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School choir as a mean of increasing the interest of music as well as an alternative to music education at high schools
Spiritová, Martina ; Valášek, Marek (advisor) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee) ; Pecháček, Stanislav (referee)
Abstract This dissertation is focused on music education at high schools (childern 15-19 of age). It describes experimental educational concept which is based on the principle that students do not attend common lessons of music but they are members of a choir. The piece, which they study in a choir, is a mean of learning. The text describes the legislation which is connected with music education at high schools and the current situation, it is also focused on the concept and two examples that show the practical side of it. There is also an education efffectiveness research. The main part of the dissertation contains an example of educational programme, particularly a list of pieces which is the base for realization of this cencept. The list of pieces is divided into two parts - pieces of classical music and pieces of popular music, folk songs included. The conclusion shows not just the possible disadvantages of this concept but also further visions of delivering this concept to high schools. Key words: high school, choir, experimental education, educational programme, classical music, popular music, effectiveness of education
Sublingual in vitro permeation of folic acid as a vitamin.
Špiritová, Martina ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Musilová, Marie (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with information about sublingual administration of drugs in the first part. In the context with the tested permeant briefly describes individual vitamins groups. In the second part more specifically describes folic acid in the vitamin function and possible use in prevention of the congenital evolution defects and its protective effect on the cardiovascular system. Experimental part is aimed at caffeine permeation as a marker and folic acid as model drug over sublingual membrane non-trypsinized-frozen or trypsinized. As one of the main results it can be considered measuring of the values of folic acid permeation and the effect of used type of sublingual membrane. It is possible to consider measuring of the value folic acid flux values from dispersion vehicles EM1 and EM2 to be one the second main results. In dispersion vehicle EM1 was value for sublingual non-trypsinized membrane J= 0,6 [µg /cm2 . h-1 ] ± 0,4 and for sublingual trypsinized membrane was J= 0,5 [µg /cm2 . h-1 ] ± 0,2. For dispersion vehicle EM2 sublingual non-trypsinized membrane has value J= 0,3 [µg /cm2 . h-1 ] ± 0,2 and for sublingual trypsinized membrane the same. This flux value compared with simple liquid vehicle (e.g. IPM) is low. This implies significant retardation effect of the dispersion systems. This...

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2 Spiritová, Martina
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