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Countering Disinformation: A Case Study of Government Responses to Russian Information Warfare
Carruthers, Samuel ; Kazharski, Aliaksei (advisor) ; Špelda, Petr (referee)
Russia employs a set of non-linear tactics against Western democracies that have been characterized as "hybrid warfare." Disinformation and propaganda are a key part of a comprehensive strategy that uses non-military means to achieve political and strategic objectives. EU governments, some of them with a history of facing this type of threat and others as more recent targets, have had different responses to disinformation campaigns. Policies meant to counter disinformation are becoming increasingly coordinated as governments attempt to build resilience through media literacy and strategic communication. This paper examines counter policies against disinformation through the lens of securitization theory in four case studies of EU member states, each examining an incident of disinformation and the ensuing government response. The cases are as follows (1) UK - Sergei Skripal, (2) Germany - Lisa Case, (3) Lithuania - NATO rape allegations, and (4) Spain - Catalan Independence Referendum. The results indicate that while the UK and Lithuania have fully securitized disinformation, Germany and Spain are currently in the process of securitization. It also argues that securitization has a direct influence on policies pursued to counter disinformation and the effectiveness of such policies, recommending a more...
Securitization of migration in Czech Republic
Lukašík, Petr ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Špelda, Petr (referee)
The thesis in your hands focus on foreign Fighter phenomenon in the Czech Republic. It argues, that Foreign Fighters are specific kind of migrants who travel both short-term and long-term into a conflict area of their choice. Some do come back to their countries of departure. The thesis has two goals. First one is to find out if there is potential for securitization of Foreign Fighters in the Czech Republic present in Czech society. For this purpose, securitization theory is used. Second goal of the thesis is to look closer on the Foreign Fighter phenomenon both in general and in local circumstances. The thesis presents analysis of academic literature on the topic of Foreign Fighters. It discusses definitions, Foreign Fighter numbers and threat assessment, and approaches adopted to deal with the phenomenon. Next, specifics of foreign Fighters in the Czech Republic are discussed. A survey was launched in order to gain data for this study among Czech society. Results of the survey indicate there is not much interest for securitization of the topic in the Czech Republic. Further results yielded there is not much of a difference in Czech Foreign Fighters and their compatriots from other countries, except maybe focus of Czech fighters on Ukraine except Middle East.
Pictorial Possible Worlds
Špelda, Petr ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Raida, Zbyněk (referee) ; Conway, Maura (referee)
The present text develops a model designed to generate conceptual theories with respect to the pictorial (visual) form of representation. This is achieved by combining a computational approach to cognition with philosophical devices of the analytic tradition. The model itself, simulating the structure of reality, consists of (i) a metaphysical stage based on Armstrong's theory of combinatorial possibility, (ii) an epistemological stage proposing emergent phenomena founded upon the notion of computational irreducibility, and (iii) a semantic stage proposing a stochastic account of concepts anchored in the intensional/extensional apprehension of meaning. Towards the end, the model is applied to develop a conceptual account of a case of social, political, and economic organization of human communities as depicted in the visual propaganda of the so-called Islamic State.

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