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Annotated bibliography of Růžena Vacková's work from years 1929-1948
Bečanová, Nikola ; Heczková, Libuše (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee)
This thesis is a complete bibliography of texts written by Růžena Vacková published in between years 1929 and 1948, supplemented by contemporary contextualisation of the time and characteristics of individual periodicals in which these texts appear. A substantial part of this study deals with magazines Vacková has contributed to consistently for a long period of time. This study presents a brief biographical summary, serving to facilitate the classification of individual texts and their relation to the author's persecuted life. The study also includes a brief outline of her views as an author and as an critic. Keywords: Růžena Vacková, bibliography, criticism, magazines of the 1930s and 1940s
Erika Olahova Short Stories
Truhlářová, Nikola ; Heczková, Libuše (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee)
The work is focused on the analysis of short stories by Erika Oláhová. The aim is a comprehensive view of the author's work in the context of the tradition of oral narration and classical gypsy's genres, which are vakeriben and paramisa. The mapping of various aspects of the stories points to recurring motives. This motives work as the unifying element of all narrative. Stories are described through language, narrator and character speech, as well as through the concept of heroes and anchoring stories in space and time. In these individual categories there are common elements, which formed the plot.
Jiří Weil's Life and Work after 1939
Hříbková, Hana ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee) ; Kosák, Michal (referee)
The dissertation summarises the life and work of renowned Czech Jewish writer, translator, journalist and scientist Jiří Weil (1900-1959) in the reference period 1939-1959. It presents the results of research conducted in more than twenty, both domestic and foreign archives (Literary Archive of the Museum of National Literature, Security Services Archive, National Archive, Archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague, Beroun Archive, Central Military Archive, Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History and others), accompanied by the accounts of selected eyewitnesses, placing events in a narrower historical context and presenting the life and work of Jiří Weil from a hitherto unknown perspective. Based on surviving archival material, Jiří Weil is presented not only as a hitherto well-known prosaist, but also as a translator of Polish and Hebrew, a poet, playwright, scientist and editor of a world-famous non-literary work that became the inspiration for other artistic transpositions (e.g. a play, film), Dětské kresby na zastávce k smrti 1942-1945 (Children's Drawings and Poems. Terezín 1942-1945). Brief analyses of the writer's selected published works, written and published in the reference period from 1939 to 1959, as well as unpublished works not yet known to the public, are also examined in a...
The process of variation in Bohumil Hrabal's writing
Seminara, Gaia ; Špirit, Michael (advisor) ; Wildová, Alena (referee) ; Perissutti, Anna Maria (referee)
(EN) The doctoral thesis Varianta v poetice Bohumila Hrabala [The process of variation in Bohumil Hrabal's poetics] studies the creative process of writing variants, which the author employed in the whole of his literary production. The main theoretical focus of the thesis is the concept of semantic "openness" introduced by Italian semiotician Umberto Eco (1932-2016) as the possibility of inter­ preting a literary work on the basis of the aestetic information (i.e. the formal construction) of the text. A further elaboration of Eco's concept is to be found in a case study conducted by Michael Špirit (1965-) on one text written by Hrabal in the 50s and presented by Špirit as an example of a concluded text yet open in meaning, and its variant published in the 60s, which according to Špirit has the features of an open text, but is semantically closed. Through the textual analysis of three groups of variant texts written by Hrabal, the thesis argues the development of the process of variation from texts written in the 50s towards the semantic closed­ ness of their variants published in the 60s (epos Krásná Poldi- the short story Krásná Poldi; short stories Kain and Fádní stanice-novella Ostře sledované vlaky-short story Legenda o Kainovi), whi­ le demonstrating the opposite direction of the same process...
