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Evolution of housing prices and its determinants in CEE
Šedivý, Jakub ; Polák, Petr (advisor) ; Pečená, Magda (referee)
As housing is one of the important parts of gross domestic product and one of the most significant components of people's wealth it is vital to investigate the determinants of its prices. Therefore, we analyze housing prices in Central and Eastern European coun- tries using pooled mean group estimator and vector autoregressive models. The objective of this thesis is to find out whether the fundamentals of housing prices are comparable across different countries and how the shocks in the economy affect housing pricese. For our analysis we used housing prices per square metre, GDP per capita, unemployment rates, 5-year interest rates, harmonised indices of consumer prices and construction cost indices. The conclusions of using pooled mean group estimator suggest that GDP, un- employment, interest rate and HICP indeed significantly affect the housing prices. The results of empirical analysis of individual countries using vector autoregressive model con- clude that shocks in the determinants affect housing prices with lags of 2 to 3 quarters and that the individual countries are driven by slightly different fundamentals.
The Slovak government crisis in 2018
Šedivý, Jakub ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
The regular interaction between the government and the President of the Slovak Republic in case of influencing public opinion during the period also played an important role in society. Many absurd allegations and attacks on individual representatives of the Slovak political scene have caused many doubts and questions about concrete problems. Efforts to influence the public opinion were a priority for all government officials, but also for the president himself. The supposed aim of my bachelor thesis should be to contribute to clarify the issue, evaluate the whole situation - reconstruction and development of the crisis from the perspective of the president from relevant information. The essence of the thesis is the analysis of presidential practices, especially the differences between the real powers that arise from the Constitution and practice due to the fact that the President of the Slovak Republic played an important role in the society during the crisis. The research question is, therefore, to find out what role the President played in the crisis, whether he exceeded his constitutional powers and violated constitutional customs, or his actions were fully in accordance with constitutional powers and customs.
Inflammatory and Fibrotic Myocardial Involvement
Šedivý, Jakub ; Hromádka, Milan (advisor) ; Mayer, Otto (referee) ; Pařenica, Jiří (referee)
1 Inflammatory and fibrotic myocardial involvement MUDr. Jakub Šedivý, Kardiologické oddělení FN Plzeň Introduction: The aim of my work was to evaluate the comprehensive approach to diagnosis and eventually monitoring the trend in two cardiac diseases of non-ischemic etiology. The first part is focused on evaluation of the inflammatory changes in patients with "infarct-like" myocarditis based on magnetic resonance (MRI) and laboratory tests. We also considered the possibility of restricting the length of physical activity restriction by bicycle ergometry. The second topic was the comprehensive assessment of cardiac risk in patients with systemic sclerosis, including the assessment of possible MR and new laboratory markers of myocardial fibrosis. Materials and methods: In the first part, we included prospectively 30 patients with "infarct- like" myocarditis and with a positive finding of late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) on MRI. Follow up MRI, echocardiography and stress ECG were performed at 1 and 6 month intervals. In the study focused on systemic sclerosis, a total of 33 long-term patients were prospectively enrolled. The study included a comparison of a group of 20 healthy volunteers. Results: In 47% of patients with infarct-like myocarditis, we found a left ventricular dyskinesia, but only 17% of...
Pairs trading at CEE markets
Šedivý, Jakub ; Maršál, Aleš (advisor) ; Kraicová, Lucie (referee)
We investigate the use of investment strategy called pairs trading on small-sized equity markets located in Central Eastern Europe. Pairs trading is self-financing trading strategy that identifies two stocks based on their historical relationship, and makes profit on their short-term relative mispricing, since the strategy relies on their convergence into the long- term equilibrium. The objective of this thesis is to compare two different methods of pairs trading, distance method based on minimizing the sum of squared deviations between nor- malized historical prices and cointegration method using daily data from June 2008 to March 2017. We examine whether any of those method is profitable on Prague Stock Exchange, Bucharest Stock Exchange and Budapest Stock Exchange and can be used on such markets with high industry diversity. Our findings were not stastically different from zero in all but one case and majority of average returns was negative. In comparison to US and Finnish equity markets the strategy falls behind. Even though we identified some cointegrated pairs, their profitability was more than questionable and further investiga- tion showed that small equity markets such as the ones we have studied are not a good fit for pairs trading strategy.
The charakteristic types of cases and incidents in Czech Republic
Šedivý, Jakub ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Characteristics of types of cases and incidents in the Czech Republic. Objectives: The aim is to characterize the types of cases and incidents and add to them the specific cases of the Czech Republic. Metods: Exploration, analysis and analysis of the obtained information related to the issue of the cases and incidents in the Czech Republic. Results: A complete overview of the cases and incidents that may arise or have alredy arisen in the Czech Republic. Key words: Incident, system, danger, firefighter, rescue.

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