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Czech of Chinese Native Speakers in CzeSL-SGT Corpus
Piálková, Nikola ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Šormová, Kateřina (referee)
The present thesis deals with a part of the Czech National Corpus: to be specific, it deals with a collection of data from CzeSL-SGT, a student corpus, that have been obtained from students of the Czech language whose L1 is Chinese. This section is introduced in the first chapter of the thesis with regard to the context of the acquisition corpus CzeSL. The second - main - chapter examines the corpus through metadata that can be found in every student text. The final section describes a selection of typical errors made by native speakers of an analytic language during a synthetic language acquisition. Powered by TCPDF (
Key competences according to teachers of the Czech language
Kumžáková, Karolína ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Šormová, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis seeks answers to the questions how Czech teachers in Prague understand the key competencies defined in the basic program documents (especially in general educational programs), what idea they have of their development in Czech language and literature educational field, how they relate to the application in the planning, preparation and realization of education (including preparation and implementation of the teaching of individual sub-contents). The selected methods are: detailed study of program documents and relevant didactic studies; structured interviews with teachers of Czech language of selected Grammar schools in Prague; the study of schools educational programs with which the interviewed teachers work in lessons. The text is divided into a theoretical and practical part. In the first part there are presented elementary theoretical terms based on the professional literature. In the second part there is listed the methodology of the research and its results. The outcome is the fact that the competence approach of teaching was only partly implemented among the teachers of Czech language and literature. Teachers consider the development of key competencies only as one of the components of a complex process of teaching and learning. The main weaknesses of the current situation are...
The application of drama techniques in teaching grammar in Czech for foreigners
Bučková, Aneta ; Boccou Kestřánková, Marie (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee)
(in English): The master's thesis deals with the use of dramapedagogy in grammar teaching in Czech for foreigners. The issue is explored through a pilot study focusing on the instruction of past tense in a university course in Germany. For the purpose of the study, the drama grammar method, which combines explicit grammar exploration and acting in communication situations has been modified. Firstly, the paper specifies the chosen grammatical structure didactically. Secondly, the options of using dramapedagogy in foreign language teaching are introduced. The focus lies on the methods theatre pedagogy (metoda jevištního tvaru) and drama grammar. The presented pilot study examines three research questions (referred to as VO). According to VO1, subjects taught through the drama grammar method will achieve better results in grammar. VO2 verifies if applying dramapedagogy influences the consolidation of student's linguistic performance in a long-term perspective. VO3 expects that using dramapedagogy will increase student's motivation.
Critical Analysis of Language Ideologies in Czech Public Discourse
Dufek, Ondřej ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Cvrček, Václav (referee) ; Mrázková, Kamila (referee)
The thesis deals with language ideologies in Czech public discourse. After introducing its topic, motivation and structure in the opening chapter, it devotes the second chapter to a thorough analysis of the research field of language ideologies. It presents various ways of defining them, two different approaches to them and a few key features which characterize language ideologies. The relation of language ideologies and other related notions is outlined, possibilities and ways of investigation are surveyed. Some remarks focus on existing lists or glossaries of language ideologies. The core of this chapter is an original, complex definition of language ideologies grounded in a critical reflection of approaches up to now. The third chapter summarizes relevant existing findings and on that basis, it formulates the main aim of the thesis - to make a contribution to knowledge on the foundations and ways of conceptualizing language in Czech public discourse. The fourth chapter elaborates the methodological frame of the thesis. Critical discourse analysis is chosen as a basis - its basics are summarized, main critical comments are considered and a partial solutions are proposed in use of corpus linguistics' tools. Another part of this chapter concerns with keyness as one of the dominant principles used...
Mechanical design of plastic parts crusher
Šebesta, Karel ; Brandejs, Jan (referee) ; Paloušek, David (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the construction of shredder of plastic components produced by 3D printers. The aim of the thesis is to design a shredder whose output components, the so-called flakes, could be used to produce recycled filament. The first part of the thesis covers an analysis of technology of shredding. Furthermore, the properties of shredded material and the requirements for the quality of output granules are determined. Based on the research, the parameters for the efficient shredder are defined. In accordance with these parameters, several variants are created, from which the final design of the two-stage shredder is selected and constructed.
