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Biological behavior of ovarian carcinoma and its relation to therapy
Bartáková, Alena ; Bouda, Jiří (advisor) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee) ; Svoboda, Tomáš (referee)
Structured abstract Hypothesis Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are subpopulations of cells which could contribute to tumor growth, metastasis formation and chemoresistance. CSCs can be detected by surface markers assessed by immunohistochemistry methods. A typical surface marker for CSCs is CD44 (standard form). We assumed, that CD44(s) could serve as a prognostic factor and marker of chemoresistance in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer. The aim of study 1. To recruit group of patients with histologically verified epithelial ovarian carcinoma. 2. To evaluate prognostic significance of known prognostic factors in our series of patients. 3. To assess the expression of CD44 in specimens of primary tumors and specimens of implantation metastasis using immnunohistochemistry and analyze their correlation. 4. To evaluate the expression of CD44 in relation to known prognostic factors. To analyze the significance of CD44 expression evaluation for overall survival, disease-free interval and chemoresistance. To find CD44 positivity cut-off by using statistical methods Materials and Methods A retrospective study was performed on 87 patients with histologically verified EOC. All patients were tested for primary tumor specimens, 48 of them were tested with regard to both specimens of primary tumor and implantation...
Molekulářně biologické změny u karcinomu endometria
Dvořáková, Eva ; Špaček, Jiří (advisor) ; Odrážka, Karel (referee) ; Sláma, Jiří (referee)
Molecular biological changes in endometrial carcinoma Endometrial cancer is the most common cancer of the female reproductive tract. The incidence has increased with lifestyle and environmental changes. Similar to other cancers, endometrial cancer has been shown to be a complex disease driven by different factors, including genetic and epigenetic alterations. Understanding these changes underlaying cancer development or progression is important for finding of new standards for both diagnosis and therapy of individual patients. The aim of the study was to evaluate selected molecular biological changes in endometrial carcinoma comparing to non-neoplastic endometrium. The first specific aim was to compare presence of K- ras mutation in early stages of endometrioid type of endometrial carcinoma with normal endometrium, and to evaluate association to clinical-pathological characteristics (tumor stage and grade). We analyzed 79 samples of endometrium (59 samples of endometrioid endometrial carcinoma stage I, and 20 samples of normal, non-neoplastic endometrium). Detection of K-ras mutation was made by using of K-ras StripAssay™ (ViennaLab Diagnostics GmbH). The frequency of K-ras mutation in the carcinoma group did not differ from the group of control samples (24% vs. 15%). No association between K-ras...
The verb in selected Italian grammars from the 15th to the 19th century
Soukupová, Tereza ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee)
This dissertation focuses on treatise of an Italian verb and its development from different points of view of various grammarians through comparison of eighteen Italian grammars from 15th until 19th century. It is looking at the verb from three standpoints: morphological, syntactical, and the aspect. Morphological view - it is examining the way of its classification based on individual grammatical categories: occurrence, description, and its contents. Syntactical view - here the issue of choosing the auxiliary verb is observed in compound tenses, the issue of concord and verbal valency. Verbal aspect, as a separate grammatical category, is not being dealt with by Roman linguistics before 20th century. This dissertation studies if and how authors of older grammars perceive and describe effects that belong to this category, predominantly the expression of perfective and imperfective aspects. Keywords: verb, Italian grammar, morphology, syntax, verbal aspect
Chronic vulvovaginal discomfort and quality of vaginal environment
Kestřánek, Jan ; Špaček, Jiří (advisor) ; Unzeitig, Vít (referee) ; Hořejší, Jan (referee)
"Chronic vulvovaginal discomfort and quality of vaginal enviroment" Vulvovaginal discomfort (VVD) is not a life-threatening disease, however, its impact on quality of life is enormous. The causes of the origins of the chronic form are not provably clarified. OBJECTIVES OF THE THESIS: The first aim of this thesis has been to make an attempt to reveal the etiology of chronic vulvovaginal discomfort (CVD), to characterize a group of patients with CVD and refer it to the quality of vaginal environment. The second aim has been an evaluation of a questionnaire, which had been focused on probable causal factors of CVD. The third part is experimental, focused on the issue of quorum sensing molecule (QSM) and manosa-binding lectin (MBL) polymofrisms. METHODS: The data for all three parts of the study were gained at the outpatient's department for CVD by examinig and following CVD patients. A questionnaire was used when investigating the probable CVD factors. RESULTS: The study has proved that we come across the idiopatic form of CVD in most cases. According to the results, the issue concerns mainly women at productive age, in most cases healthy, without an evident trigger moment. The study has also shown that the most noticeable finding in CVD patients is an absence of lactobacillus proved when performing a...
