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Logistické procesy řezaných květin z Keni do EU a vliv květinářského průmyslu na tamní regionální rozvoj
Šmídová, Markéta
This bachelor´s thesis analyses logistic processes of cut flowers from Kenya to EU. Primary goal is to suggest a change of production and processes of logistic chain with this good and evaluate negative impacts which are embedded with contamination and extraction of water from the Naivasha lake. First part of this thesis contains theoretical research in which is briefly introduced theory of logistics, flower industry, price creation for products, issues concerning pesticides and theory focusing on water footprint and virtual water which is highly connected to the export of cut flowers. Kenyan cut flower industry is being analysed in the second part of this thesis as well as logistic processes of cut flowers to EU. Last chapter is suggesting part where are highlited suggestions, the-ories and precautions that might lead to the improvement of conditions in cut flower industry not only for kenyan population but also for decreasing environmental impacts which are directly linked to cut flower industry
Theoretical and Methodological Problems Related to a Sociolinguistic Analysis of Conversation Markers: boludo in Argentinian Spanish
ŠMÍDOVÁ, Markéta
The dissertation thesis aims to identify and describe the key theoretical and methodological problems related to the study of conversation markers and to the collection of authentic data for such an analysis. To illustrate the whole research process, the Argentinian conversation marker boludo as a model example is used. The starting point of the analysis is located at the intersection of conversation analysis, discourse analysis and sociolinguistic paradigms, while taking into account the omnipresent background of pragmatics as well. We try to assess the contribution of such an interdisciplinary approach when studying conversation markers. As for the methodology, the thesis seeks to show what difficulties arise when carrying out a sociolinguistic research of conversation markers, which are understood as units typical of spontaneous conversation, i.e. without external manipulation, in comparison with the variationist research at other language levels. In addition, we also clarify why it is important to evaluate their character not only on the grounds of qualitative and functional perspective (in relation to analysing the socially-indexed interaction markers), but also quantitatively with regards to selected social variables that appear to be relevant for the recurrent use of the given marker. The outcome of the method assessment is an attempt to design a model approach to be applied in practice. In sum, the core of the research consists in analysing the Argentinian marker boludo from different perspectives; namely, within the pragmatic, functional-positional, interactional-sociolinguistic and variationist-sociolinguistic frameworks. Its nature is subsequently compared to the behaviour of another recurrent Argentinian conversation marker, che, since some authors regard them as equivalents. The analyses of naturally-occurring conversation data collected in situ are complemented by introspective judgements of several native speakers.
The Transformation of Karlin in the context of Marc Auge's theory of non-places
Šmídová, Markéta ; Váša, Ondřej (advisor) ; Marcelli, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the most dynamically evolving Prague district Karlin. In the context of the theory of Marc Augé about non-places, it primarily addresses the transformation of Karlin after the floods in 2002 and its consequences. For easier orientation in this area it is at first outlined the theory of Marc Augé and the history of Karlin. It is followed by the practical part, which refers to the production of non- places. Against the backdrop of the industrial heritage it refers to the conversion of industrial buildings and the creation of new administrative centers that show signs of non-places. Construction of new office centers started the process of new development of Karlin. The nature of this process and the direction Karlin is moving , is presented with concrete examples. I note in particular the changes in the structure of newly opened businesses - shops and catering facilities . In the last part of the thesis I mention the typical expression of non-place in Karlin - the underground and its surroundings. The aim is to point out that the conversion of Karlin relates to the production of non- places. Keywords : conversion, industrial buildings, Karlin, Marc Augé, non-places, office buildings, office centers, underground.
