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Vlčková, Jitka ; Šuhajda, Karel (referee) ; Svoboda,, Pavel (referee) ; Henková, Svatava (advisor)
Safety and protection of health on construction sites and protection of third parties during construction is a complex problem. It is affected by contractor’s policy on ensuring thorough abidance to security requirements but, in the first place it is affected by submitters and their irresponsible appreach to protection of life and health of the construction workers. They believe that ensuring safe work enviroment would reset in increased cosi of the construction. This doctoral thesis answers the question how to guarantee safety on construction sites. The main purpose is to show that early detection of risks does not increase the construction costs but ensures safety of workers protection of third parties. Finally, the doctoral thesis provils methodology, which guides the contractor in how to proceed in order to meet the budget, schedule and safety requirements. In regard of the variety of different construction sites and works this docáral thesis focuses explicitly on line constructions.
Revitalization of multifunctional house in Uhersky Brod
Žajdlík, Tomáš ; Šuhajdová, Eva (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the elaboration of the revitalization of a multifunctional building in Uherský Brod. The assignment was the elaboration of the project documentation for the issue of the building permit. This building has four floors and one basement. The supporting system of the building is reinforced concrete frame with brickwork. Ceiling structures are from reinforced concrete primary and secondary beams with slabs. Roofs of the building are designed as pitched roof, warm flat roof and double–skinned roof.
Revitalization of multifunctional house in Prostejov
Mynaříková, Veronika ; Šuhajdová, Eva (referee) ; Šuhajdová, Eva (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The subject of this final thesis is elaboration of revitalization of multifunctional building in Prostějov. The main building has one basement and five floors and two extensions in closed yard. Load bearing system of building is partly from rainforced concrete frame and partly from brickwork. Floor structures are made from rainfroced concrete constructions, main building has a pitched roof and extensions has a flat roofs.
Extension and modernization of clinic in Zamberk
Novák, Jan ; Šuhajdová, Eva (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design and elaboration of the project documentation for the works required for the completion and modernization of Žamberk Health Clinic. Specifically it deals with the extension of ambulatory psychiatry of its inpatient ward. The object in focus is located in the built-up part of Žamberk and it is located in the area of the Specialist Asylum Albertinum Žamberk. The building is designed as an annex with one underground and two aboveground floors with a flat roof. It is divided into three units: a dormitory psychiatric care, the dormitory gerontopsychiatric care unit and the therapeutic block. The suggestion was to keep up the requirement to minimize the interference of existing outpatient psychiatric facility and to create operationally interconnected unit between the existing object and the extension at the same time. The construction system is considered from traditional building materials. The fundamentals are made by a combination of plain concrete and lost formwork. Vertical carrier structures are made of reinforced concrete monolithic walls for the underground floor and brick walls made of ceramic blocks for both aboveground floors. Vertical partitioning structures are also walled from ceramic blocks. Horizontal carrier structures are designed as reinforced concrete monolithic continuous boards. The object is insulated with ETICS, the roof is flat and single-skinned
Disposal of Biotic Pests by EMW Radiation
Sobotka, Jindřich ; Klečka,, Tomáš (referee) ; Myslín, Jiří (referee) ; Tomíček,, Oldřich (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The possibility of using high-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the construction sector is a common knowledge. Various experiments have been carried out to dry construction materials, or even to destroy biotic pests. However, the majority of these experiments have been executed in laboratory conditions. It means they have been carried out under exact limiting conditions, often very far off those conditions in real building practice. Therefore, this dissertation aims at exploring the possibility of utilizing microwave technology in drying and heating of construction materials, in disposing of biotic pests and sterilizing building materials under real conditions in building practice. The thesis will explain that microwaves are a term given to a part of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is based on the principle that the radiated energy is absorbed by water molecules present in moist building material. In the mass of the irradiated material, the radiated energy is transformed into thermal energy, where a so-called “motion” of water molecules occurs with the energy then being transformed into kinetic energy. The microwave technology itself offers a very wide range of use, which can be easily achieved, thus making the technology available to use in the future. Part of the experiments and the necessary measurements, too, has been carried out on selected types of building materials in the premises of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology. They have been executed under conditions which most closely correspond to the conditions in real buildings. Part of the experiments and the necessary measurements were carried out on particular constructions, by the so-called in situ method. As stated in the conclusion of the dissertation, laboratory measurements and the in situ measurements differ considerably in some cases.
Optimizing the design modern low energy timber structures
Bečkovská, Tereza ; Tichomirov, Vladimír (referee) ; Myslín, Jiří (referee) ; Vávra,, Roman (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
This Doctoral thesis is focused on optimizing the design of modern wooden structures. Because this theme is very comprehensive, the work analyzes the distribution of moisture through the building envelope in detail. In the introduction are summarizes the knowledge of the physical processes in the constructions, there are also the properties of wood as a material and basic information about system of timber structures. The next section describes used methodology and experimental measurements realized on an experimental timber house EXDR1. There is specified the principle of measurement based on the SWOT analysis, the use measuring devices or possible solutions in the field of numerical modeling too. Main results and conclusions of the dissertation for technical practice including possibilities of further research are summarized in the final section.
Small apartment house
Neuner, Jakub ; Vacenovská, Veronika (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is design of an apartment house. The apartment house is located in Brno in cadastral area Sadová. Building has four above-ground floors and a basement. Vertical and horizontal loadbearing structures are made of cross laminated timber. A service core of the building is designed as a reinforced concrete structure. Building has a ventilated facade. There are six dwelling units in the apartment house, one of them is designed for persons with impaired mobility. Habitable rooms of particular apartments have a southern exposure and view on Brno. Theme of seminar work is Timber structures.
Multifunctional apartment house
Vtípilová, Jana ; Šubrt, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is the design of a new multifunctional apartment building in Brno in the town district of Pisárka. Designed apartment building is located on Hlinky Street. The building was designed to fit in to the surrounding area. The object respect the building line and its ground plan was planned according to the adjacent objects. There is cafeteria in the ground floor. The first floor is dedicated to office space. In the second floor and third floor there are spacious apartments. Carpark is accessible by car elevator, which transports cars to the basement of the house where individual parking spaces are located. Vehicular access is accesible from the main street.
Villa in the town
Vondrová, Michaela ; Vacenovská, Veronika (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
It is about new-built Town Villa standing alone in a new location in the cadaster unit of the town Červený Kostelec. The building has three-floor with a partial basement and it follows the sloping terrain by its design. The building is designed for four to six-members family.There are technical amenities of house and wellness center on basement including sauna, whirlpool bath and gym. On the first and second floor are habitable rooms of villa and separate apartment. The house has two spacious terraces, balcony and garrage for two cars. The structural system of the building is composed of thermal insulation ceramic masonry and reinforced concrete wall in permanent formwork. Vertical structures are designed by Porotherm masonry, horizontal structures are designed by Porotherm system and load-bearing elements of Isokorb® system. The building is roofed with a warm flat roof.
Small apartment house
Vystrčil, Jan ; Vacenovská, Veronika (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
In bachelor’s thesis is elaborated project documentation for the construction of an apartment building. The building is situated in peryphery of Jihlava city. The building is three-storey apartment building with a basement. There aure four apartments in the building. In Bachelor’s thesis is elaborated architect-building solutions, building – construction solutions, fire safety solutions and physics qualities of constructions.

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