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Methodology of tree stands evaluation for the needs of monument care
Borusík, Pavel ; Martinek, Jiří ; Šimek, Pavel
Tree stands represent a structurally complex grouping of woody vegetation elements in close connection with the functional, operational and compositional essence of the garden art monument. The methodology of tree stand evaluation includes both a description of the current state and perspective of the vegetation component, as well as a set of information on the functional, operational and compositional state of the evaluated stand.
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Methodology of care for garden and landscaping works from the period of the First Republic
Šimek, Pavel ; Štefl, Lukáš
The aim of the methodology is to create a methodical tool for optimal care about works of garden and landscaping especially with emphasis on the vegetation component composition. The origin of the methodology was the effort of the authors and the whole realization team to create a functional methodology that would remove the information barrier in the area of care of vegetation elements. This topic, which is specific to the period 1. Czechoslovak republic, has not been dedicated to professional circles bigger attention. The partial methodical step was therefore a relatively extensive analysis literary sources (especially professional periodicals) and access to period views the then authors for the care of landscaping architecture.
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Methodology for Restoration of the First Republic's Villa Gardens
Zámečník, Roman ; Šimek, Pavel
The aim of the methodology is to create a coherent process aimed at restoring the gardens built between the world wars of the 20th century. The starting point in the methodology was the effort to analyze, interpret and draw attention to this specific segment of national cultural wealth, which has not yet been given greater attention in the professional circles. As a proof of the development of the garden art of the Czech lands, it presents the first republican art, especially its segment - the garden of villas, one of the most vulnerable proofs of the maturity of our culture.
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SW processing of audio formats
Chotětický, Martin ; Šimek, Pavel (advisor) ; Vasilenko, Alexandr (referee)
Bachelor thesis has an imminent focus on detailed analysis of audio processing software and their evaluation. The main goal of this work is to compare four most popular programmes used on daily basis in recording studios, which is precisely described in the theoretical part. Secondly, a brief historical development of audio processing software and a detailed list of avaible products on the market are listed. Practical part represents an analysis of convenient product purchase for start-up recording companies. Every single software is evaluaded including its pros and cons.
Web application development in Node.js
Homolka, David ; Šimek, Pavel (advisor)
Thesis deals with development of Web Application in Node.js. Web solution represents visualization of many various meteorological data and fills it into maps of planet Earth. User can view any available data about world weather or he can upload own file with data. The complete application is created in JavaScript, which is used on client side and server side.
Promotion of an e-shop
Kratochvílová, Veronika ; Šimek, Pavel (advisor) ; Vasilenko, Alexandr (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on problematics of an e-shop. The main goal is to analyze used methods and processes of advertising on real electronic shop which includes its verification. After, in the evaluation of results, is discussed search of goods Heureka and Zboží.cz. Those informations are shown in charts, where the proportion of used methods clear next to the total results of an e-shop is clear.
Information system using an external channel management
Lahučký, Roman ; Šimek, Pavel (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
In this thesis is characterized the specific environment of hotel services and defines the basic requirements of hotel information systems (PMS) using SaaS. They were described classical and modern forms of hotel services distribution, using the Channel Manager (CHM). Therefore, to properly grip the tool had to be described in the basic means of data exchange and application interfaces. An important element linking PMS and CHM are considered secure payment systems. Specific benefits and effectiveness of use CHM Siriona Company S.A. were analysed in terms of PMS Hotel Time a.s., utilized at the hotel Safari Lodge Dvur Kralove Zoo a.s. Applying interconnection of these systems was intended to be faster and more efficient distribution of hotel capacities and prices from PMS to online distribution channels through the CHM, whose functionality was practically analysed, described and was specified overall benefit to the hotel operation economy.
Data backup using storage media and cloud services
Vinecký, Jakub ; Vasilenko, Alexandr (advisor) ; Šimek, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with data backup and thereby preventing their loss. It defines the terms used and describes the principles of storing the data on the backup device for understanding and determination of backup operations. The theoretical part describes the possibilities of data storage by using backup software. In practical part cloud storages are tested in terms of speed of downloading and uploading for large, medium and small files. Testing is carried out by a Web browser and synchronization software of the cloud storage. For testing are selected services from large companies with the possibility of free testing. The practical part contains financial comparisons for the space of 1 TB, 10 TB and more. In the end is evaluation of benefits of using automatic backup and synthesized results of tested cloud services for small and medium sized companies.
Wi-Fi network security
Gec, Ivo ; Šimek, Pavel (advisor) ; Vasilenko, Alexandr (referee)
Bachelor thesis is thematically focused on the security of wireless networks operating on frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The theoretical part of bachelor thesis is devoted to problemacy of wireless technology. In teoretical part of bachelor thesis are contained various standards, modes of operations, possible attacks, mechanisms and security, which prevent probably attacks or threats. Practical part of bachelor thesis describes a possible design of security for this company, which deals with accounting and taxes.
Theory and practice of tracer tests in environmental protection
Šimek, Pavel ; Komárek, Michael (advisor) ; Václav, Václav (referee)
Successful predictions of the fate and transport of solutes in the subsurface is based on the availability of accurate transport parameters. Analytical solutions to the advective-dispersive solute-transport equation are useful in predicting the fate of solutes in ground water. Analytical solutions compiled from available literature are presented for one dimension solute transport in uniform ground water flow. These solutions are used for tracer test data interpretation. Tracer testing is generally regarded as the most reliable and efficient method of gathering subsurface hydrogeological information. A user-oriented computer program Mipar 2.0 was created to for estimating solute transport parameters from observed concentrations (the inverse problem) or for predicting solute concentrations (the direct problem) using the advection-dispersion equation as the transport model. The methods used for interpretation are based on the described analytical solutions. The program usability was verified on field data and on data from literature.

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