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Semiotic analysis of Victoria's Secret communication
Jílková, Kristýna ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis approaches persuasive communication of a chosen company from the point of view of semiotics. It focuses on main areas of Victoria's Secret communication, mainly their well known The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Selected seven video samples over the three- year period cover the main segment of its communication (television advertising, TV broadcasted fashion show) and the means this company uses to approach its audience. We were interested in how the media message is constructed and what the predominant themes are. Also, if all levels of the message correspond with company's promoted values. The chosen method of research is semiotic analysis, applying conceptual framework of Roland Barthes and his terminology and methodology used for revealing of a built-in ideology. The sample is examined in terms of storyline, definiton of primary and secondary signs, description of technical codes and syntagmatic and paradigmatic sorting. Gradually, the meanings of signs in both primary and secondary level of signification are identified along with present myths. This analysis focuses on proclaimed image of a woman and power in comparison with those communicated. In conclusion, a myth of the Victoria's Secret brand's communication is formulated and discrepancies in communication with the...
Semiotic analysis of hashtags on Instagram
Svobodová, Kristýna ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
This thesis aims to research hashtags on Instagram via the semiotics analysis. The research is based on Leoš Mareš's Instagram profile, which is one of the most successful accounts within the Czech environment, and uses specific types of hashtags. Therefore, it provides a quality data corpus for the research. At the beginning of the thesis the subject of semiotics is introduced, also other key terms, such as meaning, sign, semantics, pragmatics, and syntactic, denotation and connotation, and language tropes. Following there is an introduction of the new media, Instagram, and hashtags. Hashtags are described within the Twitter background, since most of the studies are focused on hashtags on Twitter. The practical part of this thesis is based on Morris's division of semiotics, which is syntactic, semantics, and pragmatics. It studies how hashtags follow and refer to each other, what is the relationship between the photograph and hashtags, and what are the assumptions for understanding the whole post. At the end of the thesis the findings are summarized, and the patterns of hashtags' occurrence are shown.
Persuation of commercial articles in lifestyle magazines ELLE and Instyle
Spilková, Tereza ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on language of persuasive elements in advertising texts In two Czech lifestyle magazines - Elle and InStyle. The thesis focuses on the psychology of advertising, the media and the language that advertisement uses to address and persuade readers. Lifestyle magazines have a specific way and language of communication. Subject will be texts labeled as "promotion". The range of sample will be 6 issues of the Elle magazine and 2 issues of the Instyle magazine. The first chapter is dedicated to the theory of media, mass media and their influence on society. The second chapter is dedicated to lifestyle magazines and their history. In the third chapter the author deals with the theory of persuasion and language. And the fourth will focus on advertising and its ability to influence opinions and attitudes. The second part of the bachelor thesis describes the method of content analysis and description of the monitored data set. The thesis analysis individual advertising messages and examines the linguistic persuasive elements contained in them. At the end, the author will try to show what elements of persuasion appear most frequently in the advertising texts, what products they focus on and whether the texts and their language corresponds to the specialized literature about the...
Comparative Semiotic Analysis of Czech and Korean version of Elle Magazine Adventisings
Hybrantová, Romana ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
The thesis entitled Comparative Semiotic Analysis of Czech and Korean version of Elle Magazine Advertisings deals with the comparison of advertisings in the Czech and South Korean versions of global lifestyle magazine ELLE in terms of semiotic analysis. The thesis is structured in classical terms with theoretical starting points representing three key areas needed for analysis. The first part deals with the concept of the media, media product and its content. It also provides information about the ELLE magazine and its internationalization with special emphasis on South Korean cultural specificities. Also it cannot be forgotten the chapter devoted to the theory of socail construction of reality based on the work of Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann. The second part is key because it brings knowledge about the semiotics and the main representatives of the field. The thesis thus represents Charles Sanders Peirce, Ferdinand de Saussure and especially the mythology of Roland Barthes. The last theoretical part looked at the essence of marketing communication and advertising and the use of celebrities in advertising campaigns. The analysis part as based on the theoretical basis focuses on the semiotic analysis of advertisements targeting the Czech and South Korean markets, with almost 470 campaigns in the...
