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Formation of Israeli National Identity in poems of Natan Alterman
Tintěrová, Monika ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Boušek, Daniel (referee)
The presented diploma thesis named "Formation of Israeli National Identity in Poems of Nathan Alterman" aims to present its reader from an interdisciplinary perspective of scientific discipline of Anthropology of Literature, way by which was the poetic text used in the process of forming of the Israeli National Identity. That is demonstrated on the chosen case study of two poems of Nathan Alterman (1910-1970): Silver Plate and About This. Alterman, one of the most known poets of Israeli War of Independence, published these poems in his regular newspaper platform Seventh Column in leading left oriented journal Davar. First of the poems was written still in the pre-state period in the year 1947 and expressed a severe critics to a Zionistic perception of the expected war which was about to burst out with the upcoming end of the British Mandate on Palestine and division of the territory into an Arabic and Jewish state. Second poem was published almost exactly a year after the first one and criticizes war behaviour of the Israeli army to local Arab inhabitants. Both these poems foreshadowed Alterman's way of his relation to the ruling establishment and not only him but of all his generation of authors, which with their literary texts expressed criticism towards the state apparatus, but legitimized it at...
Testaments and Survivorship Inventories of Prague Jews until the Half of 19th Century
Krákora, Tomáš ; Šedinová, Jiřina (referee)
The rigorous thesis Testaments and Survivorship Inventories of Prague Jews until the Half of 19th Century deals with the testamentary practice of Prague inhabitants of Jewish descent. It recapitulates outcomes of the research of jewish books of testaments which arose from the office of the King's Prague Old Town during the period 1681-1850 and nowadays are doposited in the collection of manuscripts of Prague City Archives. The thesis incorporates partial studies presented during the previous university education - both undergraduate and graduate. Two of manuscripts that were not presented yet (the book of testaments from years 1773-1784 written in Hebrew and the book of inventories from years 1773-1783) are newly included into the research project. Theoretic section introducing mainly the historical context (for instance history of Jews in the Czech Lands; last wills in the Jewish tradition; Jewish testamentary practice in the Czech Lands; boroughs of Prague; legal regulations etc.) is followed by the practical section (presentation of concrete historical documents). All seven manuscripts are analysed both from formal and contentual points of view. Synoptic tables are attached at the very end of the paper. Keywords: Jews, Prague, early modern period, late modern period, manuscripts, testaments,...
Israeli Reality As Seen Through the Eyes of Sayed Kashua
Vlk, Michal ; Boušek, Daniel (advisor) ; Šedinová, Jiřina (referee)
This study aims to illuminate and analyze the Israeli-Arab reality as it is reflected in the novelistic works of Sayed Kashua. Sayed Kashua, an Israeli-Arab writer and journalist, who writes in Hebrew, has become a cultural phenomenon in the modern Israel. He opts to write and describe the hyphenated identity of Israeli-Arabs and their ambivalent perceptions of the Jewish majority. Kashua is torn between the Arab and Jewish worlds and he does not feel satisfied with either of them: the Jewish-majority society accuses him of anti-Zionism, while the Arab society considers his choice of language as a treachery and denial of the Palestinian rich cultural, linguistic, and literary heritage and accuses him of being highly critical of Palestinian culture and society and of expressing pro-Israeli attitudes. The thesis presents an analysis of the recurrent theme of co-existence of Arabs and Jews in Israel and of the identity crisis of Israeli-Arabs in Kashua's novelistic production. At the same time, the study contextualizes Kashua's literary writings within the writings of other prominent Israeli-Arab authors, who published their works in Hebrew, while seeking an answer to the question of how these writings are perceived in the Israeli society and abroad.
"All is Good, All is One". Rabi Nachman ben Simcha o-Bratslav. His Personality and his Work.
Krekulová, Tereza ; Nosek, Bedřich (advisor) ; Šedinová, Jiřina (referee) ; Sidon, Karol Efraim (referee)
"Vše je dobré, vše je Jedno" Rabi Nachman ben Simcha mi-Braslav Osobnost a dílo "Al lis Good, All is One" Rabi Nachman Ben Simcha of-Bratslav His Personality and his Work Mgr. Tereza Krekulová My thesis deals whith one of the most fascinating and at the same time controversial figures of Hasidic movement rabbi Nahman of Bratslav whose place in the framework of Hasidic spirituality was quite unique. It purpots to depict the features of his mentality and spiritual life which had the strongest influence on his teachings and his self-reflection as the hidden tzaddik of the whole generation with strong messianic aspiration. Both of his works differ very much from the traditional genres of Hasidic literature: his homilies are marked by their enigmatic, associative style and highly complex hermeneutical structure. His stories, unlike traditional Hasidic legend which depicts the life and miraculous deeds of tzaddikim, don't take place in the Jewish surroundings and tzaddik is present in them as their author who puts his words into the mouth of fictitions heroes. My aim was to prove the essential unity of both these works which played the crucial role na Nahman's messianic strivings. The most important conclusion is that the main purpose of both his teachings and stories which he used as material garments (levushim)...
