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Laser-driven ablation through fast electrons in PALS experiment
Gus'kov, S. Yu. ; Chodukowski, T. ; Demchenko, N. ; Kalinowska, Z. ; Kasperczuk, A. ; Krouský, Eduard ; Pfeifer, Miroslav ; Pisarczyk, P. ; Pisarczyk, T. ; Renner, Oldřich ; Skála, Jiří ; Šmíd, Michal ; Ullschmied, Jiří
Energy transfer to shock wave in Al and Cu targets irradiated by a laser pulse with intensity of I~1-50 PW/cm2 and duration of 250 ps was investigated at Prague Asterix Laser System (PALS). The iodine laser provided energy in the range of 100-600 J at the first and third harmonic frequencies. The focal spot radius of laser beam on the target was varied from 160 to 40 µm. The dominant contribution of fast electron energy transfer into the ablation process was found when using the first harmonic radiation, the focal spot radius of 40-100 µm, and the energy of 300-600 J. The fast electron heating results in the growth of ablation pressure from 60 Mbar at the intensity of 10 PW/cm2 to 180 Mbar at the intensity of 50 PW/cm2 and in the growth of the efficiency of the energy conversion into the shock wave from 2 to 7 % under the conditions of 2D ablation.
Land-use rights
Šmíd, Michal ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
Land - use rights (Summary) The purpose of this thesis is to complexly discuss history, development, contemporary state and the future of the land-use rights, especially with respect to specific attribute of land as being an object of civil legal relationships. This paper can be divided into three parts - history and the development of usage rights, description and analysis of valid legal regulation of usage rights and finally comparison of this regulation with the draft of new Czech civil code and Slovak regulation of lease relationships. For the sake of better arrangement, the comparative part does not constitute a separate chapter, but is included in particular chapters related to relevant usage institutes instead. The first part of this thesis concerns the history of land reforms in Czech lands, demonstrating a close connection of land legal relationships with social and political changes in our territory. After the year 1948, the institutes of usage rights became one of the dominant instruments of building the socialist society, where the principle "land belongs to those who farm on in" applied. The next part of this paper is focused on valid legal regulation of usage rights, with its major usage institute being the lease according to civil code, which is a lex specialis to other legal acts that also...
Aortic stenosis
Šmíd, Michal ; Rokyta, Richard (advisor) ; Rosolová, Hana (referee) ; Ošťádal, Petr (referee) ; Sovová, Eliška (referee)
Aortic annulus and ascending aorta: comparison of preoperative and periooperative measurement in patients with aortic stenosis Introduction Precise determination of the aortic annulus size constitutes an integral part of the preoperative evaluation prior to aortic valve replacement. It enables the estimation of the size of prosthesis to be implanted. Knowledge of the size of the ascending aorta is required in the preoperative analysis and monitoring of its dilation enables the precise timing of the operation. Our goal was to compare the precision of measurement of the aortic annulus and ascending aorta using magnetic resonance (MR), multidetector-row computed tomography (MDCT), transthoracic echocardiography (TTE), and transoesophageal echocardiography (TEE) in patients with degenerative aortic stenosis. Materials and Methods 15 patients (9 males and 6 females, mean age 68.8 + 7,1 years,) indicated for aortic valve replacement due to degenerative aortic stenosis were enrolled into this prospective study. The study followed the principles established in the Declaration of Helsinki. The protocol was accepted by the local ethical board and informed consent was obtained from each patient. The study was performed in a tertiary medical centre. Preoperatively, TTE was performed in all patients, while TEE was...
Optimizing Assembly Processes
Šmíd, Michal ; Záruba, Radim (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
My bachelor thesis is focused on the principles of lean manufacturing for optimization of assembly processes in a company that makes compressors. The solution I present is based on the analysis of the processes in the company. It mainly considers the elimination of the losses resulting from the setting of the C-items safety stock. My proposal contains methodology designed to discover wrongly set safety stock.
Optimization of macrostructure of nickel-based alloys castings
Šmíd, Michal ; Ňuksa, Petr (referee) ; Roučka, Jaromír (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focusing on possibilities of influencing casting’s structure of nickel superalloy Inconel 713LC by force effects caused by vibration and rotation during crystallization. In this research were cast three test castings of turbine wheels with different solidification conditions that have affected the size and distribution of the grains. The aim was to compare the different microstructure and macrostructure of castings and then compare the dependence of grain refinement on mechanical properties. Changes in the structure were analyzed by means of light and electron microscopy methods after the fracture of test bars.
Aspect of Reliability in Risk Analysis Proces
Šmíd, Michal ; Teš, Vasilij (referee) ; Koška, Petr (advisor)
The products, which can be labelled with a mark of conformity are included in regulated sphere and they have to ful fill the given requirments before makrket introduction. This diploma thesis is dealing with the aspects which have to fulfilled before the nonautomatic weighing instruments from are introduced to the market. The diploma thesis also revises current methods and proceeds of conformity assessment on ES workplace of conformity assessment accordin to appropriate norms, documents and directives. The aim is also to make a new quality manual for the ES workplace of conformity assessment.
Marketing Plan of Horsefeathers Trademark
Šmíd, Michal ; Koudela, Tomáš (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is proposal of marketing plan of Horsefeathers trademark. The theoretical part deals with individual steps of marketing planning, this knowledge are based on specialized literature. In the practical part of thesis is described current situation in company and process analysis. At the end thesis presents proposal for improvements marketing plan based on gained theoretical knowledge.
Present state of investment casting technology - dewaxing technology
Šmíd, Michal ; Záděra, Antonín (referee) ; Horáček, Milan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the problem of de-waxing technologies connected with the production of investment castings (“lost wax” technology). Based on the study of the latest literature the most modern techniques of de-waxing are describe in this thesis. In the work is also mentioned recycling and reconstituting of the used waxes.

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