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Habitat preferences of the members of the family Chydoridae (Crustacea, Cladocera)
Zimová, Tereza ; Sacherová, Veronika (advisor) ; Šorf, Michal (referee)
This thesis is a literature review of ecological niche of some species of Cladoceran family Chydoridae. The aim of this work is to summarize the knowledge about the occurrence of species in various types of environments and what are their preferences or see which factors are limiting for them. This work is focused on the type of habitats in which they are found, the trophic state of water and pH. It also mentions to a lesser extent environmental factors such as concentration of calcium and water depth, which might also influence the niche choice of these species. Species can be divided into opportunists with a wide niche and specialists with a narrow one, yet a large proportion of species have a wide tolerance to most environmental factors. Key words: Chydorids, niche, habitat, macrophytes, open water, pH, trophic state, depth, calcium
You cannot step into the same fishpond twice - an evolution of fishpond ecosystems to hypertrophy
Vrba, Jaroslav ; Benedová, Z. ; Jezberová, Jitka ; Matoušů, Anna ; Musil, M. ; Nedoma, Jiří ; Pechar, L. ; Potužák, J. ; Řeháková, Klára ; Šimek, Karel ; Šorf, M. ; Zemanová, J.
Shallow manmade fishponds in south Bohemia were used for fish production for centuries, however, their ecosystems have changed dramatically due to excessive nutrient loading and fish stocking. Preliminary results of ten sampled fishponds suggested their hypertrophic status at present, while their plankton structure and dynamics reflected the actual size/age class of fish stock consisting predominantly of common carp. Planktivorous fish (both young carp and whitefish) remarkably reduced abundance, size, and species diversity of crustacean zooplankton, in particular large daphnids, whereas larger carp itself did not cause such a strong top-down effect. All other plankton components, i.e. phytoplankton, bacteria, protists, and rotifers showed rather high abundance and diversity, and suggested a reasonable impact of various microbial processes and interactions in the recent hypertrophic ecosystems.
Recovery of zooplankton community from the acidification in mountain lakes
Bartošíková, Martina ; Sacherová, Veronika (advisor) ; Šorf, Michal (referee)
Mountain Lakes in Bohemian forest are currently undergoing a process of acidification. In spite of the rapid improvement of chemistry, the biological recovery is considerably delayed. This state may be due to a number of factors, such as persistent periodic pH fluctuations and hence increased aluminum leaching, phosphorus limitation, resistance of acid-tolerant communities, or limited opportunities for spreading from surrounding sites or damage to the egg bank. With the delay in improving the chemical composition of water gradually comes the improvement of the biological state, which manifests in the first phase by increasing the abundance of the existing species, in the second by increasing the number of species. In addition to the fish, it seems that the largest filtering dwarfs of the genus Daphnia are returned. In spite of their efforts to accelerate their return in the natural experiment by repatriating the species Cyclops abyssorum and Daphnia longispina to Plešné Lake in 2004, the wildebeests did not enjoy the new locality. Still, after almost ten years, individual individuals of this kind were found in lake litoral. This diploma thesis builds on the research of the Bohemian forest lakes, which is going on for almost 150 years. The zooplankton's response to changes in chemistry was studied...
Detection of Red-Light Violation
Šorf, Milan ; Bartl, Vojtěch (referee) ; Špaňhel, Jakub (advisor)
This thesis is focused on automatic detection of red-light violation using static camera. Theoretical part of the thesis describes the principle of detection and introduces various methods of detecting traffic lights and cars as well as their reliability metrics. The thesis also illustrates implementation of the application for evaluation of these methods.
Optimalization of mixed goods pickup and delivery
Šorf, Michal ; Skočdopolová, Veronika (advisor) ; Dvořák, Marek (referee)
This thesis is focused on the use of linear models in the real world. Its main aim is to devise a mathematical model for a specific problem which is repeatedly encountered by the company Pospíchal s.r.o. and also to find an optimal solution with the help of this model. The thesis is based on basic distribution problems, such as the travelling salesman problem or the vehicle routing problem, which I subsequently modify into the required form. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first one focuses on the description of basic models that will be modified in the last part. The following part deals with a brief description of the company already mentioned above that provided data without which this task could not be demonstrated in practice. The final part includes a detailed analysis of the given task, formulation and description of the mathematical model, which was created on the basis of specific requirements of the company. There is also a comparison of actual results from practice with optimal results.
