will serve as a basic source for a compilation of seismic model of the Diendorf-Boskovice zone.

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