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Mechanisms of apoptosis induction and inhibition by fatty acids in pancreatic β-cells
Šrámek, Jan ; Kovář, Jan (advisor) ; Brunerová, Ludmila (referee) ; Šeda, Ondřej (referee)
Recently, diabetes mellitus type 2 (DMT2) represents one of the most important metabolic diseases according to its incidence and economic impacts. One of the main reasons of this diesease is loss of function and viability of pancreatic β-cells due to the effect of increased levels of saturated fatty acids (FAs). Unsaturated FAs are better tolerated by β-cells. They are even capable of inhibiting detrimental effects of saturated FAs. Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis induction in pancreatic β-cells by saturated FAs as well as mechanisms of inhibition of this induction by unsaturated FAs are not completely elucidated. The main aim of this study was to contribute to elucidation of these mechanisms. Concerning human pancreatic β-cell line NES2Y we demonstarted: (1) Activation of caspase-2 by stearic acid (SA), in apoptosis inducing concentration (1 mM), is not crucial for the process of apoptosis induction. However, this caspase modulates SA-induced endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress pathways. (2) SA (1 mM) activates the p38 MAPK signaling pathway and inhibits the ERK signaling pathway. Inhibition of the ERK signaling pathway is probably a consequance of the p38 MAPK pathway activation. However, p38 MAPK is not very likely crutial for the apoptosis induction by SA. Unsaturated oleic acid (OA, 0.2 mM) is able to...
Statistical evaluation of dimensional setting the car for 3D measurement
Čada, Michal ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis proposes a dimensional calibration improvement concept for a newly produced car. Before the dimensional calibration itself, a car must be fit in place – aligned into the main graphical coordinate system. Prevalent method of geometric levelling (3-2-1) upon reference points of the chassis does not meet requirements of the contemporary cars, whose support frames blocks accessibility of these points. Proposed alignment method uses advanced laser measuring systems and software capable of 3D scan processing. Statistical evaluation of measured control variables on the car body this bachelor´s thesis proposes minimal allowance limit, for which this method is possible to viable.
Use of a coordiante measuring machine for surface quality evaluation
Vančurová, Martina ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Harčarík, Matej (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the use of a coordinate measuring machine probe for surface texture evaluation. The thesis’ goals were to describe the Renishaw’s SFP2 probe, to analyze the measurement system of the probe and a common stylus instrument, to carry out a demonstrative measurement, to analyze measurement results and to give practical recommendations. The measurement system analysis of the SFP2 consists in the evaluation of minimal specification limits of selected roughness parameters, for which gauge capability can be proven. The analysis results are compared with the results of the measurement system analysis of the Surtronic 25 profilometer. The differences in the measuring processes of mentioned devices are demonstrated by surface texture inspection of torque converter body. For the measurement result analysis, uncertainties in the selected surface texture parameters are calculated in two ways. Finally, recommendations for the producer of the probe and for its users are worked out. The results of this thesis may contribute to a wider use of a coordinate measuring machines for surface quality evaluation.
Benčíková, Barbora ; Bačíková, Alžběta (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
The artpiece name is "Indrahanush" which is name of fictional character. The piece is made from videos in documentary form with focus on sexuality and love in India, about liberalisation a deliberalisation of sexuality and love, problematics of prostitution and problematic about the women social status in a cotext of social statitification- so called casts.
Slovak Stations
Fábryová, Veronika ; Viazanička Ján, Mgr. art (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
The main goal of thesis is to map architecture of slovakian train stations. Photographic document is focused on interiors of the stations and point out to the architecture of socialistic era in Slovakia
Determination of measurement uncertainty nano-CMM
Brlica, Pavel ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
The topic of this master thesis is the issue of measurement uncertainty of nano-CMM, specifically SIOS NMM-1 machine. Theoretical part of the thesis consists of basic measurement uncertainty definitions, description of approaches to CMM measurement uncertainty and differences between classical CMM and nano-CMM. For measurement uncertainty calculation of nano-CMM, two method are chosen and adapted – substitution method and Monte Carlo method. These are applied in practical part for measurement uncertainty calculation of SIOS NMM-1 machine. Part of the practical part is performed measurement on machine in laboratory at the Czech Metrology institute in Brno. The outcome of this thesis is determination of measurement uncertainty of SIOS NMM-1.
Black hole inside the cube
Štefková, Zuzana ; Mrva, Jozef (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
Vision of a fictitious device that absorbs and keep matter content 7,2m3.
Population and geographic variation in long-winged bats (Miniopterus) in the western Palaearctic
Šrámek, Jan
In this study the sexual and geographical variations in the genus Miniopterus were deeply investigated, using multidisciplinary analysis (morphometric cranial, dental, fenetic and shape analysis; molecular analysis of mt gene ND2). Different populations from western Palearctic and adjacent regions were analysed: Miniopterus schreibersii (Morocco, West Europe, Pannonia, Balkans, Crete, Near East, Middle East), Miniopterus natalensis (Yemen, Ethiopia) a Miniopterus inflatus (Ethiopia). Extensove samples of Miniopterus schreibersii were tested and existence of sexual dimorphism in cranial constitution was showed: males had generally bigger and relatively higher, shorter and narrower skulls than females; female mandibles were generally bigger than the male ones, females showed also more robust and larger teeth than males. On the other hand, males had markedly bigger canines and relatively higher P4 (in relation to other premolares). The sexes also deiffered in shape of P4 and upper molars. According to the interpopulation variation found, Miniopterus schreibersii samples from West Europe, Pannonia, Balkans, Crete, Sicily, Georgia, coastal Turkish and Moroccan areas belong most probably to the subspecies M. s. schreibersii (Kuhl, 1817). The samples from Afganistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, and from localities...
So far so good
Rariga, Branislav ; Mazanec,, Martin (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
A dystopic game inspired by a children’s monopoly game, with its content, rules, visuals, etc. metaphorically simulating, ironising or criticizing, and at the same time pointing to the issue of capitalist society, whether in the personal or work / corporate life of an individual, and its impact on society and its development.
Reconstruction of a crime
Šrámek, Jan ; Štourač, Petr (advisor) ; Musil, Jan (referee)
This thesis is called the crime reconstruction. Adapted from a historical context, development of views on this issue, including legislation crime reconstruction and development of reconstruction of the crime, the notion of the nature and significance of forensic reconstruction, the concept of crime reconstruction, reconstruction of the essence of the offense, the importance of reconstruction of the crime; types of forensic reconstruction, as is the reconstruction of the scene, reconstruction of physical objects, reconstruction of the outer form of a man, thought reconstruction; function rekonstrukce offense; entities rekonstrukce offense; psychological assumptions of the reconstruction; tactics rekonstrukce crime, ie crime rekonstrukce preparation, basic tactical principles and procedures reconstruction of the crime, progress and reconstruction stages of the offense; documentation and evaluate the results and the reconstruction of the crime; relation to the reconstruction of a crime other investigative capacity, similarity with the reconstruction of the crime investigative experiment.

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