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Design of an active Patient Lift
Štigler, Jaroslav ; Karásek, David (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is the Design of an active patient lift. This project brings new ideas into the patient lift design problematice while using plastic molds. Overall plastic cover is the solution for agresive looks of current products. From the technical point of view this project combines current technologies into the new, so far nonexisting, solution. Thesis brings new views on lifts controls and movement while considering ergonomic and technological parameters.
Testing of micro water turbine
Zríni, Miroslav ; Štefan, David (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to measure and subsequently to evaluate microturbine characteristics. This is a new type of turbine, which was designed in the diploma thesis and is based on the theory of waterwheels. It is designed for low heads and low flow, where conventional turbines are not suitable. Taking advantage of this low heads area will be very important in the future as the hydroenergetic potential is getting gradually exhausted. The turbine has two ways of regulation - turning blades and shifting the drawer. In the first phase, two complex measurements were performed. The next step was to process the measured data gradually in three programs. The result is the rendering of the characteristics that describe the hydraulic parameters of the turbine. The last chapter shows the design proposals for automatic regulation.
Pump station design optimization
Kunovský, Lukáš ; Klas, Roman (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis summarizes the necessary knowledge for the design of the pump station. It focuses on the choice of suitable pumps and control valves. It also provides information on mathematical optimization methods. By combining these two disciplines a program was created that selects the most suitable combination of pumps and valves for the assigned requirements. These can vary over time. The goal of optimization is to minimize initial and operating costs. The phenomena considered are: time-varying flow and head height, serial and parallel co-operation of pumps, throttling control, a change of characteristics for variable speed and temperature, suction height control, maximum motor output, loss in connection piping.
Mutual interaction of magnetic field and cavitating flow
Harazin, Přemysl ; Štigler, Jaroslav (referee) ; Rudolf, Pavel (advisor)
Presented work consists of research and experimental part. Main focus of the research part is on mutual interaction between magnetic field and water and between magnetic field and cavitating flow. Prediction of the result is almost impossible, because the opinions on the effects differ, sometimes even go against each other. Experimental part consisted of three trials with permanent magnets. Electromagnetic probe was employed for measuring of the voltage. It appears, that magnetic field affects the cavitation, because in all of the trials the measured voltage changed after the switch from non-cavitating to cavitating flow. The change of the voltage was not great enough, thus application of this phenomenon in practice cannot be recommended.
Manual pumps
Matis, Michal ; Šedivý, Dominik (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis describes manual pumps. It contains research about history of usage of these pumps, further it deals with some pumps used today (construction, materials, pros-cons). Also it is pointing out on pumps in developing countries, which are used in places with lack of drinking water. In practical part is described design procedure of pedal-powered pump.
Flow in channels with open water level
Palička, Miroslav ; Štigler, Jaroslav (referee) ; Haluza, Miloslav (advisor)
This bacherol thesis deals with steady water flow, in open channels with different cross-sections. The main aim was mathematical derivation of relations for the most favorable water level, graphic representation of those relations and numerical confirmation of results. Practical use and evaluation of results are summarized in conclusion.
Study of Surface Vortex Behaviour
Illík, Jakub ; Rudolf, Pavel (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis studies surface vortex and its time evolution. The theoretical part introduces an elementary set of equations used to describe vortex motion. The experimental part focuses mainly on defining the shape of surface vortex in enclosed space. A special program to process recorded images was developed in order to detect a part of the vortex. The entire surface profile is subsequently determined by fitting with curve of Cauchy probability distribution.
Fluid flow in open chanels
Netopilík, Jan ; Haluza, Miloslav (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
Water has been, is and will be an integral and crucial part of everyday life of all people. Since ancient times people have been transporting water by channels not only for irrigation. The aim of this thesis is to get acquainted with the theory of its behavior in artificial canals. Then show one of the ways how to solve a channel that has a zero bottom slope.
Study of in-take vortices
Burda, Radim ; Štigler, Jaroslav (referee) ; Hudec, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with vortex flow, in particular intake-vortices formations with emphasis on intake-vortices with full air core which appear near vertical intakes. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part contains theoretical research on the intake-vortices and maps development of this field during the last 60 years. The goal of the experimental part is to verify recommended dependence of the formation of intake-vortices with full air core on submerge of intake and volumetric flow rate. The experiment was conducted in the laboratory of the fluid engineering department of Viktor Kaplan.
Utilization of wind energy for delivery of liquids
Červinková, Kateřina ; Moravec, Prokop (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor is developing a deep search about uzilization of wind energy for delivery of luquids, which is transforming to mechanical or potential energy of the liquid. We can find history of wind pumps in this work. We can also read about pump overview, which are using for drive of wind energy, constructions and parameters. Finally they are advantages and disadvantages of transforming wind energy to mechanical energy or potential energy of the liquid against transforming to electrical energy.

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