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A Comparative Analysis of Anglicisms in German Standard Varieties
The following Master thesis "A Comparative Analysis of Anglicisms in German Standard Varieties" focuses on the matter of English lexical borrowing in German which is currently very topical and provokes mixed reactions both from laymen and linguists. First, the thesis introduces the fundamental knowledge of language change focusing on its internal and external causes. Furthermore, the three German standard varieties are characterised - German Standard German, Austrian German and Swiss German. The third chapter is devoted to the concrete influence of English lexical borrowings on German. Moreover, the empirical part presents a comparative analysis based on a collection of anglicisms from 100 newspaper articles from national online newspapers for each of the varieties. At the end of the analysis, current tendencies concerning the use of anglicisms and the particularities of the individual standard varieties are defined. To conclude with, the thesis deals with the critical reception of anglicisms in the public discourse and presents the matter from the point of view of sociolinguistics.
A Comparative Analysis of French Expressions in English
This B.A. thesis entitled "A Comparative Analysis of French Expressions in English" is concerned with the phenomenon of French expressions in Modern English and their meaning. The theoretical part focuses on the field of meaning, its types and different approaches to its description. In the following chapter, the history of foreign influences on English is briefly outlined. Subsequently, the concrete influence of French on English and its traces in the vocabulary of Modern English are discussed. The practical part consists of a comparative analysis of sixty-two French loanwords in Modern English which are perceived to be semantically different from their French counterparts. The aim of this thesis is to conduct a survey of their usage in English and in French and, consequently, to determine to what extent their meanings differ.
Anglicisms in German: Language Change or Language Degradation?
This bachelor thesis named "Anglicisms in German: Language Change or Language Degradation?" is concerned with the current language trend of English loan words in German. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a definition of the basic principles and theories concerning the language change with a special focus on the changes in the field of vocabulary as well as of the concepts of Anglicisms and borrowing. The second part focuses on the critical reflexion of Anglicisms among the German public and on the surveys Wort, Unwort and Jugendwort des Jahres. This chapter is also accompanied by a corpus monitoring the occurrence of Anglicisms in the results of these surveys. The practical part of this thesis is represented by the analysis of the occurrence of English loan words in German press from the synchronic point of view. For this purpose, two sources were chosen, namely the quality press represented by the magazine Die Zeit and a tabloid represented by the daily newspaper Bild. The analysis therefore provides a comparison of the frequency of the use of Anglicisms in the quality press and in a tabloid. The results are accompanied by the semantic categorisation of the expressions found and the description of stylistic and sociocultural tendencies following from their usage.

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