Pathologic prognostic factors in the experimental surgical therapy of malignant tumors of the lower female genital tract (uterine cervix, vulva)
Škapa, Petr ; Zámečník, Josef (advisor) ; Hermanová, Markéta (referee) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the presented thesis is to introduce modern procedures of histopathological analysis including immunohistochemical and molecular methods for the diagnosis, prevention and innovative surgical approaches for the therapy of precancerous lesions and malignant tumors of the lower female genital tract (vulva, uterine cervix). In the first part of the thesis, we focused on the prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) types in non-precancerous, precancerous and neoplastic squamous cell lesions of the vulva. We aimed at estimating the efficacy of prophylactic HPV vaccination as well as at evaluating the usefulness of the modified classification scheme of vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN). We analyzed the spectrum of HPV types in particular histological categories of vulvar lesions and confirmed the justification of the concept of two independent pathways of vulvar carcinogenesis - HPV associated and HPV negative. We identified several heterogeneous groups of precancerous vulvar lesions with variable HPV profiles, for which the application of the new revised VIN classifications may be misleading for the estimation of their biological behavior. We also pointed out the fact that the efficacy of the prophylactic HPV vaccination will depend on the extent of cross-protection against the...
Errors in the use of conjunctive in subordinate clauses in present-day Italian
Bucci, Anna-Marie ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is the subjunctive and its erroneous uses in contemporary Italian. The thesis initially presents the mood in connection to other verbal cathegories. It moreover introduces modality, since the subjunctive often serves as a means of expression of this cathegory. The thesis then presents a survey of the recent approaches to the subjunctive in contemporary Italian and the different opinions regarding its function. To conclude the theoretical section of the thesis presents an overview of the morfological norms and of the use of subjunctive in contemporary Italian. In the following section the thesis examines the erroneous uses of the subjunctive, drawing from the corpus of spoken Italian Lessico di frequenzadell'italianoparlato and the web corpus tWaC.The mistakes are classified into three groups- incorrectly formed irregular verb forms, the replacement of the subjunctive by the indicative and the misapplication of the rules of the sequence of tenses. The thesis tries to present a motivation for the occurence of the individual types of mistakes. Keywords Subjunctive; error; verbal mood; corpus; modality; contemporary Italian.
Implicit subordinate clauses with infinitive in Italian
Večeřová, Dobromila ; Špaček, Jiří (advisor) ; Obstová, Zora (referee)
This thesis deals with implicit subordinate clauses with infinitive in Italian. In the first chapter there is a description of some terms regarding these clauses (infinitive, subordination and coordination, expliciteness and implicitness, congruence of subjects of main and subordinate clause etc.). The second chapter presents a classification of all kinds of implicite clauses with infinitive, including the restrictions of their formation. The third chapter deals with explicite kinds of subordinate clauses. The last chapter is more practical, because it is dedicated to the possibilities of translation of the Italian subordinate clauses with infinitiv into Czech. Keywords: italian, italian grammar, implicit clauses, infinitive
The suffix -bile in present-day Italian and its equivalents in a parallel corpus
Weinertová, Veronika ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with functional equivalents of Italian adjectives with the suffix -bile in present-day Italian based on the Czech-Italian parallel linguistic corpus InterCorp. In the opening theoretical part the main objective of the thesis is introduced - a comparison of the Czech suffix -telný with the Italian suffix -bile. In the next chapters the thesis focuses on corpus material characteristics - on frequency list - from qualitative and quantitative aspects and on Czech equivalents' typology. The last part concentrates on statistical evaluation of Czech translation solutions, on the individual percentage representation of Czech equivalents' variants and on general trends while translating these adjectives with the suffix -bile into Czech.

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