The Reception of Bohumil Hrabal's Works in Anglo-American Context
Hájková, Alena ; Merhaut, Luboš (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee)
This thesis deals with works of Bohumil Hrabal in British and American context. The goal of the thesis is to describe the reception of Bohumil Hrabal's books by literary criticism written in English from its beginnings to the present day. In this relation, the attention is paid to the phenomenon of Bohumil Hrabal as a writer and to literary history, the position of his name in Anglo-American scholarly literature and translations of Hrabal's works into English and its publishing. Key words Bohumil Hrabal, reception, publishing, translating, England, Great Britain, United States of America
Women Characters in the Selected Stories of Josef Škvorecký
Zamora, Juan ; Špirit, Michael (advisor) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
The most frequent - but not the only - way of telling Josef Škvorecký's prose is with the first grammatical person of the singular from the point of view of a male figure, for example that of one of Danny Smiřický. But female characters also play an important role in the story. The aim of this thesis is to study the way in which female figures are shaped in some Škvorecký's prose works. Therefore, we want to study the order in which we learn information about them, what passages are devoted to their characteristics or what other data in the text is associated with them. We rely on the literature on the theory of the character (e. g. Hausenblas and Macurová) and on literature about the author (e. g. Kosková, Trenský, Solecki). Key words: Josef Škvorecký, character, woman, narrator, description, dialogue, Emöke, The Miracle Game, The End of the Nylon Age
The Poetics of Vladimír Holan in Collections of the 1930s. From Neosymbolism to Creative Citizen Commitment
Šimková, Hana ; Wiendl, Jan (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee) ; Komenda, Petr (referee)
This thesis analyzes the poetics of Holan's Triumf smrti (1930, revised in 1936, 1948, 1965), collections written in the period of neosymbolism - Vanutí (1932, ultimately revised in 1965), Oblouk (1934, ultimately revised in 1965) and Kameni, přicházíš… (1937, ultimately revised in 1965) as well as collections reacting to the Munich Agreement and following historical events - Odpověď Francii (written in 1938, first published as late as 1946 in the compilation Havraním brkem), Září 1938 (1938), Zpěv tříkrálový (written in 1938-1939, first published as late as 1946 in the compilation Havraním brkem), Sen (1939), Chór (1941). In the first place, the thesis focuses on identifying the rhythmic structure of the individual collections, their constants and gradual transition. Part of the exploration of poetics is the determination of the function of the rhythmic constants in the individual collections, accompanied by an attempt to demonstrate that the rhythmic building of verse together with its instrumentation belongs to the essential components of Holan's poetics of that period. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the semantics of Holan's poetics in the given collections of his, especially the analysis of the basic features of the poet's metaphor and metonymy, their mutual relationship and permeation....
Novels of Josef Skvorecky from the eighties
Junek, Václav ; Špirit, Michael (advisor) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
(in English): The aim of this thesis is to describe the composition of Josef Skvorecky's novels from the eighties, Scherzo capriccioso (Dvorak in love) and Nevesta z Texasu (The Bride of Texas). Both texts have a very specific composition construction based on several story lines which are divided in shorter sections and mixed with each other. It is done differently in both novels. In Scherzo capriccioso we primarily examine composition in terms of chapters, narators and genres. Our main interest in Nevesta z Texasu is the connection of partial story sections which is based on their story scheme. Lastly we describe the purpose of different fonts used in both novels.
Anna Blažíčková's Prosaic Works
Smějsíková, Magdaléna ; Wiendl, Jan (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee)
The present thesis is devoted to selected prosaic works of Anna Blažíčková - specifically to her books Čekání v zástupu, Psí víno and Teď něco ze života. In its chapters-which focus successively on the narrator, composition, characters, time, and space-the thesis shows the repertory of elements and procedures which link the texts as well as how these elements and procedures help to create the world of the chosen prosaic works. These observations are based on an analysis of the original texts and with the help of theoretical literature.
Josef Hiršal's Works
Bartochová, Lucie ; Merhaut, Luboš (advisor) ; Špirit, Michael (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on Josef Hiršal's work in its entirety. The core will be a literary-historical material research, based on which there will be a complete annotated bibliography (which still does not exist) prepared. The bibliography will consist of Hiršal's original work (poetic and prosaic) and also his translations. It will be stuctured in a chronological order and it will map out period critiques and other responses to Hiršal's works. The bibliography will be preceded by a short summary charasteristics of Hiršal's life and his work throughout the years and there will also be a nominal and an objective index.

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