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Assessment of the Impact of Planning on Land Prices
Slavík, Jan ; Šestáková, Romana (referee) ; Doležalová, Monika (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes methodology background for price evaluation of real properties. The case study presents the evaluation of selected land in cadastral area Podolí u Brna, town Podolí in different conditions of town and country planning. The administrative price and market price are obtained from evaluation in three different steps of country planning. The obtained results are interpreted and changes in prices are outlined with an effect of town and country planning changes.
Analysis of building development and other impacts on the price of residential properties in a specific locality
Šestáková, Romana ; Mikš, Lubomír (referee) ; Weigel, Lubomír (referee) ; Superatová, Alena (advisor)
Gradual construction in individual parts of the city has its own characteristics. Each period brings different general requirements for construction based on the lifestyle and needs of the population at certain time. This difference in construction, whether the real estate itself, or the overall layout of buildings in the landscape, including different architectural elements, affects the determination of their value. However it is often not possible to provide a sufficiently large database of comparable objects in medium-sized municipalities when applying the comparison method. Analysing of individual types of construction and, in particular, quantifying their impact on the usual cost is a new contribution and a view of building assessment. The dissertation thesis deals with the analysis of the problematic locality, the mapping of the individual construction stages, including defining individual characteristics of buildings and their surroundings. The construction influence was quantified based on the created database of realized housing units and selected methods. The realised facts in this dissertation thesis can be used as a basis for experts and valuers in the securing of database elements but also as a basic information for state administration authorities and for the public when buying and selling commodities, choosing a place for housing or information about their age.
Business Plan for Organizing Summer Camp for Children
Holánek, Jaroslav ; Šestáková, Romana (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on preparing a business plan for organizing a summer camp for children. It focuses on the analysis of the competitive environment, the assembly of the marketing mix, costing and budget. This work contains its own proposals for organizing a summer camp for children, handling, documentation, programming, personnel, material security and economic evaluation of a summer camp.
Recovery of Debts
Šestáková, Romana ; Urbášek, Vratislav (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
The main subject of my bachelor thesis is a recovery of the outstanding claims, its methods and relevant legal instruments. A special part of my thesis is focused on the definition of the legal terms, e.g. Execution of the Resolution, Execution, Claim, etc. Furthermore, the comparison of the terms Execution of the Resolution and Execution itself is a part of my thesis. The legal position of the Executor as a relatively new institution on this field according to law of the Czech Republic also creates a special part of my work. The another part of my work contains the summary of the legal procedure of the execution and presentation of some practical examples.
Specified Construction Activities
Šubrtová, Klára ; Superatová, Alena (referee) ; Šestáková, Romana (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the specification of specified construction activities, explaining the concepts related to this basic legislation. Here are given duties and responsibilities of authorized persons during the construction process. The description of qualifications that are needed for various activities in the construction industry is also included. This paper describes practical examples for a better understanding of this issue.
Valuation of immovable cultural monuments according to valuation regulations
Vaculová, Lucia ; Šestáková, Romana (referee) ; Ruberová, Marie (advisor)
The aim of my master´s thesis is the explanation of the terms which are in the connection with cultural monuments, the examples of the valuation of immovable cultural monuments according the valuation regulations, the description of the cultural monuments influence on the valuation methods. In my master´s thesis there are mentioned the valuation regulations since 1987 till present. The clear overview of declarations of cultural monuments was started in 1994. The first mention about the valuation of the immovable cultural monuments was written down in 1994. Before it all cultural monuments were valuated the same process as the buildings.
Analysis and Assessment of Construction Permits under the Building Act
Valíková, Aneta ; Superatová, Alena (referee) ; Šestáková, Romana (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with a methods of construction permits under the Building Act. In the first part defines the basic terms related. The second part deals with the permitting proces in the life cycle of construction. In the third part discusses the decisive authorities and the general procedures. The following parts deal with specific methods of permits under the Building Act. This is the definition of construction without the need for permits and construction requiring only notification. The next part deals with the proces of building permit and permitting of construction through a public law contract or a certificate of an authorized inspector. In the last part assessed and summarized the opinions of employees building authority, which were obtained through a questionnaire.
Analysis and evaluation of the placement of buildings under the Building Act
Nenál, Marek ; Superatová, Alena (referee) ; Šestáková, Romana (advisor)
This study analyzed and evaluate the locating structures according to the building Act. The theoretical part comprises the building Act, forms of the territorial decisions with their detailed structure, general requirements of plots use and zoning permit process. In the practical section, examples about the placing of building with subsequent evaluation are included. Objectives and the result of the work are summarized in the end of this dissertation.
Expert activities in expropriation proceedings
Veselá, Kateřina ; Bártů, Dominik (referee) ; Šestáková, Romana (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with expert activities, which are following the connection with expropriation process. The work is divided into three parts, each of them is targeted by specification and contant. First are analyzed the basic related concepts of this thesis, the continuence of expropriation process and historical background of expropriation. Attention is also paid to the protection and limitation of proprietary rights. The second part deals with expert activity and status in the expropriation process. The final part of the thesis is a purely practical one. The content is related to the creation of a practice expert judgement for expropriation purpose, from which describe its structure.
The return on investment associated with construction of a residential building in the cities of Hradec Králové and Brno
Lebrušková, Petra ; Šestáková, Romana (referee) ; Cupal, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis aims at the return on investment associated with construction of a residential building in the cities of Hradec Králové and Brno. As a first step, we calculate the investment amount needed to construct the building and set the rent for each apartment. Next, we determine whether discounted net rent from all residential units will cover construction costs. Investment payback period will be then assessed. We also calculate market value for each unit and a summarized value for selling all the units. Finally, we determine which of the following scenarios leads to higher profits – selling the residential building unit by unit versus renting the units. This evaluation will also take into account the results difference based on chosen city.

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