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How does death of a household member affect consumption? The Case of Mexico
Šedivý, Marek ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Vacek, Pavel (referee)
In this thesis, we study the effect of death of a household member on the evolution of household per capita consumption. We provide multiple contributions to the available literature. We are the first to analyze all three waves of the Mexican Family Life Survey and use them to estimate the effect of within-household mortality on consumption. Furthermore, we assess to what extent this effect depends on the characteristics of the deceased household member. We also provide evidence on the persistence of the shock into consumption. We rely on a fixed-effects model. We find that households are capable of perfectly smoothing shocks into consumption caused by within-household mortality. However, we find evidence indicating that the effect of within- household mortality on consumption is likely to depend on the characteristics of the affected household. We consider multiple robustness checks. Based on these we conclude that our findings are robust against variations in the specification of our model.
The introduction of social service in Non-Governmental Organization.
Nedobitá, Lucie ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Šedivý, Marek (referee)
This Master's thesis deals with the description of an introduction of social service in Non- Governmental Organization, which has decided to become a registrated provider of social services. The aim of the thesis is to describe how to manage selected phase of such a change, while introducing it to the field of social service by a Non-Governmental Organization. This is related to chosen Non-Governmental Organization Azara sociální, z.s. and specifically it's project of the introduction of field social service - Personal Assistance. The selected phase of implementation is the registration of this service and the individual steps, from the decision to introduce the change, through the elaboration of the individual plans and submission of required documents, which are necessary for the registration application to the competent regional authority. Strategic analyzes are carried out for the analysis of the external environment of the selected organization and the analysis of the internal environment. The qualitative research method focus group has been used to receive suggestions and concrete steps from selected representatives of the organization's management, based on the Implementation Plan and the Risk Plan. The evaluation of the progress, of the phases of the introduced changes is carried out...
Marketing of perinatal care centres
Taberyová, Markéta ; Růžička, Michal (advisor) ; Šedivý, Marek (referee)
The main topic of the presented thesis is Marketing in Obstetrics. Principal goals were set as follows: To describe how does marketing works in an environment of maternity hospitals. What demands have their clients and what clients consider most important during childbirth and after a delivery. The theoretical part focuses on a development of care in maternity hospitals throughout history, legal aspects of this specific care and current trends in society that affect clients' demands. Additionally I depict the specific of marketing in Obstetrics and I present it in a perspective of the 4C mix with emphasis on a communication and a convenience. The empirical part unravels the subject from the point of view of health service providers as well as health service consumers. Data sources used to describe in detail marketing of five maternity hospitals were: interviews, information form internet sites and clients personal experience. Furthermore I led investigation using questionnaire filled by hospitals' clients and I preformed ten in-depth structured interviews, upon which I formulated basic ideas of what clients want and what are the basic shortcomings in obstetric health service. The result of my investigation brought up the fact, that fulfillment of clients' expectations is substantial. The choice of...
Opera The Tempest by Zdeněk Fibich
Šedivý, Marek ; FARKAČ, Hynek (advisor) ; PAŘÍK, Ivan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with opera The Tempest, Op. 40 by Zdeněk Fibich. Its task is to clarify the genesis of the work, its place in the context of the opera works written by this composer, mapping productions of the Tempest in Czech Republic and Slovakia, supplemented by a pictorial attachment from some historical productions. The main focus of the thesis is the dramatic analysis of the opera, which describes the basic differences between libretto (written by Vrchlický) and the William Shakespeare's original. The thesis also deals with the basic characteristic of characters and contains a list of Leitmotifs with examples. In the end of the thesis you will find a music and dramatic analysis of three particular places of the opera Tempest.
Public relations in NGOs
Hrabětová, Lea ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Šedivý, Marek (referee)
Hrabětová, L., Public relations in non-profit organizations. Diploma Thesis. Prague: Charles University in Prague, 2017. The thesis aims to develop a methodology PR for smaller non-profit organizations. PR analysis was carried out in a non-profit organization Charity Opava, which fulfills its mission, and its activities shows that PR function can improve the organization's image and provide a solid foundation for fundraising and marketing activities. Without a functional PR is the systematic implementation of fundraising activities elusive. I formulated a methodology based on the information gathered from semistructured interview with Ivo Mludek which has a PR of Charita Opava in chargé, from his lecture on PR for organizations working in social services in Charity Jesenik dated 20 of October 2016 and analysis of publicly available documents . Keywords: non-profit organizations, public relations in non-profit organizations, fundraising, cause-related marketing, Charity Opava, PR tools
New new bottom billion: Poverty and regional differences in price levels around the world
Šedivý, Marek ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Schwarz, Jiří (referee)
New new bottom billion: Poverty and regional differences in price levels around the world Author: Marek Šedivý Supervisor: Petr Janský, PhD. Abstract Comparable national price levels are a fundamental instrument for any research attempting to compare economic indicators of various countries. Nowadays they are produced by a number of organizations, namely the World Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Penn World Tables. However these are provided only on national level even though significant evidence of inter-regional differences in price levels exists. This could lead to a bias of income-based economic indicators. Systematic assessment of the impact of spatial price differences on income-based economic indicators was done in this thesis. On the basis of the existing research it estimates regional price levels for a sample of 21 high and middle income countries. By combination of these indicators with income survey data provided by the Luxembourg Income Study it constructs Gini coefficients and poverty headcount ratios both adjusted and unadjusted for regional price levels. Significant and persistent evidence of bias induced by regional price levels is found throughout the sample. In the majority of cases the failure to adjust for spatial price differences leads to...
Management of Change in a Civic Associates, the Case Study
Dunovská, Kateřina ; Šedivý, Marek (referee) ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor)
My diploma project is focused on the management of change in NGOs, especially those based on voluntary contributions. This project aims to prove that a professional approach to management can ensure that functional structures, processes and management are established.
Symphonic works of Klement Slavický
Šedivý, Marek ; OLIVIERI-MUNROE, Charles (advisor) ; SVÁROVSKÝ, Leoš (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with symphonic works of czech composer Klement Slavický (1910-1999). The introduction of this thesis contains the biography of Klement Slavický and also shows head creative stages of his life. In next chapters an entire interest is devoted to each symphonic composition from Moravské taneční fantasie to last Symfonietta No. 4. The core of this thesis is in the analysis of Rapsodické variace by Klement Slavický which is confronted with the analysis from Eduard Herzog (Hudební rozhledy 1970). The thesis is also an attempt at the evaluation and the interpretation of historical documents (articles in periodicals, professional articles, interviews etc.) regarding to Slavický and his work. The attention belongs to formal aspect of compositions and also to the historical reception.
Fundraising for non-profit organizations - theory and application
Zatloukalová, Tereza ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Šedivý, Marek (referee)
The theme of this thesis is fundraising for non-profit organizations, i.e. aquiring of financial and non-financial sources for them, mainly with focus on methods and problems of individual fundraising. Application of these methods is shown in a case study of a beneficial event.

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