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Václav Cigler and his Pedagogy
Šindelová, Jana ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee) ; Petříček, Miroslav (referee)
TITLE: Václav Cigler and his Pedagogy AUTHOR: Mgr. MgA Jana Šindelová DEPARTMENT: Art Education Department SUPERVISOR: Doc. PhDr. Marie Fulková, Ph.D. This dissertation thesis examines Václav Cigler ́s views on the visual arts through the perception of movement, space and time and attempts to bring his creative thought into conversation with the field of art education. Cigler has anticipated many concepts of nascent contemporary artistic expression (constructive tendencies, minimalism, land art, light and kinetic sculpture). His oeuvre is extraordinary in its constructive sharing of knowledge and modes of critical thought, in its activism and experimentation. The work of Václav Cigler represents five principles: man, space, water, light and glass. Space as a means of communication constitutes the fundamental structuring aspect of Cigler ́s work. The dissertation ́s research focused on the question of whether children can communicate complex issues of contemporary art. Itemploy s Grounded Theory as its methodology, and it describes, analyses and interprets the relationships of codes created through analysis of primary documents of participatory pedagogical action research in Art Education conducted in elementary school. KEYWORDS: Václav Cigler, man, visual arts, thinking, Gro unded Theory, Pedagogical Action...
Function of clothing as a means of communication with the enviroment
Řeřábková, Jana ; Šindelová, Jana (advisor) ; Jarchovská, Lenka (referee)
TITLE: The function of clothing as a means of communication with the environment AUTHOR: Jana Řeřábková DEPARTMENT: Institute of Occupational Development of Education Workers SUPERVISOR: Mgr. MgA. Jana Šindelová ANNOTATION: Clothing as a means of communication in the environment is a topic that permeates the entire bachelor thesis. A flashback reveals a side of clothes in the context of socio-political and social-cultural events, rather than describing the evolution of its particulars. It stops at landmarks that somehow influenced clothing and its communication with the environment. In the twentieth century it watches street fashion as a social identity and protest against the current establishment. The relevant parts of the work alludes to the arts and clothing in the sense of mutual inspiration. It especially describes clothes ot the Czech society in 1848, when its form has played a vital role in the national identification. Last chapter records the role of folk costumes as a means of communication in the society. The following practical part includes my personal reflections from the point of view of the teacher of vocational subjects at the vocational school for fashion designs. It analyzes the activities related to the topic. The aim of the last part is a method of semi-structured dialogue to find out...
Military and police uniform phenomena
Havlín, František ; Bakšteinová, Marie (advisor) ; Šindelová, Jana (referee)
Bachelor dissertation depicts historical development of military uniforms from ancient times to present military forces and simultaneously looks into influence of uniformity of clothing on life in civil sector. In theoretical part the attention has been paid to the reasons for uniform's establishment and its transformation from multi-coloured dress into a strictly functional dress using protective components and also highly presentable uniform intended for ceremonial occasions. The work looks for the military uniform's examples in contemporary fashion and the reasons for their usage by respected fashion designers. The work also deals with the term "dress code", which has been increasingly affecting the style of our clothing. This topic has been also worked out for its importance in didactic part of the work. The final part of the work studies perception of police uniform as a piece of clothing and its reflection to the feelings of uniformed and civil sphere. In an authorial visual part are the topics related to the area of the Police of the Czech Republic depicted with a slightly detached view.
Architecture and space: In work Ing. arch. Petra Fabiána
Janů, Mojmír ; Hanuš, Jiří (advisor) ; Šindelová, Jana (referee)
TITLE: Architecture and space in work Ing.arch. Petra Fabiána AUTHOR: Mojmír Janů DEPARTMENT: Institute for professional development, faculty of seducation SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Jiří Hanuš ABSTRACT: The thesis is devoted to the development of architecture from its early beginnings until its importance of an artistic style and its interpretation in the work of ing.arch. Petr Fabián, one of the most significant architects dealing with revitalizations and reconstructions of historical buildings in the Czech Republic, mainly in the Olomouc region, notably in the towns of Olomouc, Šumperk and Zábřeh. Judgement of most of the population on the architecture of buildings is mostly based on the fact whether they like it or no. For those who understand this branch more, the works of Petr Fabián provide the unique example of high architectural quality. His works reflect his persistence, refined style and theoretical knowledge gained during his studies at the Faculty of Architecture of VUT in Brno, under the supervision of prof. Helena Zemánková. One of the aims of the thesis is to present the architecture as the artistic and philosophical phenomenon of the past, present and future. Parts of the thesis deal with transformations of some of the works Ing. arch. Petr Fabián was working on and his goals to follow the needs of...

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