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Evolution of the air navigation services in the European open sky concept
Sahrai, Daniel ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Vosecký, Slavomír (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with technologies and methods provided by air navigation services. This work aimed to create a cross-section of the history of the development of such technologies and methods and to present new and developed technologies and methods designed for European airspace. The result is an overview that serves as study material for understanding the problems of insufficient airspace capacity and for understanding the directions taken by the EUROCONTROL.
Brake system of small airplane with tail gear
Kubičár, Dávid ; Cäsar, Tomáš (referee) ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to design a braking system for ultralight aircraft. The introductory part of this work is focused on a research study of brake systems and their possible control, in terms of advantages and disadvantages for a given type of aircraft, as well as in terms of ergonomically appropriate arrangement of controls pedals. The theoretical part also includes the analysis of the load pressure during the landing of the aircraft and the distribution of hydraulic fluids used in the brake system. In the second, practical part, the work focuses on a new design of the brake pedal, as well as on the calculation of the aircraft load during landing and the determination of the maximum braking force at which there is no risk of the aircraft tipping over.
The requirements of the airworthiness of aircraft
Lipták, Matúš ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Chlebek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the certification process of the airworthiness of aircraft. The emphasis is placed on the basic procedures for obtaining a certificate of airworthiness as the main document for the authorization to operate an aircraft in civil aviation. Legislative documents specifying the necessary requirements for obtaining and maintaining such certificate are comprehensively processed. Relevant documents are analysed from the point of view of national and EU legislation. This document is elaborated with the intention of using it for preparation and theoretical preparation in the field.
International conventions and agreements in the field of international civil aviation
Procházková, Hana ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Chlebek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of international conventions and agreements in the field of international civil aviation, by which the Czech Republic is bound. I drew information of this topic mainly from electronic versions of conventions and agreements and from portals dealing with either aviation or legal issues. Then I characterized each convention separately. Conventions and agreements are arranged chronologically as they have gradually evolved. For better orientation I also divided them into four main groups. I have set out a list of bilateral agreements in the annex. I also included amendments of international conventions in the annex and sample examples of questions, that can help students. For a clearer overview I created a timeline, where I again stated very briefly what the convention is about, when it was created, until when it was force, or what other convention replaced it. The work can also be used, for example, in the theoretical teaching of pilot students, or as an aid in preparing for theoretical pilot tests.
Effect of stress on pilot performance
Dedinský, Miroslav ; Zikmund, Pavel (referee) ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (advisor)
The main goal of this diploma thesis is to find out whether it is possible to measure stress during piloting. If so, it would be possible to develop systems that could help pilots in stressful situations and thus alleviate the stress, this would have great impact and possitively improve work performance. There are few similar studies in the field, the stress factors that affect the pilots and what physiological changes are observable in such situations. Finally, an experimental measurement is performed during three flights, which is aimed to demonstrate the information obtained and thus the possibility of measuring stress and the metod to do so.
Analysis of factors affecting the survival time of the low cost carrier on the market
Janků, Tomáš ; Chlebek, Jiří (referee) ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (advisor)
The objective of the thesis is to perform an analysis of low cost carrier market in the Europe, case studies of defunct and successful low cost carriers and to determine factors, which affect survival time of low cost carrier on the market. The thesis is focused on the European market in 2007-2017. It includes brief description of origin of low cost carriers and their spread to the European market. Next part is dedicated to general description of a low cost carrier and analysis of the European low cost market. Three defunct low cost carriers are described in the next chapter, which includes basic information and detailed description of their actions. It includes determination of cause of ceasing their operation. Three successful low cost carriers are described in the same manner. In the end, the factors affecting survival time of low cost carriers are determined with usage of an analysis of economic and operational parameters of low cost carriers.
Draft methodology for investigating the causes of aviation accidents caused by human factor in general aviation
Pulgret, Lukáš ; Chlebek, Jiří (referee) ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (advisor)
This Master´s thesis examines Investigation of aircraft accidents / incidents, which were caused by human error. My thesis is focused on fixed wing aircrafts with maximum take off weight up to 2500 kg. Practices of Aircraft accident / incident Investigation are described in Annex L13 which is document published by Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. This document provides some support for investigators but does not contain methodology which should be used to discover human error by which the accident / incident was caused. This thesis has two major purposes. First purpose is to analyze Final reports of investigations and suggest improvements which can be made. Second goal of this thesis is to create own methodology for investigating the causes of aviation accidents / incidents caused by human factor.
Certification of flight simulator training devices according to EASA requirements
Dittel, Daniel ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Sklenář, Filip (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compile a flight simulator certification procedure according to EASA requirements. The thesis contains a basic division of simulators according to the requirements for simulation fidelity and deals with the certification process of a specific Boeing 737 MAX simulator, where the aim is to certify the simulator to the FNPT II/MCC level. The thesis analyzes the certification from a general point of view, as well as from the point of view of the requirements for the visual system and the sound system and also contains the requirements for the extension from the FNPT II level to the FNPT II/MCC level. The thesis also contains an overview of regulations according to which the certification of flight simulators is done. The thesis also contains a chapter where the possibilities of using the Boeing 737 MAX simulator of the FNPT II/MCC level are described.
Flight planning, execution and monitoring in commercial air transport
Grunt, Jan ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Imriš, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on a structured description of the flight planning and preparation process in commercial air transport with emphasis on legislative requirements, especially regulation L 8168, and with regard to the circumstances and factors affecting the flight. The work also contains a description of the flight and its monitoring and is to serve as a suitable study support for students of aviation.
Throttleable hybrid rocket engines for precise aerospace manoeuvres
Kříž, Tomáš ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Mašek, Jakub (advisor)
Aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe current knowledge of hybrid rocket propulsion. Thesis describes the development of hybrid rocket engine, including its precise description of the engine. Afterwards there is chapter of important engine components, including the main requirements for these components. The distribution of fuels and oxidants is an essential part of the thesis, including a description of selected fuels and oxidants and their environmental burden. There is also comparison between these engines and commonly use ones, including its definitions. Last but not least, there is overview of companies that are dedicated to hybrid propulsion. Conclusion is devoted to the estimation of future development of hybrid propulsion.

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