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Picturebook guide for children (the Travelogue Genre in Illustrated Books)
Jelenová, Kateřina ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Špirk, Ivan (referee)
This paper attempts to define picturebook guide genre as an aesthetic, as well as educational medium which presents its readers with various different cultures and customs. Moreover, these books aim to entertain its readers but at the same time, implicitly educate them on topics of different cultures, humanity or even morality, presented in a light-hearted, yet by no means, ridiculous manner. Miroslav Šašek, the father of the genre, is thoroughly discussed and compared with his contemporary, Vladimír Fuka. Lastly, Šašek's successors who arguably aim to finish his multiculturally vivid work are presented. Keywords: picturebook, illustration, arts education, picturebook guide, visual literacy
Czech Cubism: Its Educational Potentialities for Gallery and School
Dušková, Šárka ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Špirk, Ivan (referee)
This thesis studies the possibilities of education in the field of Czech cubism in museum and school environment. Czech cubism is a phenomenon that cannot be found in any other place in the world. The aim of this thesis is to bring this cultural monument and its basics to the primary and secondary schools and to the public. An educational programme is presented, that contains the theory, visual art assignments and an assignment booklet. The project is focused on realisation of our cultural tradition and visual art originality. KEY WORDS Czech cubism, architecture, applied arts, House of the Black Madonna, education, educational programme
Ceramic art as a means of self-realization of a pupil with special needs
Jarchovská, Lenka ; Špirk, Ivan (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee) ; Stadlerová, Hana (referee)
This thesis aims at the problematics of personal growth of students with special needs in the field of art education. For example in ceramics they move from mechanical imitation of certain craftmanship to their own artistic self-realization. The goal of this thesis is to explore, dokument and describe in what ways can succes of a student be influenced. The claim will be verified, that though specifically chosen artistic tasks, that do not také place only in ceramics workshop, not only work related but also intelectuall skills that are connected with interiorization of the procedures can be developer. The subject of this research are the exspressions of verbal communicetion between students. The course of these interactions, their connection to the special needs of the students, and to the formationof their roles in the group, and what influence it has on these roles. This research is designed as a qualitative multiple case study according to theory of Strauss and Corbin. The main means of this research are transcription and analysis of data aquired from video recordings throughthe ATLAS.ti program and their interpretation. The output of this research could srve as a starting poind for creatings a more sffective methodology for teaching ceramics to students with special needs. The new educational...

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