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An interpretation of Australian culture
Šafaříková, Jana ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
Australia represents a unique kind of a relatively new society, which arises from British colonial heritage, at the same time is confronted by the presence of Aboriginal culture, arguably the oldest culture to have endured till present day, and has one of the highest rates of immigration in the world. The efforts to establish a common ground in such a diverse environment, that all current inhabitants of Australia could share and thus identify themselves with Australia as a political, but especially cultural entity, raise a number of questions. The thesis follows the cultural history of Australia since the earliest times of first waves of human migration, through British colonization tens of thousands years later, to the cultural, social and demo graphical changes of the last two centuries. It interprets the efforts to create a specific Australian cultural and national identity: from the original, more or less succesful efforts to deal with the differences through assimilationist policies, to the shift in the second half of the 20th century, leading to the current policy of multiculturalism, that has become a defining characteristics of contemporary Australia. The extent, however, to which the policy of multiculturalism has been embraced by the wide public, remains an open issue, and a topic underlying a...
Removal of iron and manganese in water treatment process
Šafaříková, Jana ; Hnaťuková, Petra (advisor) ; Pivokonský, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis is aimed at the evaluation of water treatment technology in Písty waterworks which treats raw water with high concentration of iron and manganese. The most common method of iron and manganese removal from raw water is based on oxidation to insoluble hydrated oxides followed by separation of formed aggregates. The plant technology consists of aeration, oxidation agent KMnO4 dosing and mixing, sedimentation, filtration and hygienic protection. Chemical analysis of treated water, evaluation of the aeration efficiency of iron and manganese oxidation, evaluation of the separation efficiency of the sedimentation tank and filters, assessment of distribution of iron and manganese in the filter, assessment of dirt holding capacity and optimization of KMnO4 dose were determined. Raw water pH fluctuated around 7,3 during measurements, whereas iron and manganese concentrations in raw water were 6,00 and 0,82 mg.l-1 , respectively. Oxidation of 97,2 % of dissolved iron and of 14,3 % of dissolved manganese was achieved after the aeration. The separation efficiency of the sedimentation tank was 82,9 % for iron and 46,5 % for manganese, however the separation efficiency of the second half of the sedimentation tank was low. Thus, the perforated baffles in the second half of the sedimentation...
Australian cultural identity as a symbolic construction
Šafaříková, Jana ; Soukup, Martin (referee) ; Soukup, Václav (advisor)
Despite its geographical position within the Asia-Pacific region, Australia puts a great deal of effort into recreating a cultural environment that would resemble the one of Europe and the United States, rather than the one of its neighbouring countries. Australia's cultural identity, however, due to the immigrant past of its very diverse population, have had to be invented from scratch during the past two centuries, and the process of its formation continues to these days. This gives us an exceptional opportunity to study the processes of cultural identity construction in an almost direct transmission. Based on the bibliographical research, the thesis assumes that the roots can be identified in the following areas: (1) cultural traditions of the Australian Aboriginal societies, (2) recent cultural stereotypes that emerged during the past two centuries, and (3) specific natural and climatic conditions coupled with the presence of unique animal and plant species. This thesis will focus on the broadest, yet most significant area: Aboriginal culture in both its past and present state, and on its existence within the context of contemporary Australian society. The area of contemporary cultural stereotypes, of which many are related to Aboriginal cultural tradition, will also be briefly discussed. Australian...

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