The Image of Eastern Jew in 20th Century Czech Jewish Journals (till 1938)
Fottová, Magdalena ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Šedinová, Jiřina (referee)
This thesis focuses on the image of an Eastern Jew in Czech-Jewish and Zionist journals from 1910 to 1925 and its position in the identity of these groups. The analysis is based on fictional texts (both translations and originally Czech ones) with Eastern Jewish characters, which (considering their placement in official journals of the Czech-Jewish and Zionist institutions) presented a fictional world acceptable for the movement's ideology and co-created the image of Eastern Jew in their followers' collective memory. A description of the most frequent features of Eastern Jewish characters is supplemented by historical context and the journals' non-literary articles. Key words Eastern Jew, 1st World War, Jewish identity, assimilation, Zionism, Jewish journals, stereotypes, characters.
Testamentary Practice of Prague Jews Based on Analysis of the Books of Testaments from 1681-1850.
Krákora, Tomáš ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Šedinová, Jiřina (referee)
This diploma thesis, entitled "Testamentary Practice of Prague Jews Based on Analysis of the Books of Testaments from 1681-1850," deals with the Jewish books of testaments which arose from the office of the King's Prague Old Town during the years 1681 and 1850 and nowadays are deposited in Prague City Archives. The text relates to conclusions presented by previous bachelor thesis and its main aim is the analysis of Jewish last wills from years 1773- 1850 from various points of views - for instance typology of records, testators, language, contents and other. Also analysis of chosen records are attached to the practical section of the work - last wills and related writings of Abraham Offner, Philipp Eidlitz and Löwi Gisternitz are introduced. Collected datas are consequently compared with facts extracted from Jewish books of testaments from years 1681-1773. Detailed summary, diagrams, as well as the photographic attachment are the integral part of the text. Keywords: Jews, Prague, early modern period, manuscripts, testaments, testator, last wills, Abraham Offner, Philipp Eidlitz, Löwi Gisternitz
Old Czech Glosses in Medieval Hebrew Rabbinic Writings
Uličná, Lenka ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Hoffmannová, Jana (referee) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
of the dissertation Lenka Uličná This study aims to present and interpret the Old Czech (so-called Canaanic) glosses preserved in medieval Hebrew rabbinic writings Arugath ha-bosem by Abraham ben Azriel, Or zarua by Isaac ben Moses and in the commentary to the Mahzor Nuremberg. So far, linguistic analyses of this language material have been based on the editions. The present work analyzes manuscript versions of the glosses and significantly refines the research. We consider the so-called Canaanic glosses primarily as a sociolinguistic subject and this attitude influenced the selection of methods used in this study. Due to the character of the language material, we had to combine the sociolinguistic methods with methods of contrastive linguistics, paleographic methods and analytical methods of diachronic linguistics. The results of this analysis are presented in dictionary entries and they provide a basis for the following characterization of the so-called Canaanic language and its position towards the so-called Jewish languages on the one hand and towards the Czech language of the Christian majority, on the other. The gloss is i.a. a manifestation of bilingualism of the productor of the text. Being aware of the insufficiency of one language he tries to secure the understanding of a certain term in...
Yehuda Amichai - Poetry in the light of Traditional Jewish Literature
Holá, Marie ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Šedinová, Jiřina (referee) ; Nuska, Bohumil (referee)
Yehuda Amichai - Poetry in the light of Traditional Jewish Literature Marie Holá The present work named Yehuda Amichai - poetry in the light of traditional Jewish literature addresses the relationship between religious texts of Judaism and essentially secular and modern poetry of one of the greatest poets of Hebrew language. The text contains more than twenty newly translated poems and through their analysis tries to capture the creative principles and key topics of the poet's work.
The Jews in the Region of Jindřichův Hradec
Rutová, Andrea ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee)
This thesis deals with the transformation of the Jewish settlement in the Jindřichův Hradec region, which occurred due to the release of restriction laws in 1848. On the example of the Jewish communities in Jindřichův Hradec, Kardašova Řečice, Staré Město pod Landštejnem and Nová Bystřice is sketched the development in which the Jewish society in the region was proceeding. For each community are described oldest references of Jewish settlement, characteristic settlement in the 18th and 19 century based on the analysis of registers of Jews and eventually development of the community after 1848. The final chapter examines the process and the degree of assimilation of each community to the Czech nation.
Modern Israeli Short Story
Maizels, Tereza ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
The dissertation "Modern Israeli short story" focuses on the form of the current short prose studied on the work of four of the renowned Israeli contemporary authors. Employing the method of text comparison we try to illustrate the specifics of the modern Israeli short story. The dissertation contains both the theoretical overview as well as analytical material. The authors were selected according to several criteria: two male and two female writers which enables us to determine whether "gender" plays a role - meaning if each author favors heroes of a specific gender or if they focus only on "female" or "male" contents. We also chose two native Israeli writers and two authors of foreign descent that immigrated to Israel which enabled us to study the linguistic angle and to realize whether the writer's background is reflected in his/her work. The analytical parts as well as the amendments contain a number of samples which prove our conclusions.

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