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Portugal as a tourist destination
Šilarová, Veronika ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Havlíčková, Blanka (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to characterize Portugal as a tourism destination, as well as to analyze the current situation of the tourism industry in this destination, and to try to outline the possible options for future development. The partial aims of the thesis, that should help to achieve the main goal, are: the description of economic development of Portugal in a past few years, the analysis of the offer of the tourism products in the destination, the demarcation of the position of tourism industry in Portuguese economy and last but not least the desciption of current tourism policy in the country. This thesis uses especially electronic sources, that are available online. These are mainly annual reports, statistics and research papers. The thesis then also uses literature, which is relevant to the topic of the thesis. After brief introduction at the beginning, the thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter has a theoretical character and contains the definitions of specialized terms of economic field as well as of tourism industry field. The second chapter provides basic information and facts about Portugal. The third chapter is dedicated to political and economic characterization of Portugal. The last chapter is about tourism in destination Portugal, about its current situation, as well as about its possible development in the future. The thesis then ends with a conclusion, that summarize the whole work.
Seven deadly sins in the italian literature of Trecento
Šilarová, Veronika ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Žáčková, Magdalena (referee)
The aim of this work is to present depiction of seven deadly sins in the Italian literature of 14th century. To achieve this goal the thesis analyses the writings of the three most important writers of that period. The main texts that are analyzed in this work are: an allegorical epic poem La divina commedia (The Divine Commedy) by Dante Alighieri, a collection of novellas Il Decameron (The Decameron) and allegorical poem Ninfale d'Ameto (The Comedy of Fiorentine Nymphs) by Giovanni Boccaccio, and last but not least Francesco Petrarca's latin writing Secretum meum (My Secret Book). The thesis is divided into eight chapters. The first three chapters have an introductory character. There is introduced the concept of sin in general, the traditional catholic concept of seven deadly sins, as well as the historical context of Italy in 14th century. The fourth chapter is the beginning of the focal part of the thesis. There are subsequently presented Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarca, and their concept of deadly sins, their ideas on the relationship between the sins and love, on the relationship between the sins and the virtues, as well as their thoughts on causes of deadly sins and on possible ways how to avoid them. The thesis is then concluded with eighth chapter, which summarizes what has been found in the...
Niccolò Machiavelli and Tommaso Campanella
Šilarová, Veronika ; Pelán, Jiří (advisor) ; Žáčková, Magdalena (referee)
The aim of this work is to analyse and to confront ideas and views of Niccolò Machiavelli and Tommaso Campanella, who are both very important Italian political philosophers. The works that will be analysed are Machiavelli's political treatise Il Principe (The Prince) and Campanella's utopian treatise La città del sole (The City of the Sun). This work is divided into four chapters. First chapter is a short introduction and is followed by the focal part of the work. In the second chapter is presented Niccolò Machiavelli's life and work as well as the analyse of his views on chosen topics, which are: ideal prince, ethics and religion. In the third chapter is presented Tommaso Campanella's life, work and also analyse of his views on chosen topics. Last chapter has concluding character, confronts Machiavelli's ideas with Campanella's and points out differences and similiarities betwen both authors.

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