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Analysis of Polish Judicial Reform in the Line of Recent ECJ Judgment - Commission vs. Poland
Shushanashvili, Ketevan ; Solanes Mullor, Joan (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
The judicial system of Poland is at the forefront of public, constitutional, political and legal debates of the European Union. Different aspects of rule of law in Poland, such as independence of judges, their right to irremovability, the alleged intention of the government to occupy and impact Polish judicial sector are discussed among academics. The aim of this research conducted throughout the thesis is to add complete and all-inclusive analysis of the recent judgment of European Court of Justice (hereinafter: "ECJ") regarding lowering retirement age of judges to the ongoing academic literature. Furthermore, before reaching that conclusion, providing the reader with the review of Polish political debate, the responses of European Union institutions and analysis of the necessity of the reform for Polish judicial system. Powered by TCPDF (
Parliament of the Czech Republic and Scrutiny of European Legislative Process
Nováčková, Kateřina ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
Aim of this Diploma Thesis is to have a closer look at current powers of National Parliaments of the Member States to influence legislative process of the European Union. The main question is how do National Parliaments control legislative process in practise. Theoretical Framework is based on a debate about Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union. First the term needs to be defined and basic arguments about the (non)existence of Democratic deficit need to be introduced, then the research question can be introduced. The main focus is on Early Warning Mechanism and a process of issueing of reasoned opinions. An assumption is that through a process of issueing those reasoned opinions by National Parliaments that consist of a democratic elected political parties a Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union could be strenghtened. It is a one-case study of Czech Parliament. All the reasoned opinions, that Czech Senate and Czech Chamber of Deputies issued, will be analysed.
Influence of the European Union activities against aggressive tax planning on enabling tax optimization by member states of the EU
Nováková, Markéta ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
Jurisdictions around the world currently compete to attract mobile capital of multinational companies by providing them the most favourable tax conditions. Some EU member states actively participate in tax competition. Over the past decade, the European Commission has successfully enacted a number of measures aimed at preventing multinational companies from implementing aggressive tax planning schemes. These measures aim to establish fair conditions for competitors on the internal market and to meet the demand of the public and of the international community for suppression of aggressive tax planning. The theoretical background of the thesis derives from the field of Law and Economics, specifically by using the concept of transaction costs and means of Economic analysis of criminality. This thesis aims to answer the question of whether the new EU legislation leaves room for the member states to continue in allowing multinational companies to optimize taxes in the ways targeted by the EU measures. The thesis consists of two case studies, which evaluate the impact of the rules on known tax optimization schemes. The first one analyses the impact of state aid proceedings on tax rulings and the second one analyses the influence of the controlled foreign company rule on harmful IP boxes. The objective...
Political marketing of Sinn Féin between 1996-2007
Kratschmer, Adam ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the political marketing of Northern Ireland political party Sinn Féin between 1996-2007. The thesis is divided in three chapters based on electoral terms to Northern Ireland Forum and afterwards Northern Ireland Assembly. During this period, Sinn Féin undergoes a considerable development. This development is divided into phases, which helps to determine which type of party is Sinn Féin according to Jennifer Lees-Marshment's typology of parties. Sinn Féin is shifting from a party oriented on product (POP) to a party oriented on sales (SOP). Sinn Féin is consistently changing its approach towards the politics in Northern Ireland. From an extremist party, which is unwilling to participate in state's politics, to not only mainstream party, but also the second strongest party in Northern Ireland. During several periods of time, the party professionalizes its communication within the party, but also its communication towards media. The party is gradually developing new "product", which is based on a support of peace process and Good Friday Agreement. With time, the party faces a problem in connection with the paramilitary organization IRA with which was Sinn Féin linked in the past. Due to the shift of Sinn Féin to the sales-oriented side and the market research phase, the...
Transformation of Political Communication of National Front in the Presidential Election 2002 and 2017
Prošková, Nikola ; Mejstřík, Martin (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
The increasing popularity of populist parties in Europe, demonstrated in particular by their electoral success, is attracting increasing attention from the academic community. Although the phenomenon of populism is nothing new and has already been reviewed from a number of different perspectives, it still represents a diverse field for deeper analysis. The thesis deals with the case of the French National Front and its changes during its most successful election campaigns, that is in the presidential elections in 2002 and 2017. Specifically, the thesis also focuses on political communication and especially on the change it has gone through at its management level. By comparing the performance of both leaders and their agenda, the work allows a closer insight into the problem of transforming the ideological base as well as the ways of political communication. The outcome of this work is the analysis comparing the election campaign of Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine, the current party leader. The work also contributes to the debate around dédiabolisation, or the de-demonization of the National Front launched under the leadership of Marine Le Pen.
Development of integration policies in Norway before and after 2011
Dorňáková, Tereza ; Simbartlová, Anna (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
This thesis is focused on the development of the Norwegian integration policies from the year 2005 until 2017. The milestone of the researched period is the year 2011 when two terrorist attacks, committed by a Norwegian citizen Anders Behring Breivik, shocked Norwegian society. He pointed his act against the immigrant population living in Norway, and against multiculturalism and the politicians who supported this model. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to find out which changes were made in the field of integration policies during the examined period. Furthermore, the aim is to tell whether the integration policies were tightened or not. The thesis first deals with the development of migration in the Norwegian context, the multicultural approach to immigrants, but it also sums up the development of Norwegian political scene during the examined period. The final part is focused on the research of particular Norwegian integration policies and their development between 2005 and 2017.

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