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Quality control of injection molded plastics using X-ray computer tomography
Figar, Erik ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Jankových, Róbert (advisor)
This Master‘s thesis deals with an aplication of computed tomography as the technology for quality control check of the plastic parts made by the injection molding process. The analyses were performed on two different types of plastic parts. These parts were delivered by two companies and they included the drawing documentation and CAD models. These plastic parts were analyzed according to their qualitative requirements. The analyses included evaluation of the geometric tolerances and porosity analysis with numerical and graphical evaluation. The new module for tool correction ,which is part of VGStudio Max, was tested on parts that were not in accordance with the required tolerances. Afterwards the new corrected geometries were exported. At the end of this Master’s thesis the porosity comparison was assessed between two different voxel resolution CT data. This comparison shows the complexity of this phenomenon and the importance of voxel resolution settings.
Introduction of measurement methodology using 3D scanning technology into mechanical production
Klein, Adam ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
This thesis focuses on comparison of the commonly used method of tactile measurement with 3D scanning methods for their introduction into engineering production. The first part summarizes the current state with the description of measurement technologies with emphasis on 3D technologies and their versatile use. The second part presents a practical comparison of three types of measuring devices on a selected component of a bicycle. After numerical and graphical evaluation of the measurement results, these values are further statistically processed and the measurement uncertainties are calculated. The final part of the work evaluates the whole process and presents practical suggestions, options and recommendations.
Utilisation of Renishaw optical encoder system for sensors and comparators
Pavliš, Jakub ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Jankových, Róbert (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the description of selected optical systems in length metrology. The main benefit of this work is the design and implementation of a sensor with the VIONiCplus optical system and the application of this measuring system to length comparators. The work contains experimental verification of the use of an optical system with a resolution of 2.5 nm for sensors and length comparators with recommendations for practical use.
Design of inspection procedure for selected revolver components
Úlehlová, Eva ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Jankových, Róbert (advisor)
The goal of this master’s thesis was design of the inspection procedure for hammer and trigger of the specific revolver model. Thesis was developed in cooperation with the manufacturer of the revolvers. The theoretical part deals with the MSA methodology, which is used to assess acceptability of measurement systems. The practical part describes the current measurement system and performs gage repeatability and reproducibility study. It was confirmed that the current measurement system requires improvement. Subsequently coordinate systems were designed, based on functional features of the hammer and trigger. Automated optical measurements, based on the coordinate systems, were performed. The results from these measurements were again assessed by the gage R&R study. The analysis confirmed improvement of acceptability of the designed measurement systems. Based on these results, it is recommended to apply suggested procedures in practice. Results and recommendations of this master’s thesis can contribute to develop metrology in the company and improve the existing measurement system.
Capability of body measurement on an in-line 3D measuring device
Čada, Michal ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
By developing optical measurement technologies of shapes and elements, it is now possible to measure the carbody directly in the production flow of the welding company's line for the production of cars, the so-called „In-line measurement“. When deploying this control process, you also need to process the amount of data measured using the standard described procedure for process control. The thesis presents a proposal for the introduction and control of the dimensional inspection process of the final product of the welded body.
Checking the accuracy of bending of the material in sheet metal bending machines VanMark
Fara, Michael ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with surface forming methods, especially accuracy and measurement of sheet metal bending on Van Mark brakes. The aim of the work was to make bends of samples in the range of 30 °, 60 °, 90 ° and 120 °. The size of the bend of the examined samples is influenced by the suspension of the sheet, which is not taken into account in the currently used type of protractor. The samples were then analyzed on two types of measuring devices - tactile and optical. After measuring, results were evaluated and plotted in the appropriate graphs. Based on the measurement results, a new type of protractor was designed, which will make the user's work easier and more efficient.
Design of an internal calibration laboratory for an automotive manufacturing plant
Lojková, Pavlína ; Maradová, Karla (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals mainly with the issue of calibration laboratories in a manufacutring company and calibration procedures for workshop gauges. The current state of the calibration laboratory in the organization is described in this thesis. Part of the creation of calibration procedures is the determination of measurement uncertainties and creation of a sample calibration sheet as a calibration output.
Utilization of surface texture evaluation in revolver production
Kolena, Robert ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Jankových, Róbert (advisor)
This diploma thesis addresses the issue of using the evaluation of surface texture in the manufacture of revolver with aplication to a cock. It deals with the detection of imperfections of production operations, the proposal of corrective measures and its implementation. The use of new grinding wheel was chosen as a corrective measure. The Rzmax parameter was used to specify the surface texture after miling and a combination of the Rzmax and Rpmax parameters was used to specify surface texture after grinding.
Design of a suitable length standard for nanp-CT measuring device
Kožiol, Martin ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of three length standards, which will serve to ensure metrological traceability between Rigaku nano3DX, SIOS NMM-1, Zeiss UPMC Carat 850 and other devices located at ÚVSSR BUT and CEITEC Brno. The first part of the thesis focuses on the theoretical acquaintance with concepts closely related to the issue of ensuring metrological traceability. In addition, this section deals with computed tomography and the description of individual devices. The second part of the thesis is devoted to design, production process and testing of individual standards. The last part describes the ensuring the calibration of the smallest standard, the so-called Nano standard and the calculation of the uncertainty of measuring its calibrated length. At the end of the thesis, the outputs of these activities are evaluated.
Proposal of internal methodology for measurement of products and parts on CMM UPMC Zeiss at CMI Brno
Hájková, Alena ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the proposal of internal methodology for measurement of products and parts on CMM UPMC Zeiss at CMI Brno. The first part of this work analyzes the current state of knowledge in the field of accurate measurement on coordinate measuring machines (CMM), which includes the definition of basic metrological concepts, methodology for determining and expressing uncertainties of measurement and a general description of CMM. The diploma thesis also contains a detailed description of the UPMC 850 CARAT S-ACC device from the company Zeiss and summarizes the requirements for the testing laboratory in accordance with the standard ČSN EN 17 025: 2018. The next part of the work is focused on defining and determining the measurement uncertainties for this CMM and on developing a testing procedure for measurements on this machine. The final part of this thesis summarizes the achieved results and recommendations for practice.

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