Patogeny denivky a možnosti ochrany
Šmídová, Markéta
The thesis deals with the most significant disease of the day-lily, the brown leaf streakiness caused by the fungus Aureobasidium microsticum in two habitats, Lednice and Ústí nad Orlicí in the year 2014. The intensity of infestation of the plants, the in-tensity of infestation on one shoot were evaluated. The infestation index and frequency of the pathogen in both habitats were determined. In the Lednice habitat 62 varieties of daylilies were evaluated. Different amounts of infestation intensity were recorded on them. The highest intensity of fungus infestati-on A. microsticum was recorded on varieties 'Forty Secon Street' and 'Clemenceaux', varieties 'Pandora Box' and 'Seal of Aproval' were attacked least. The highest intensity of infestation on one shoot and the defined index of infestation was at the varieties 'Forty Secon Street', 'Parian China' and 'Bonie Holey', while the lowest one was at varieties 'Ringlets','Golden Chimnes'. Furthermore the highest frequency of the pa-thogen was defined at varieties such as ' Kwanso', 'Atlas' and 'Rajah'. The lowest infe-station of the pathogen was at the varieties 'Seal Aproval'. All the varieties were attac-ked. In the Ústí nad Orlicí habitat 46 varieties of daylilies were used in this experiment. The highest intensity of plant infestation by the fungus A. microsticum was recorded on varieties 'Canadian Borde Patrol','Doll House' and 'Gold Reef', the least infested varieties were 'Real Wind', 'Mauna Loa' and 'Autumm Red'. The highest intensity of infestation on one shoot and the defined index of infestation were at the varieties 'Tonia Gay', 'Doll House' and 'Canadian Borde Patrol', while the lowest one was at the varieties eg. 'Barnabas' and 'Real Wind'. Furthermore defined frequency of the pathogen occurrence, where varieties such as 'Cosmic Carper', 'El Desperado' and 'Tanzanite' were infested the most and on the other hand the smallest rate was re-corded at the variety 'Franc Hals'. All the varieties were attacked. From all of the varieties from the infected leaves with the disease symptom the pathogen was isolated and microscopically analysed.
The Use of the Interactive Whiteboard in Czech Language at Basic School
ŠMÍDOVÁ, Markéta
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the advantages and disadvantages of using interactive whiteboards in the Czech language lessons in the first grade of primary schools. The thesis contains a theoretical part that includes the first three chapters and a practical part that composed of two chapters. In the first charter of the theoretical part is presented the historical development of interactive whiteboards and its gradual implementation into teaching process. The second chapter provides an overview of the requirements that every teacher should take into account when using interactive whiteboards. In the next part are presented most frequently mentioned advantages and disadvantages, both from the perspectives of teachers and students. The main data sources of educational materials are described in the third charter that also contains the specification of different exercises. The practical part of the work is based on the own research that was realized through a questionnaire among 50 teachers. The subject of the fourth chapter is a detailed description of the various questions and also the presentation of the results. Fifth charter focuses on analyzing of the results and there are also introduced the recommendations which, in the author's opinion, should lead to more effective way of teaching with interactive whiteboard.
The use of the discourse marker 'che' in Rioplatense Spanish: a sociolinguistic approach.
ŠMÍDOVÁ, Markéta
The core of the present master's thesis is a sociolinguistic analysis of the conversational marker 'che' in Rioplatense Spanish. Initially, the history and concept of conversation analysis are presented. The process of grammaticalization and the classification of pragmatic markers are also described. Secondly, the author defines sociolinguistics and, on the basis of William Labov's work, explains methodological problems related to collecting real language data. The terms Rioplatense Spanish and 'porte?o' are widely described as well. Further, 'che' is investigated theoretically as a case of interjection that resulted in a conversational particle. The proper sociolinguistic investigation is based on three methods: introspection, qualitative and quantitative analysis. Functions of 'che', as well as its occurence according to different social factores are studied in this work.
Conversational Markers in Rioplatense Spanish.
ŠMÍDOVÁ, Markéta
The core of this bachelor's thesis is the concept of discursive and conversational markers in Rioplatense Spanish. Initially, the difference between discursive and conversational markers and their classification is explained. Thereafter, the author defines the term Rioplatense Spanish and enumerates the most common conversational markers for this variant of Spanish. The expression che has been elected as a prototype and its use is investigated theoretically and practically in this work. The author speaks about its etymology and systematic classification and the conclusions deduced previously are illustrated with examples that have been taken down from Argentinian soap operas. The secondary investigation is focused on the connection of the frequency of use of che with different social and age categories.
Credibility of Information on the Internet
Šmídová, Markéta ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Sigmund, Tomáš (referee)
Information, the internet and credibility are terms, who are at the present time very up-to-date and often analyse. This work treat of great information medium the present - about the internet and about credibility of information on him found by. Destination work is not hand concrete directions, as by evaluation credibility move on, but rather point out to possible point of view. In first part meet terms information and the internet, who myself for better representation near specify. Second, crucial part work treat of credibility of information publish on the internet. Point especially on already incurred model assessing credibility and on summary several point, who us can help by decide on credibility of information.

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