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Communication and interaction of medical personnel with patient's family in the intensive care unit
Šimůnková, Kateřina ; Dvořáčková, Ivana (advisor) ; Kordulová, Pavla (referee)
Introduction: Communication with relatives of critically ill patients is a rather neglected area in the Czech Republic. Intensive care focuses more on the patient, equipment and highly specialized treatment while contact with relatives is often minimized. Moreover, the conversation consists mainly of brief statements related to the current health status of the patient. It is important to pay more attention to this issue, especially so that the medical staff can offer the patient's family the best possible help in their difficult life situation. Objectives and Methodology: The aim of this thesis was to map the professional preparedness of general nurses and doctors in the areas of communication with the patient's family. Next, the thesis also attempted to determine the attitude of the medical staff to the families of patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Furthermore, it also aspired to map the experience of the patient's family members with the cooperation and interaction with the medical staff during hospitalization of the patient. Last but not least, the aim of the thesis was to propose solutions to improve the current situation. The quantitative research was conducted using structured questionnaires. One version of the questionnaire was intended for families of patients in the ICU...
Adrenal function in patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 (young adults)
Šimůnková, Kateřina ; Vondra, Karel (advisor) ; Kršek, Michal (referee) ; Marešová, Dana (referee)
Background: The Addison disease of the autoimmune etiology is mostly appearing as a part of APS2 whereas the most dangerous is a combination of DM1 and an autoimmune adrenalitis. The first evidence of adrenal insufficiency in DM1 is a repetitive hypoglycaemia and lower insulin consumption. Changes in the HPA axis caused by either the activation of the immunity system during the APS2 or by the structural changes in the insulin binding proteins may present the basis for the subclinical adrenal insufficiency. The functional adrenal disorders without autoimmune adrenalitis are frequently observed in autoimmune diabetes mellitus. (...) Conclusions: A rather slow autoimmune adrenalitis progress is observed in adult patients with autoimmune endocrinopathies but rarely ending with a full adrenal destruction. The adrenal antibodies importance is still under study. Higher adrenal disorder count in DM1 patients with first manifestation around the age of 30 is presumed according to our results. Subclinical adrenal insufficiency is still very difficult to diagnose and new diagnostic ways 7 are recently being proposed. We have proven the advantages of salivary cortisol during the test as well as in daily profile. We have shown that adrenal disorders are not caused by cortisol binding peptide structure modifications in...
US GAAP and the Czech Accounting System in the Condition of the Selected Firm
Kubačková, Katarína ; Šimůnková, Kateřina (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
Master’s thesis deals with the analysis of the Czech modification of accounting, it’s setting into the context of the European accounting and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles – U.S. GAAP. The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate the differences in accounting practices and the overall concept of accounting. It also assesses the measure of harmonization of accounting required for the objectivity of investor’s decision.

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