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Prototype Verification of Modification of Evolutionary Algorithm
Švestka, Marek ; Rajnoha, Martin (referee) ; Šeda, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis is about evolutionary algorithms with a concrete solution for an Aircraft Landing Problem. The goal is to create a genetic algorithm for this task resolution, apply selected modifications and compare all outputs. The program runs with different selection methods which are further reviewed. Input data are taken from Operations research library for this task. The outcome of this thesis gives a closer look to evolutionary programming and it’s problem resolution.
Implementation of the Vehicle Routing Problem Using the Algorithm of Ant Colonies and Particle Swarms
Hanek, Petr ; Kubánková, Anna (referee) ; Šeda, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on meta-heuristic algorithms and their ability to solve difficult optimization problems in polynomial time. The thesis describes different kinds of meta-heuristic algorithms such as genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization or ant colony optimization. The implemented application was written in Java and contains ant colony optimization for capacitated vehicle routing problem and particle swarm optimization which finds the best possible parameters for ant colonies.
Data Continuity in Project Design
Nevřelová, Monika ; Štůsek, Martin (referee) ; Šeda, Pavel (advisor)
This work deals with the implementation of data continuity within the project documentation. This data continuity is implemented in order to follow the Industry 4.0 philosophy, already in the early design phase of the project. The project also gives an example of the implementation of the Internet of Things and the possibility of using it in industrial zones.
Interactive apps for education of vector graphics theory
Lipa, Matúš ; Šeda, Pavel (referee) ; Rajmic, Pavel (advisor)
This work deals with the creation of several interactive web applets for education of vector graphics. Described is the image signal, his discretization, vector and bitmap types of image record. Further they describe selected vector curves, their properties, algorithms for their construction and usage. The principles of rasterization of basic vector objects are explained. Using the Figma tool, graphical user interfaces for each applet are designed. These applets are implemented using HTML and Javascript. The implemented applets are placed on web pages that are used in computer graphics education.
Vector Graphics In Latex For Academic Papers
Seda, Pavel
This paper deals with issue of creating vector graphics in LATEX. In these days most of technical academic papers are written in LATEX, so it is very important to know how to create vector pictures directly in it, because it will usually looks better than if it is created in 3rd party tool. The output of this article are created models, where one of them is published in world wide open source project summarizing LATEX vector graphics.
Relational and NoSQL database for collecting data from IoT devices
Tomiczek, Roman ; Štůsek, Martin (referee) ; Šeda, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor work is focused on the analysis of the relational and NoSQL (Not only SQL) databases for collecting a huge amount of data from IoT (Internet of Things) device. Theoretical part contains an introduction to the problematic of the relational and NoSQL databases. The relational database describes fundamental principles, relational algebra, normal forms and so on. The non-relational database characterises the main properties and describes different types of typologies. It deals with the NoSQL documentation databases called Elasticsearch as well. Practical part contains a proposal and realization of the MySQL database, realization non-relational database Elasticsearch as well as JavaFx application for measurement of database parameters. Further contains results of the measurement of parameters and properties of databases.
Development of Server Application in Swift Programming Language
Střálka, Martin ; Šeda, Pavel (referee) ; Hošek, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with possibilities of using the developer language Swift in server applications. Describes the advantages and disadvantages of Swift versus other languages, especially Obj-C, which is the predecessor of Swift and Java, a direct competitor of Swift. It also describes the differences between frameworks used for web applications. Swift language selection is implemented as a simple application for REST database communication based on an existing application. The solution will be able to search and display search results in the database.
Comparison of communication technologies and selection of effective protocol for access of IoT device to the back-end server using the Java platform
Gryc, Václav ; Hošek, Jiří (referee) ; Šeda, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis focuses on comparing two ways of communicating with a web service. The first way to communicate is using SOAP. The second way uses the REST architecture, creating a RESTful web service. Both ways are theoretically described in the thesis. The main benefit of this work for devices with reduced connectivity is the finding that communication with REST API is more appropriate.
Image similarity measuring using deep learning
Štarha, Dominik ; Šeda, Pavel (referee) ; Rajnoha, Martin (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with the reseach of technologies using deep learning method, being able to use when processing image data. Specific focus of the work is to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of deep learning when comparing two image input data. The first – theoretical – part consists of the introduction to neural networks and deep learning. Also, it contains a description of available methods, their benefits and principles, used for processing image data. The second - practical - part of the thesis contains a proposal a appropriate model of Siamese networks to solve the problem of comparing two input image data and evaluating their similarity. The output of this work is an evaluation of several possible model configurations and highlighting the best-performing model parameters.
Mobile applications for subjective measurement QoE of streaming video
Šeda, Pavel ; Hošek, Jiří (referee) ; Kováč, Dominik (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the subjective measurement of the quality of experience on streaming video through a mobile application. After wide analysis of possibilities how to realize subjective measurement of quality of experience, the mobile and web application were created. These tools enable to obtain user ratings of streaming videos and then evaluate them. The user ratings are stored to the central database via secured REST API.

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