Czech schools without borders. Multiple case study
Vrbenská, Veronika ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Bozděchová, Ivana (referee)
Diplomová práce Bc. Veronika Vrbenská České školy bez hranic. Vícečetná případová studie¨ Czech Schools without borders. Multiple case study Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to describe the development undertaken by the Czech Schools without Borders since their establishment and to illustrate how they currently operate, what is the outcome of their function especially on the field of Czech language education, and how their executives, pupils and their parents evaluate this functioning and its outcomes. The thesis is structured as a multiple case study focused on two such schools with a longer tradition - the Czech School without Borders in Brussels and the Czech School without Borders in Geneva. Its methodology will be based on ethnographic procedures of data collection and handling. It will focus on analyzing the development of the mentioned Czech Schools without Borders (mainly on the basis of official written documents), on the current operation of these schools (on the basis of an analysis of administrative documents, especially curriculums and learning materials) and its outcomes and on the reflection of the function of Czech Schools without Borders by their executives (school principals, through analysis of semi-structured interviews), current pupils and their parents (through a questionnaire survey).
Teaching methods for bilingual children (case study)
Herbsová, Adéla ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
This diploma theses introduces case studies of bilingual children attending Czech School Without Borders, London (CSWBL) that focuses on their education in this supplementary school. The theoretical part determines the term bilingualism. The aim is to describe aspects of bilingualism in students of CSWBL and specifics of their education with consideration of their frequent mistakes. In one chapter we describe institutions providing education to bilingual children worldwide. Another chapter outlines curriculum of "Czech schools without borders", curriculum of CSWBL and worksheets used for classwork in CSWBL. We are aware that textbooks for bilingual speaker do not yet exist. Empiric part focuses on creation of educational materials for Reception and Year 1 classes, both based on curriculum of CSWBL. This material is used during the lessons and evaluated. We describe in total six Saturday lessons, which took place at school year 2015/16. The lessons were based on those materials we created. Whilst creating the education materials we got inspired by Czech language textbooks, Czech for foreigners textbooks, CSWBL archive and internet sources. Key words bilingvism, methodology, biculturalism, mothar tongue
Czech Praseology and Foreigners
Dandová, Tereza ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
In this thesis, we look into the level of knowledge of Czech phraseology of non-native speakers, namely Russian-speaking (Russophones). The objective is to investigate, using five case studies, what is the degree of knowledge of Czech phraseology, how the level of integration into the Czech society might influence their knowledge, or whether there may be any other relevant factors. By means of a semi-structured interview, these case studies describe respondents' language background which is later confronted with the research findings. In conclusion, results of the case studies are compared in order to identify tendencies and factors that might be significant for students when acquiring the idioms.
Use of Language Games in Teaching Czech as Foreign Language to Children
Kaprasová, Karolína ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Chromý, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with an analysis of language game repertory found in textbooks of foreign languages - Czech, English and German - for children of primary school age, and with a research of the use of language games in classes, which is conducted by means of a questionnaire survey. The first part contains a description of the issue of a game as such, its importance for ontogenetic and personality development of each individual based on specialized literature. The attention here is also concentrated on the existing game typologies and on defining appropriate classification according to which the game activities found in the selected textbooks will be sorted. The game activities are, in the second part, classified by belonging to the individual types of the selected classification and they are supplemented with a more detailed description in terms of language levels (phonetic, lexical and grammatical) and linguistic elements which can be practised through these activities. The questionnaire survey analysed in the third part of the thesis monitors if and to what extent teachers of foreign languages use game activities in their classes with regard to their usefulness and efficiency. Keywords: didactic game, language game, textbooks of foreign languages, phonetic level, lexical level, grammatical level
The Mediating Language in Teaching Czech as a Second Language
Dušková, Jana ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Štindlová, Barbora (referee)
The thesis deals with the code choice in the language classroom, particularly with teaching Czech as a foreign language. This thesis is an excursion into contemporary teaching Czech as a foreign language and its main aim is to explore the role of the code choice in CFL teaching and find out the motives of this choice on the part of the teacher - whole thesis is therefore primarily concerned with teacher's code choice in the language classroom and with factors that influence the choice. This aim is realized with the use of several case studies that examine in detail the code choice in several courses of Czech for foreigners using participant observation, semi- structured interview and the results of previous similar studies are taken into account. In conclusion, the results of individual studies are compared and we tried to find out trends and key factors that could play an important role in the code choice in the language classroom. Key words : Czech as foreign language, classroom language communication, case study, teacher talk, code choice, mediating language

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