The semiotic analysis of campaign spots of parliamentary election in 2013
Hájková, Zuzana ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
The Diploma thesis The Semiotic Analysis of campaign spots of parliamentary election in 2013 uses the semiotic analysis to analyse campaign spots broadcasted by the Czech Television before the elections in 2013. With regards of the purpose of this paperwork we chose the spots of victorious political parties, the ones who have exceeded the minimal level of 5% of total votes to gain the mandate, thus ČSSD, ANO, KSČM, Top 09, ODS, Úsvit and KDU- ČSL. We emphasise signs and means of expression used in chosen campaign spots. The aim of this paperwork is to answer the question what message campaign spots address to voters. Moreover, the diploma thesis tries to answer the question, if all victorious campaign spots contain the same signs and means of expression which could help them to influence the result of elections. The hypothesis of this diploma thesis suppose that all campaign spots will contain the same signs and that they will ask people to vote. Furthermore, we expect that none of the campaign spots will directly criticize other political parties or their policy. The theoretical part of the paperwork presents the basic concepts of political communication, political advertisement and its regulation in the Czech Republic. The paperwork introduces the electoral system of the Czech Republic and current...
Linguistic analysis of posts of Czech news websites on Facebook
Pfeiferová, Jana ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes posts that are produced by three online Czech news websites - Aktuálně.cz, and The lingustic analysis is based on the five linguistic levels - orthography, syntax, lexicology, morphology and stylistics. The news writing style and its characteristics are described in the theoretical part. It is accompanied by the description of the electronic communication phenomena. The key theoretical knowledge about changes in the Czech language used on the Internet is summarized. Chapter focused on Facebook development and its specific features is also included. The results of the analysis show two main tendencies in Czech language used on Facebook by online news websites. Firstly, language originality was used to capture user attention in Facebook feed. Secondly, the economy of language, shortness and conciseness in Facebook posts were identified. Results reveal the high number of spelling errors, high frequency of elliptical and condensed sentences without redundant phrases. The sentences were often replaced by nominal equivalents or fragments without predicates. Neologisms and colloquial Czech are considerably present in the text. All posts contain a significant graphical section.
Hyundai commercials from the semiotic point of view
Beťková, Markéta ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis, called Hyundai commercials from the semiotic point of view, deals with audiovisual commercials and their meanings, which can be hidden in them. The thesis is inspired by the book Mythologies which was written by Roland Barthes. The first part of the thesis is a chapter about the car manufacturer Hyundai, its background in the Czech Republic and also the reason for the choice of this brand is stated here. This part is followed by a chapter about advertising. Advertising is a type of persuasive communication, it is a part of mass media and is connected to other sciences such as psychology, social studies, linguistics and others. Relevant knowledge of these fields is used as well. The theoretical background of the thesis is extended in the next chapter which focuses on the science of semiotics. Key terms such as semiosis, sign, denotation, connotation, primary and secondary semiological systems and myth are defined. Also the method of semiotic analysis is explored. In connection with the terms mythology and ideology a subchapter on Roland Barthes follows. In the methodology chapter the research design is stated and research questions are formulated. The analytical chapter consists of the denotative parts of analyzed commercials (the plot together with the scene and sound is...
Mythology in Crime News on TV Prima
Houdková, Martina ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis examines Czech TV news called "Crime News", that is broadcasted by TV Prima. Method of mythological semiotic analysis was chosen for this paper and it refers to work of Roland Barthes. Crime News (their three-month period) were examined not only from the perspective of lexical and visual point of view but as a complex communicate. This helped to uncover mythological structures, persuasiveness and other phenomena. In the beginning of this thesis theoretical concepts are explained. Second chapter is dedicated to methodology. Analysis itself is the third part of this master's thesis. Show's jingle and anchormen were examined first and the other phenomena second, thereby mythological structures, archetypes and narratives were exposed. Conclusion provides summary and interpretation of described phenomena.
A Comparative Analysis of Language Tools of the Hosts of the DVTV Journalistic Videochannel
Hromková, Kristýna ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (referee)
The aim of this work is to analyse the use of language tools of hosts of the DVTV journalistic videochannel. It addresses mainly deflections from the use of standard language, to be more specific, the use of colloquial and literary terms. It also focuses on expressive words, slang, neologisms and on expressions created within the journalistic environment, the so called publicisms. The thesis includes the description of other language phenomena specific for each host - Daniela Drtinová, Martin Veselovský and Filip Horký. The analysis also deals with figurative expressions and phrases in the speech of all hosts. To a limited extent, it focuses on the acoustic side of language, mainly on wrong pronunciation and the pace of speech of the hosts. The work contains a chapter on the theory of speech acts, which was developed by a British philosopher John Langshaw Austin. Within this matter, it focuses mainly on the occurrence of illocutionary and perlocutionary acts in the interviews. In the cases of Drtinová and Veselovský the interviews are divided into four categories: interviews with politician, specialist, artist and sportsman. Each category is specific in the use of language tools. In case of Horký, due to the limited amount, the interviews are analysed all together.

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