Zooplankton response to a change of water chemistry and amount of food during the recovery of lakes from acidification
Bartošíková, Martina ; Stuchlík, Evžen (advisor) ; Šorf, Michal (referee)
Anthropogenic acidification has affected assemblages in thousands of lakes in North America and Europe. It turned out that, during the acidification, the number of zooplankton changed and also the species composition of their assemblages, at some sites there was also the total disappearance. The main reason was a decrease of pH, wash out toxic aluminium and a change of trophic status. The rate and extent of biological recovery after restoring the pH in acidified lakes varies considerably across regions. Recovery of aquatic communities is significantly lagging behind the recovery in chemistry. Some zooplankton species are nonetheless able to quickly colonize recuperating ecosystems and in many acidified lakes again started to appear native species that have disappeared during acidification. The return of indigenous species, however, can be blocked acid-tolerant occurrence of species after species extinct occupied empty niches. Zooplankton can be affected by water chemistry directly, but also indirectly by the quality and quantity of food. An important factor is the possible spread of colonizing species. However, the relative roles of these factors in regulating recovery may be difficult to determine. Key words: zooplankton, acidification, water chemistry, aluminium toxicity, phytoplankton
Satisfaction of spectators BK Synthesia Pardubice
Šorf, Martin ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Spokojenost diváků BK Synthesie Pardubice Bibliografická identifikace Jméno autora: Martin Šorf Český název diplomové práce: Spokojenost diváků BK Synthesie Pardubice Anglický název práce: Satisfaction of spectators BK Synthesia Pardubice Vedoucí diplomové práce: PhDr. Vladimír Janák, CSc. Rok obhajoby: 2010 Anotace česky Záměrem práce je zmapování spokojenosti diváků basketbalového klubu Synthesia Pardubice a na základě těchto výsledků navrhnout možná zlepšení pro zvýšení návštěvnosti zápasů nebo přilákání nových partnerů klubu. Práce se také zabývá pojmy úzce spojenými s tímto tématem, kterými jsou marketingový výzkum, město Pardubice, historie a současnost basketbalového klubu, prostředí ČEZ Arény a další. Praktická část obsahuje především vyhodnocení dotazníkového šetření mezi diváky a SWOT analýzu. Anotace anglicky The intention of this dissertation is information about satisfaction of spectators of basketball club Synthesia Pardubice and in terms of this results make plan for increase attandance and for founding new partners. Dissertation inquire into information about city Pardubice, history and present of basketball club and ČEZ Arena. The practical part includes evaluation of the questionaire research, SWOT analysis and suggestion to increase attandance. Klíčová slova: basketbal spokojenost...
The impact of fish and planktonic invertebrate predation on zooplankton in experimental mesocosms
ŠORF, Michal
This thesis focuses on the effect of fish and invertebrate predation on zooplankton in deep reservoir and shallow lakes. Mesocosms were used to evaluate the separated and combined effect of both type of predation. An appropriate mesocosm approach was modified and used in the Římov reservoir. The last part is dedicated to the effects of predation on zooplankton in contemporary changing environment, mesocosm experiment with different temperature and nutrient levels was conducted.
Liability for defects and guarantee according to the Civil Code
Šorf, Marek ; Hásová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Švarc, Zbyněk (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse legal regulation of liability for defects and guarantee in Czech civil code and to elaborate problematic paragraphs of this area of law. Thesis defines general regulation, specific regulation for separate contracts and also specialities of consumer law according to civil codes no. 40/1964 and no. 89/2012. There are defined principles of liability for defects and guarantee liability, rights from liability for defects and complaint procedure. Thesis also contains comparision of Czech legal regulation with the English one. Law of European Union is added too, there is summarized the accuracy and suitability of implementation of European directive no. 1999/44/ES into the Czech Civil Code.

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