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Vacuum tube audio amplifier
Hrubý, Ondřej ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Musil, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with a design and simulation of an audio power amplifier using vacuum tubes to process a phono level signal. The frequency response of suggested solution should comply with the norm specified by RIAA. It also describes a principle of usage a magnetodynamic pick-up, reproduction quality requirements, vacuum tube basic description and also its advantages for audio applications usage. Last part contains a comparison of the vacuum tube and semiconductor amplifier considering signal distortion of the active elements.
Temperature control in the liquid thermostat using Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller
Hanulík, René ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Adámek, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis familiarizes reader with the issues of temperature control and measurement in the enviroment of liquid thermostat. Thesis describes some kinds of temperature sensors, their physical principes and choices of using them. There is also described properties of ATmega328 controller and communication resources. This thesis deals with implementation of bath thermostat controller unit and describes his software equipment together with PC controlling application.
Thermal aging of lead-free low-temperature joints
Jansa, Vojtěch ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Adámek, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this masterś thesis is to investigate properties of lead-free low-temperature solders after termal aging. The theoretical part is focused on various types of lead - free solders, pastes used for the manufacture of electrical circuits by thick-film technology and methods of testing the properties of the soldered joints. The practical part deals with the design and production of test substrates for testing the solder joints formed between the SMD component and the ceramic substrate. Two solder bismuth-containing solder was selected for testing, the SAC solder was selected as the reference. After aging with temperature cycling from -30 ° C to 115 ° C, the data obtained by testing the mechanical strength of the solder joint by the shear test is evaluated.
Control unit for monitoring of climatic conditions in the breeding of edible insects
Chmelař, Vít ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Adámek, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis introduces the problematics of edible insects, Arduino platform, sensors and peripherals that will be used to construct a device which monitors conditions of breeding of insects. It describes the different type of sensors and their principles. It discusses the SPI and I2C communication, which is used for communication with peripherals and describes the selected sensors and peripherals with which will be builded the device. Measured values are displayed on devici and savet to memory card.
Audio preamplifier with input selector
Starčok, Tomáš ; Adámek, Martin (referee) ; Šandera, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deal with the audio preamplifier with input selector. It describes all designed parts of this device. It selects and describes all suitable components. Describes the whole process of electronics design in this device. Then describes the design, manufacture, assembling and testing of the PCB. In conclusion it shows the achieved results and electrical parameters of the device.
Investigation of high voltage influence on different materials in high and low vacuum
Šedivý, Matúš ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
The beginning of this thesis contains an overview of properties of the insulators, and description of insulators that were used for in depth research of surface breakdown in vacuum. Furthermore, this work focuses on mechanisms of an electric breakdown initiation at the interface of the solid insulator and surrounding low pressure gas. Multiple methods for measurements of dielectric strength are examined. The experimental part describes the measurements performed in the vacuum chamber. The results of these measurements are then analysed. In conclusion, used insulators are compared and suggestions for further work are given.
Interconnection Technologies for 3D Electronic and Microelectronic Constructions
Nicák, Michal ; Pietriková,, Alena (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (referee) ; Šandera, Josef (advisor)
The doctoral thesis is focused on research on application possibilities of soldered interconnection structures especially for the use with innovative 3D structures assembled using the LTCC ceramic materials, PVD deposited and galvanically modified pads, solid core solder balls. It consists of several main parts. Introduction is followed by theoretical survey of current situation and technologies. Thesis continues with introduction of main goals and with summary of successively performed experiments and their results. End of the work belongs to summary of results and gained knowledge.
Influence of printed board surface finishing on solderability with vapour soldering
Matras, Jan ; Starý, Jiří (referee) ; Šandera, Josef (advisor)
Thesis deals with vapor soldering and wetting the surface with solder during the soldering process. It describes in detail the advantages and disadvantages of various surface finishes on the PCB. Generally characterizes the properties of lead-free solders and fluxes. Describes vapor soldering process, including the properties of the liquid itself. It also focuses on a method of evaluating the wettability by using solder balls and its performance on individual samples surface finishes.
Design and properties of low-frequency amplifier with vacuum valves
Piroha, Ladislav ; Musil, Vladislav (referee) ; Šandera, Josef (advisor)
The purpose of the bachelor’s thesis is explanation of theory and construction of low frequency tube audio amplifier with UV meter. Main focus is on history and development of vacuum circuits from its early beginning, on electrical parameters and applied physical principles. Explanation of operating characteristics of amplifier classes and comparison of vacuum tube sound acoustic performance against transistor amplifier one. Finally, there is build description of single ended amplifier class A.
Extending the functionality of LaiPen
Trtílek, Jakub ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
The main goal of bachelor thesis was extending functionality of LaiPen LP 100 with voice recognition module, that would help to insert names of plants, while working with the device. Manual selection of vegetation is in the current version of the instrument barely used, cause of long time demands. Selecting, implementing and programming the voice recognition module EasyVR 2.0, was the topic of my work. Also the design of controlling menu and integration of the module to the LaiPen device. For the integration was necessary to design module, that would mediate communications between CPU and voice recognition module. The work includes also a design of I2C/UART convertor. For this design of the convertor was used microcontroller Max3109, that required to program main controlling functions.

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