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Synthesis of frequency filters with ability of the electronic reconfiguration
Theumer, Radek ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Langhammer, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with proposal of frequency filters providing electronic controllability of its transfer function. The main aim was to propose new filtering structures working in voltage and current mode based on suitable proposal methods. Active elements are implemented by available operational transconductance amplifiers, current amplifiers and conveyors, eventually voltage amplifiers. Four different active controllable filters are presented. Their function is simulated in software PSpice with help of models at transistor level in comparison with ideal behavior (idealized models). Two designed filtering structures were chosen and complemented on parasitic, sensitivity, stability, temperature analysis and Monte Carlo analysis. These circuits were realized on PCB. Measurement results are presented at the end of thesis, including comparison with simulations.
Synthetic elements and their applications in practical education
Stolařová, Hana ; Langhammer, Lukáš (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with solutions of impedance converters suitable for construction of tunable (or adjustable - select) synthetic elements (two-terminals). Simple applications of these synthetic elements in practical education are supposed. The Antoniou impedance converter represents the core device for various solutions of variable synthetic elements applied in ARC filters (based on RLC original) and simple harmonic oscillator. This thesis includes theoretical design of parameters of circuits for required features as well as verification by computer analysis (PSpice) including fabrication dispersion of elements. This thesis also includes design and fabrication of printed circuit board prepared for execution of a testing device with a form wich can be used for educational purposes in courses Design of Electronic filters and Electronic Circuit Theory.
Class AB stereo audio power amplifier with electron tubes
Herbrych, Vojtěch ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Tomáš (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with design and create construction drawings of audio amplifier using vaccum tubes with output power 20 W/4 and works in class AB. At least two inputs are included for mobile, computer and others. The device includes 2-band preamplifier with basic adjustment (bass and treble). For different channel volume is included balance adjustment. There is an audio-level indicator with „magic-eye tube“. This part of bachelor thesis contains theoretical explanation, design of amplifier´s schematic and design drawings.
System for computer measurement of transistor characteristics
Krásl, Martin ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
This thesis is focused on methods of measuring the characteristics of transistors in three basic connections. There is an example of the characteristic obtained from the simulator for each of the connections. Differential parameters are obtained from the resulting characteristics. These parameters describe a linearized equivalent circuit diagram of the transistor. To automate the process of obtaining characteristics, the next step of this work is the design and construction of the analyzer. The function of individual parts of the hardware is described in detail in the individual chapters. A computer application was created to control the analyzer. This application serves as the user interface. The conclusion of this thesis is a guide for a demonstration laboratory task.
Electronically adjustable active load for support of laboratory work – feasibility of an implementation
Němec, Pavel ; Hruboš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with active electronic loads focusing mostly on alternating input signals. The principles and modes of both DC and AC loads are described, as well as the most important parameters of MOSFET transistor which is used as the main power component. It deals with designing a regulation circuit of an AC load in detail. This work also discusses the possibilities of realisation of the remaining parts of the device. At the end of the thesis the function of the designed regulation circuit is verified by simple measurements on a prototype.
Generation of RF signals - educational laboratory examples
Uhliar, Marek ; Hruboš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
The work deals with design, simulation and preparation of laboratory preparation. The main aim of the thesis is to design and implement a simple noise generator, signal sources, mixer and phase lock loop for teaching purposes.
Design and simulations of low-power electronically controllable functional generators
Kolenský, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Radek (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to get acquainted with the principle and function of functional generators. Furthermore, with their design using active elements that can be electronically controlled. The design and simulation results are presented in Chapter 4, which also shows schematics of simulated and measured circuits.
Design and implementation of improved measuring device for inductive sensors testing in temperature chamber
Šimůnek, Patrik ; Dřínovský, Jiří (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis of the measuring equipment for the testing of inductive sensors in the climatic chamber, which mainly highlights the faults and deficiencies of this device. Based on this analysis, a new measurement system is designed to eliminate these or all the deficiencies. Several new useful features are added to the new design of the measuring system.
Design of current-steering DAC for differential IQ decoder
Klein, Miroslav ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Dřínovský, Jiří (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with design of two channel digital to analog converter for automotive applications. In first part, different topologies of D/A converters and their properties are discussed, with focus on current steering topology. Second part deals with design of convertor topology and current steering application. In third part, all parts of designed convertor are described and simulations results are presented. The designed two channel D/A converter has differential current output with 11b resolution per channel.
LED driver with synchronous rectification
Hodáňová, Adéla ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Kubíček, Michal (advisor)
The main goal of this diploma thesis is to compare two circuits designed for LED powering with output current of units of Amperes. Both circuits are based on step-down converter topology, one with technology of synchronous rectifying and the other one without it. Calculations and selection of used components with real prototypes were made for both selected circuits. All selected components meet automotive qualification requirements for discrete products. Produced prototypes were compared in terms of functionality, efficiency, EMC and thermal radiation.

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