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Then Who Can Be Saved? Three Affirmative Approaches to a Soteriological Universalism (Barth, Tillich, Rahner)
Roll, Benjamin ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis entitled "Then who can be saved?" deals with the approach of three important theologiansof the 20thcentury to soteriologicaluniversalism. The first chapter introduces inclusive passages of the New Testament and the old-church authors who are welcoming to the question of the salvation of all men. In the main part, the thesis deals with two protestant theologians Karl Barth and Paul Tillich and one theologian of the Roman Catholic Church Karl Rahner. The thesis briefly mentions their lives and works, and then deals with the description of their concepts and ideas that testify their openness to the issue of salvation offered far beyond the Christian churches. In their example, author wants to show the legitimacy of the topic in contemporary Christian thinking.
Introductory research into failures of dissimilar metal welds of nuclear power plants components and a method of WOL-type repair welds
Štefan, Jan
This research report was elaborated for the State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic as a document providing information on the cladding of Weld Overlay (WOL) type. WOL is a technology used to repair dissimilar metal welds of various components of nuclear power plants affected by stress corrosion cracking (SCC). The first objective of this report is provision of a research into basics of the problems being discussed. The second objective is the assessment of suitability of WOL cladding as a repair technology for real dissimilar metal welds in Dukovany nuclear power plant.
Friedrich Mildenberger's Theology.
Roubík, Pavel ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Čapek, Filip (referee) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
Friedrich Mildenberger's Theology. The submitted dissertation represents generally first presen- tation of Friedrich Mildenberger's theology with distinctive concentration on his opus magnum three-volume Biblical Dogmatics. Friedrich Mildenberger is the only systematic theologian who was developing "pan-biblical theology" lifelong. Overwhelming majority of his work is con- nected with his working at the theological faculty in Erlangen. Mildenberger strove for the proper use of scripture in church which historical-critical interpreting cannot meet. His Biblical Dogmatics principally combines biblical theology with dogmatic questioning and endeavours to understand scripture applicably. Biblical Dogmatics is conceived of as posing the questions to which the biblical texts are to be discussed as answer For Mildenberger's interpreting of the Bible, it's peculiar to interlacing theology (the constitution of reality in God) and economics - or with James Barr rather oikonomia -, i.e. the restitution of reality by God. The specificity of his questioning and originality (!) determines the abandonment of the traditional encyclopaedic separation/division and theology study. Mildenberger follows the Lutheran Orthodoxy tradi- tion, Enlightenment, the so-called dialectical theology and contemporary theological...
Frère Roger Schutz and Theology, Theology and Frère Roger Schutz
Benešová, Irena ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Vaňáč, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with brother Roger Schutz, the founder of the Christian community in Taizé. Through the analysis of selected texts written by Roger, contributions of contemporary theologians and biographical literature the thesis presents his relation to theology and argues to support the hypothesis that brother Roger can be considered as theologian, whose work enriched the theological thinking.
A so-called Layman in the Protestant Churches
Škaloud, Radomír ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Beneš, Ladislav (referee)
This thesis deals with the term layman in the church background, especially in the Protestant one. It searches for roots of understanding of laicism in Bible, in the history of the church and in the present Protestant environment of Czech Republic. It defines the term layman in relation to its church counterpart, which is usually considered clergy. It observes, what kind of activities are within the authority of laymen and what kind of activities are beyond their power. It investigates proper ecclesiological models, that allow laymen to be used in the biblical way according to their charisma. It proposes a change of terminology and a new point of view on the role of laymen in the church practices. Keywords Layman, general priesthood, ordination, hierarchy, laos
T.C. Oden's Concept of Pneumatology. Its Presentation and its Comparison with Pneumatologies in four Dogmatics of the Contemporary Angloamerican Theologians
Vystavěl, Kamil ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Macek, Petr (referee)
Kamil Vystavěl: T. C. Oden's Concept of Pneumatology. Its Presentation and its Comparison with Pneumatologies in Four Dogmatics of the Contemporary Anglo- american Theologians. Summary The thesis deals with five pneumatologies written by angloameric systematic teologians. The aim of the thesis is to present and evaluate T. C. Oden's concept of pneumatology. In the first chapter, there are basic information about Oden and characterization of his theologic approach, called postmodern paleo-orthodoxy. The second chapter introduces to the content of his pneumatology. The following four chapters deal with the pneumatologies written by: James L. Garrett, Shirley C. Guthrie, Robert W. Jenson and Geoffrey Wainwright. The purpose of the chapters is to find specific features of these alternative concepts of pneumatology and to evaluate them by comparison with the Oden's concept. In the end of the thesis, Oden's concept of pneumatology is discussed and evaluated. Keywords Protestant theology of 20th/21th century, anglo-american theology, systematic theology, dogmatics, pneumatology, Holy Spirit, Thomas C. Oden.
Ecclesiology of Robert Jenson
Krynský, Lukáš ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to provide an appropriate evaluation of ecclesiological concept in thinking of Robert Jenson through reading, interpretation and assessment of the text of the book: JENSON, W. Robert. Systematic Theology: The Works of God. Vol. 2., sub-chapter "The Church's Founding", pages 167-188. The focus of his concept is based on presenting multi-dimensional structure of the Church in time-place settings as an intrinsic expression for her catholicity. Term "totus Christus" is an expression for the actual relation of the Head and the Body. Subsequently, author elaborates concept of relation of the Church towards the Church's foundational and within- opened-time-of-delayed-parusia inducing and sustaining realities. In the second part, author elaborates a concept of role of the Spirit as the relational vivifying force of the Christ and the Church; possibility of lack of the Spirit; and indivisible clasp of the Christology, the Pneumatology and the Ecclesiology. Author also deals with concept of the Church as the eschatological detour, which is embedded within a broader framework of the split eschatology (in American theology called "the telescopic eschatology"). The second part of this thesis is based on an idea of the church is a polity of God. Thematically, it is grasped under...
Human openness : In theology of Karl Rahner and Wolfhart Pannenberg
Valeš, Jan ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Houkal, Jan (referee) ; Macek, Petr (referee)
The thesis Human openness : In theology of Karl Rahner and Wolfhart Pannenberg is dealing with the term 'openness' in a theological sense when it speaks of an essential characteristics of human being. Rahner and Pannenberg surpass all the other authors in 20-th century who use this term in their consistency of usage and richness of its meaning. First and largest part of the thesis offers analysis of both authors and their usage of the term, from earliest works to the final comprehensive presentations of their systematic theology. Second part takes the term under the test of imago Dei doctrine, teaching about sin, and about the salvation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Secondary literature helps to see value of their theology. One of the results of this test is the fact that we can speak about one notion of openness since the similarities of both authors prevail over the differences. Third part of the thesis offeres creative possibilities of work with notion of openness. Conclusion contains suggested definition of the notion by these two authors. Powered by TCPDF (

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