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Anomálie teploty vzduchu v České republice
Šandová, Milada ; Kastner, Jiří (vedoucí práce) ; Moravčík, Luboš (oponent)
This paper presents the spatial distribution of air temperature anomalies in the Czech Republic for three climatological periods: 1851-1900, 1901-1950, 1961-1990. Main stationary factors influencing climate in the Czech Republic are latitude, longitude and altitude. Therefore the temperature gradient, which was calculated by multidimensional linear stepwise regressions analysis, was expressed in a degree of latitude, longitude or hundred meters of altitude. The gradient was specified as monthly, seasonal and annual means of each period. The aim of the Mc. S. thesis was to determine areas with negative or positive anomaly and to explain the causes of the anomaly. For this purpose a method of deprivation of the stationary factors and their influences was developed. To avoid altitude influence, the monthly and annual temperature means were converted to sea level temperature. Afterwards, the gradients of average monthly and annual air temperature were used to avoid the latitude and longitude influence. The anomaly represents the deviation of the average value determined from values, which were deprived of geographical location. Resultant values were processed by Inverse Distance Weighted interpolation in the Geographical Information System (GIS) environment. The main result of this work is representation of...

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