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"Literary translator" as a profession
Zamora, Karolína ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Charvátová, Anežka (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to give a picture as complete as possible of the sociological, material and economic conditions of the translation of a literary work. This thesis elaborates the characteristics of the profession of 'literary translator' in the Czech environment. It focuses on the role and position of a literary translator in the contemporary Czech book market and examines the economic context of this activity. The practical part includes a questionnaire survey and interviews with translators. The results of the questionnaire search are processed by means of a descriptive analysis and a correlation analysis. The interviews were used to create medallions illustrating the individual variations of the translator's profession of literary texts. Key words: literary translator, book market, royalties, publisher, translation, quantitative research, qualitative research, CEATL, Czech translator's association
Annotated Translation: Les pourquoi de la météo (Bodin, L., 2017, Paříž, 5-20)
Zajícová, Anna ; Duběda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šotolová, Jovanka (referee)
The bachelor's thesis Annotated translation: Les Pourquoi de la météo (Louis Bodin, Albin Michel, Paris 2017, pp. 11-24) consist of two parts. The first part presents a translation of selected chapters from Louis Bodin's book Les Pourquoi de la météo. The French original was translated into Czech. The second part is dedicated to the annotation focused on translation analysis of the source text, used methods of translation and encountered problems, including their solutions. Key words: meteorology, weather, atmospheric phenomenon, annotated translation, methods of translation, text analysis
Commented translation: Choisir... de vivre écologiquement (Jean Doubovetzky, Éditions Déclics, Paris 2007, pp. 7-30)
Jiřičková, Marie ; Belisová, Šárka (advisor) ; Šotolová, Jovanka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is composed of two main parts: a translation of the original French text and it's commentary. The subject of the original text is represented by an ecological behavior in our everyday life, that means practical advices for everyone. The principal aim of this bachelor's thesis is to make an adequate translation of the original text from French into Czech and to supply it with an expert commentary.
Annotated translation: Du trek à l'expé. Bien préparer son séjour en altitude (DAIGLE, Emmanuel. Du trek à l'expé. Bien préparer son séjour en altitude. Grenoble : Ed. Glénat, 2017.)
Kozáková, Eliška ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Ďoubalová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis consists of an annotated translation of a french mountaineering handbook Du trek à l'expé. Bien préparer son séjour en altitude. It includes two parts: the translation itself of two chapters, about training and equipement, and the annotation. The aim of the annotation is the analysis of the source text, the designation of the translation method, the analysis of the translation problems and the description of the translation procedures and shifts. The paper is based on the text analysis model by Ch. Nord, on the J. Levý's theory and on the E. Janovcová's typlogy of translation procedures. It also draws information from R. Jakobson's theory of language functions and A. Popovič's theory. Key words translation, translation analysis, translation procedures, translation shifts, language functions, mountaineering, high altitude expedition, physical training, outdoor equipement
Annotated translation: Belmondo (DURIEUX, Gilles. Belmondo. Paris: Cherche midi, 2009)
Vavřinová, Alice ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Charvátová, Anežka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis consists of an annotated translation of three chapters selected from the Belmondo biography, written by French author and journalist Gilles Durieux. This thesis is divided into two parts: the translation itself and the translation commentary. The commentary deals with the analysis of the source text; the method of translation and the typology of translation problems are determined and discussed there. The commentary also introduces translation procedures and the translation shift which has occurred during translation from one language into another.
Jean-Claude Izzo - "Marseillais polar" in the Czech translations
Šafrová, Zuzana ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Brunel, Aude (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the most popular representative of the so-called "polar marseillais", which is Jean-Claude Izzo. The theoretical part briefly describes the development of the detective genre and the place of the detective novel in the framework of French literary production. It also deals with the position of the detective novel in the context of Czech literature and publishing. Secondly, Jean-Claude Izzo and his works will be presented in detail. Based on the information already presented, it will be possible to characterize the place of this author in connection to the French literary scene and to describe his function in the Czech environment. The main part of the work will be devoted to the translatological analysis and the critique of two Czech translations of Izzo's novels Totální chaos and Chourmo that together with Solea belong to his so-called 'Marseilles trilogy'.
French boulevard comedy on Czech stage and searching of the translation strategy
Töröková, Sára ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Christov, Petr (referee)
The thesis is divided into two parts, one theoretical and one empirical. The first one presents origin and different perception of the boulevard comedy genre in France, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom and USA. Afterwards, a brief characteristic of the boulevard comedy is presented in terms of content and subject matter. Four kinds of comedy are presented - comedy of manners, comedy of situation, comedy of intrigue and interactive comedy. The translatological analysis of the Czech translation of the French humorist Laurent Baffie's contemporary play Toc toc by the director and translator Jaromír Janeček constitutes the second main part of the thesis. The analysis is based on the theoretical studies of Jiří Levý and Jan Mukařovský, which are dealing with the translation of drama, and also on the theory of so-called Manipulation school of André Lefevere. Several problems have arised from the detailed analysis of the original text. The comparison of the translation and the original text is made on the ground of these problems. Subsequently, there is an evaluation of the translation. In some cases, a different solution is proposed. The work is supplemented by insights into the translation practice, which are drawn from personal interviews with translators and experts on drama.
Czech Translations of French Litterature in the second decade of the 20th century
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Belisová, Šárka (referee)
KEY WORDS Translation into Czech, Czech Literature, French Literature, Literary Reception, Translation History, Czechoslovakia ABSTRACT This MA thesis focuses on translation of French literature into Czech in the period between 1918 and 1929. The thesis is based on a corpus of bibliographic data, which is submitted to analysis from both quantitative and qualitative perspective. The main aim of this study is to describe the spectrum of Czech translations of French fiction published in the second decade of the 20th century. Firstly, the thesis identifies the most often published authors as well as the most influential Czech publishers and describes their major areas of interest. The translated works are classified by genre and literary movement with reference to the prevalent classification in today's referential works on French literary history. Secondly, the thesis summarizes the principal tendencies in the reception of French literature in Czech translation during the period in question.
Annotated translation: Les secrets de famille (TISSERON, Serge. Les secrets de famille. Paris: PUF, 2011)
Fáberová, Aneta ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Belisová, Šárka (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is the annotated translation of a part of the French book Les secrets de famille by Serge Tisseron. The thesis is divided into two parts - practical that consists of the translation of the text and theoretical that contains the translation commentary including the translation analysis of the original text, analysis of the translation problems and their solutions and the typology of translation procedures and shifts.
Sylviane Dupuis: La Seconde Chute. Commented translation completed with a study of francophone Swiss drama production
Kortusová, Tereza ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Christov, Petr (referee)
The presented diploma thesis is divided into two parts. The crucial part consists of a translation of a theatre play La Seconde Chute au Godot, Acte III (1993) written by Swiss French-writing author Sylviane Dupuis. This play continues one of the most important plays of 20th century - Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett - and it wants to provide a new outlook on its topics. The translation is completed by a study about Swiss francophone theatre focused mainly on Sylviane Dupuis and a thorough analysis of the play. The center of interest of the second part of the thesis is La Seconde Chute's strong intertextuality and the problems it brings to the phase of understanding and interpretation, as well as in the translation itself. Key words: interpretation, analysis, theatre, Swiss theatre, Sylviane Dupuis, translation of dramatic texts

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