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Aspect of Identity in Fiction Books by Irena Dousková
This bachelor thesis focuses on the perception of identity in the trilogy Hrdý Budžes (1998), Oněgin byl Rusák (2006) and Darda (2011) and in the prose Goldstein píše dceři (1997) by the Czech author Irena Dousková. The theoretical part defines the term of identity in general regarding the social context and its influence of power from the Michael Foucault's point of view. The continuity of the collective and personal memory arising mainly from the Maurice Halbwache's conception has been taken into consideration. Given terms are introduced with the aid of secondary literature. The practical part firstly deals with the above-mentioned trilogy by Dousková, in which the identity forming of the main character, who appears in all the three parts, has been analyzed. Then it focuses on the identity forming in the work Goldstein píše dceři. The aim of this thesis is to capture the identity changes of the main character in all of its roles and to compare and contrast the findings between the trilogy and the fourth analyzed prose.
Overview of current spaceships
Špačková, Jana ; Daněk, Vladimír (referee) ; Zikmund, Pavel (advisor)
Target of this work is to create an overview of commonly used and in this time developed transports used for carrying payload to space and comparing these transportation means. First part of the work is divided into three sections, rockets reaching the Earth’s orbit, rockets flying bellow it and other means of space transport. These sections are further sorted by states and its stage of development they are currently in. Second part of the work is focused on comparing previously described transports from the perspective of safety, power and also costs needed for running and manufacturing them. In the end there are results from the comparing section of this work and comments on the probable path of the near future development of the space transportation.
Parental responsibility and restricting interventions by state
Špačková, Jana ; Hendrychová, Michaela (advisor) ; Frinta, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis deals with parental responsibility and potential state intervention as an important part of family law, or in some cases civil law, which is regulated by Act No. 94/1963 Coll., on the Family (the "Family Act"), and Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, effective from 1 January 2014. The thesis centres on an analysis of the legal regulation of parental responsibility and potential interventions, especially in the context of current case law and professional literature. In the thesis I consider the imposition of corrective measures; suspension, restriction and termination of parental rights, and necessary substitutes for family care such as foster care, protective youth and young offenders rehabilitation, adjudicated treatment in a special in-patient institution, and the cases of adoption without parental consent. The thesis also includes a comparison of the current legislation of the parental responsibility and potential interventions according to the Family Act and incoming legislati on according to the Civil Code.
Anthropological perception of current home births without medical assistance.
Drabantová, Lucia ; Brůžek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Špačková, Jana (referee)
The study discusses the current home births in developed countries. Introduction deals with the emergence of a model of human birth in the background of evolutionary mechanisms and the resulting biological risks, which are illustrated by data on maternal and neonatal mortality. Home births are understood in the complex scale, and so formation of current model of obstetrics in selected countries is shown in historical background. It brings most common image of women and the circumstances that lead to the choice of home birth. The study focuses on the comparison of home and hospital births due to the occurrence of undesirable health complications. As this comparison showed the results that births are largely influenced by medical interventions carried out, frequency of these procedures is also compared. Higher occurrence of interventions in hospital births can be partly explained by changes in the demographic profile of mother, which increases the risks associated with childbirth at home. Data processed in the study suggest that today's home births require extensive implementation of system changes, and therefore the home birth as a safe alternative is not recommended. It also doesn't consider hospital births appropriate in terms of excessive interventions, rather a compromise in the form of home birthing...
Developmental facial changes in the period of pubescence in relation to identification of child and juvenile persons.
Špačková, Jana ; Velemínská, Jana (advisor) ; Krásničanová, Hana (referee)
Forensic practise has seen a great increase in past few years in the extension of juvenile offenders, missing child and child abuse, especially in connection with pedo-pornographic material. This thesis focused on specification juvenile identification from facial morphology based on evaluation of longitudinal data during the pubertal spurt.The material was 3D facial surface images of 21 girls and 23 boys), mean age at the begining of the study was 12.4 years for girls and 12.3 for boys.They were scanned annualy during three years, ei. 12 - 14 year. The 3D facial images were evaluated using the methods of geometric morphometrics.Specifically, the superimposition of two average models, Dense correspondence analysis and PCA.The facial growth including allometric changes were observed with respect to its variability and sexual dimorphism. The results suggest that the variability of facial form (shape and size) was larger than variability of facial shape. Statistically significant differences in the form of the face were found among all age groups within and between sexes. After elimination of size there were significant differences within all age group of boys, in girls only between 12 and 14 years. No significant sexual dimorphism of any age group was occured. In terms of average changes of facial morphology...
Sue Miller's novels in Czech translations
Špačková, Jana ; Josek, Jiří (referee) ; Kalivodová, Eva (advisor)
The thesis deals with existing Czech translations of Sue Miller' s novels and explores the non/transferability of their feature of having the potential to become a bestseller into Czech culture. It analyzes the translation of the novel The Good Mother by Ilona Kořánová and Marcela Haspeklová published in 1995, the translation of the chapter Four from the novel The Good Mother by Eva Věšínová published in the magazíne Iniciály in 1992 and the unpublished translation of the novel F amily Pic tur es by Vladimíra Žáková from 1996. Sue Miller's first novel The Good Mother, first published in 1986, was a great success with US readers, and also her following novels Family Pictures, For Love and While I Was Gone became bestsellers in the USA. However, Sue Miller is almost unknown among Czech readers. The chapter Two briefly describes Sue Miller's life and works, and in the chapter Three, Sue Miller's works are set into the social and cultural context ofthe USA in the second half of the twentieth century. The 1992 Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi is used as an important source of information on the development ofthe US society in 1980s. The chapter Four explores the situation in the Czech social and cultural context, namely the literary works by Czech women writers concentrating on...
Calculation Production Costs in Firm LEXMARK, Inc .
Matelová, Bohdana ; Špačková, Jana (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
MATELOVÁ, B. Kalkulace výrobních nákladů společnosti Lexmark, Brno. 2009 This thesis deals with the analysis of the Price sheet used by company Lexmark and based on this analysis I recommend the potential changes of this Price sheet. The price sheet is a tool for the re-invoicing of production cost between Lexmark and production subcontractors. The first part is dedicated to the theory of cost management. The next part is practical. I present the company Lexmark, describe the structure of Price sheet, production costs and cost calculation for all types of products. I close the practical part with the specification of Price sheet strong and weak points. Base on the analysis I recommend the potential changes of Price sheet, some of them are applicable immediately and next in a longer period.
Krizová komunikace na sociální síti Facebook
Stránská, Adriana ; Stříteský, Václav (advisor) ; Špačková, Jana (referee)
The aim of the following thesis was to create a set of principles for crisis communication on Facebook. Presence in social media has become a standard part of any promotional mix. However, not every company fully recognizes the advantages and drawbacks of this tool. Once something goes wrong, the reputation of a company can be seriously endangered. The potential harm grows, when dealing with the issue is presented publicly. The thesis provides an analysis of how the emergence of social media changed the classical PR and a theoretical frame for a company's communication in case of negative publicity. In the analytical part two surveys were conducted, one within consumers to analyze their attitude towards making complaints on Facebook and the other one with social media experts by discussing their experience and opinions on this issue. Based on these findings, a set of 10 recommendations for crises on Facebook were formulated.

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