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Nutritional problem – horse nutrition
Svatoň, Jindřich ; Skočdopolová, Veronika (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
This work deals with the composition of daily feeding ration for different types of horses. The objective is to create a specific feeding ratio consisting of various horses feed at minimum costs and meeting requirements for nutritional conditions. Several other recommendations that cannot be overlooked in horse nutrition are also considered. The age of the horse, the weight in adulthood, the horse's workload, and an annual period is taken into account of this work. Daily feeding ration is composed and solved by linear programming, the optimal solution is found by using MS Excel 2007 solver. The solution of this task is to create a model that can be applied in practice.
Comparison of systems for evaluating the efficiency of using DEA models
Murinová, Michaela ; Šindelářová, Irena (advisor) ; Chýna, Vladislav (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of the efficiency using DEA models focusing on the use of dedicated software tools. There are four chapters in the thesis where different approaches to efficiency are briefly presented. The method of data envelopment analysis (DEA) with its modifications is described in detail -- basic models, CCR, BCC and additive model. The main part of the work is presented in the second part of this thesis where I describe how to work with each program and summarize its advantages and disadvantages. The last chapter applies prior knowledge on real situation -- the evaluation of the efficiency of the regional police stations in the Czech Republic.
Lingo syntax in MS Excel Solver
Zajíček, Miroslav ; Chýna, Vladislav (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
The linear programming is the part of optimization analyses. It's focused on finding a solution of the real problem, which would be better than the current one. The process of finding is provided by tools, which try to find the solution from specific formed input. This writing is about presenting a new created tool of MS Excel add-in, which is determined for linear programming task solvers. It tries to use good attributes from already existing tools. The reader of this piece will get familiar with their basic properties, the comparison of each other and the demonstration of the new add-in usage in typical tasks for the linear programming.
Optimalization of labor force in a Family Hotel
Balšánková, Tereza ; Skočdopolová, Veronika (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
Primary objective of this bachelor thesis "Optimalization of laber force in a Family Hotel" is to solve the linear task of optimalization of the work force in the family hotel Balkan utilizing the Hungarian method and sub-sequently using the optimalization system LINGO. For optimalization is used the modification of assignment problem, which belongs to typical tasks of linear programing, so called distribution task. Theoretical part of this thesis describes not only linear programming itself, yet it is just focused to distrubution methods. In the practical part the task is treated by both of the above mentioned ways. The objective is to create the schedule of assignments of the given position to the concrete person at certain day. The secondary objective of the bachelor thesis is to compare the results of the solution of both methods and evaluate which variant is more suitable in this case.
Portfolio optimization
Arzumanov, Eduard ; Šindelářová, Irena (advisor) ; Chýna, Vladislav (referee)
Nowadays, when the financial sector influences directly or indirectly nearly every part of person's life, when inflation is taken as a normal phenomenon, when we are witnessing bankrupts of different companies, banks and other financial institutions almost on a daily basis due to the incorrect managing of the financial assets or due to the incorrect estimation of overall economic development, more and more often one should consider how to manage his funds to prevent their depreciation or even how to use them to increase its value. For these reason investment into securities has become one of the most common ways of increasing the value of one's financial funds. Particularly -- one way of investment is becoming more and more popular nowadays - financial portfolio investment. That is why this thesis not only will introduce the basic principles and rules of portfolio investment, diversification and the concept of risk (in theoretical part), but will also demonstrate how is the diversification of a portfolio done in practice. The example of portfolio optimization is done using multi-criteria decision analysis applied to a model, designed in MS EXCEL with help of VBA environment.
Optimizing a diet during pregnancy using the methods linear programming
Stehlíková, Irena ; Šindelářová, Irena (advisor) ; Skočdopolová, Veronika (referee)
This thesis concerns creation of a dietary plan for a woman during her pregnancy. Its goal is to create a nourishment plan for 7 days with minimal costs along with fulfilling nutritional recommendations. Work also includes some other recommendation pregnant women receive about sustenance. The diet is created and solved using linear programming techniques and calculated with optimization software LINGO. The goal of this thesis is to create a model, whose results are applicable in practice and is going to customizable according to changing needs of the pregnant woman.
Multi-criteria Evaluation of Stocks Traded in Terms of DJIA on NYSE
Zacharda, Patrik ; Borovička, Adam (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
The subject of the bachelor paper is multiple criteria analysis of stock traded in the framework of Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index on New York Stock Exchange. The first part of theoretical passage deals with introduction of financial market focusing on stock markets. The second part is focused on describe the history and functioning of New York Stock Exchange and on introduction of DJIA index. The following part is devoted to the theoretical introduction of decision making theory and describing discrete methods in multiple criteria decision. The last part is about application of methods described in theoretical part to the specific shares belonging to DJIA index. The main goal of the paper represents a release of investment recommendation for a potential investor decided to insert his free financial resources into shares of DJIA index which are traded on New York Stock Exchange.
Výběr vhodného produktu společnosti CHARTIS EUROPE S.A. pomocí vícekriteriálního rozhodování
Jirousková, Nikola ; Šindelářová, Irena (advisor) ; Kořenář, Václav (referee)
This thesis addresses the question of whether it is good to insure as a young man who pays very small amount or interest to the insurance when a person goes into retirement and when the injury heals worse and longer. The target of this thesis is to determine which insurance product from CHARTIS EUROPE S.A. is advantageous for young and for old person. I solve this issue in the practical part of this thesis by using multi-criteria decision making.
Models of Data Envelopment Analysis and their application on District Courts in the Czech Republic
Kohoutová, Adéla ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
Our focus in this paper is to evaluate the efficiency of the District Courts in the Czech Republic. As the method how to find out we used Data Envelopment Analysis. There are two DEA models used for the measure of efficiency. One of them is the CCR model what means with constant returns to scale the other is the BCC model what is one with variable returns to scale. According to them DEA indicated three respectively four efficient Decision Making Units (DMU). For inefficient DMU were determined the ways how to modify inputs and output these units and make them efficient. We worked with five inputs and one output. The data for analysis come from branch offices of every District Court and from the website of the Czech Judiciary.
Optimization in MS Excel
Brůna, Daniel ; Chýna, Vladislav (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
This thesis describes a number of selected supplements to MS Excel from the perspective of users and their subsequent comparison with the help of multi-criteria evaluation of alternatives. Optimization in the world today is widely applied to various problems ranging from simple production problems to more complex problems, which are without using optimization software difficult to solve. Moreover, solving would take too much time. In this work are described and evaluated supplements for MS Excel because MS Office package is included in most of today's computers and many users have easy access to it. To do this, we set a number of criteria such as price, difficulty controlling and difficulty of installation, solving speed and range and possibilities of options for solving problems.

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