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The Residual Optical Aberrations of the Merz Objective Lens 108/1620 mm
Melich, Zbyněk ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Vápenka, David ; Šrajer, Bohdan
During the cleaning and adjustment of the Merz lens with a diameter of 108 mm and a focal length of 1620 mm, we had the opportunity to measure its optical parameters. From the measured values we made a calculation of residual optical defects of this achromatic lens. The results of these mathematical simulations are presented in this paper. The lens was made around 1923.
The Repair of an Objective Lens 160/2500 of the Observatory in Turnov
Rail, Zdeněk ; Melich, Zbyněk ; Šrajer, Bohdan ; Šípová, Gabriela ; Kaucká, Iva ; Franců, Helena ; Melich, Radek
This paper brings the information about repair of the achromatic objective lens of diameter 160mm and focal length 2500mm produced by the Development Optical Workshop of the ČSAV in Turnov. The refractor with this dublet has become the main telescope of a local astronomical observatory. The positive lens contained impurities – schlieren and it was necessary to produce a new lens and change it.
The Simulation of Residual Optical Aberrations of the Objective Lens of Merz 124/1477
Rail, Zdeněk ; Melich, Zbyněk ; Šrajer, Bohdan
This objective lens was renoved in the Institute of Plasma Physics, v.v.i. Center Toptec in Turnov. During the process we got a possibility to measure the objective lens on the optical bench and to evaluate its residual optical aberrations. The objective lens was manufactured in 1860-1870 years
The Spherochromatic Aberration of the Clark‘s Objective Lens of the Ondřejov Observatory
Rail, Zdeněk ; Šrajer, Bohdan ; Jareš, Daniel ; Vápenka, David ; Pintr, Pavel
In our paper the results of mathematical simulations of the residual aberrations of Clark‘s 8 inch (diameter 203.2 mm) objective lens are presented. This achromatic dublet has been used at the Ondřejov Observatory for more than 100 years mostly for solar observation.
P3-TOP-TN-15001 Achievable microroughness of ASPIICS optical glass elements
Bartoníček, Jiří ; Budasz, Jiří ; Hadincová, Ivana ; Horodyská, Petra ; Kaucká, Iva ; Kovačičinová, Jana ; Lédl, Vít ; Melich, Radek ; Pleštil, Jan ; Poláková, Ivana ; Procháska, František ; Psota, Pavel ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Šípová, Gabriela ; Šrajer, Bohdan ; Ulrichová, Iva ; Václavík, Jan ; Vápenka, David ; Vít, Tomáš
The scope of this document is describe a test that investigates an achievable micro-roughness realized on different types of optical glasses [R1] that are planned to be employed for realization of PROBA3 coronagraph telescope. The test is realized with respect to the technological manufacturing possibilities of optical elements at TOPTEC facility.
The Merz objective 160 / 179 of refractor of Upice Observatory
Rail, Zdeněk ; Šrajer, Bohdan ; Lédl, Vít ; Jareš, Daniel ; Oupický, Pavel ; Melich, Radek ; Melich, Zbyněk
In this paper, basic optical characteristic of historic objective lens manufactured by Merz are presented. This objective lens has been in use in main dome of Upice observatory since 1960. The lens was cleaned up and adjusted, during reconstruction work of paralactic mount in beginning of this year. Opto-mechanical parameters of the lens were measured. Measured values of optical parameters are presented.

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